Best Scandinavian Interior Design Blogs

Best Scandinavian Interior Design Blogs – The best Scandinavian interior Instagrammers are true professionals in storytelling and captivate us visually with their clean, minimal, yet warm, active and intimate feeds and stories.

And with Instagram, in general, people eagerly searching for Scandinavian interior design inspiration (over 5 million searches with the Scandinavian design hashtag), it’s no wonder that some of these accounts have tens of thousands of followers. Globally.

Best Scandinavian Interior Design Blogs

Best Scandinavian Interior Design Blogs

A quick overview of the Scandinavian interior design Instagram accounts I’ll be proudly following in 2023:

Top 8 Scandinavian Design Instagram Accounts

If you want to read more about why I’m targeting these specific accounts, check out my highlights with links to specific accounts below.

This list wouldn’t be complete without highlighting Scandinavian home guru Brent Mark. A blogger and author of books on Scandinavian style.

On her Instagram account, she gives us glimpses of her stunning home as well as other interiors. With a focus on the Scandinavian lifestyle and love of design.

A Scandinavian interior stylist with an eye for design. His account is filled with pictures of projects he’s collaborated with other creatives on. Can’t help but love the muted colors, playing with different lines and textures.

Top 25 Scandinavian Living Room Designs And Ideas

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite accounts because of the consistency, the voice telling the story, and just a wonderful interior of the house. Those muted colors, the ceiling, their photo editing capabilities…oh yes. I’m a fan

Lotta Agatan has been a long time favorite in the Scandinavian interior design blog world, ever since I discovered her blog way back (almost 10 years ago). His design beauty and talent is amazing. And her Instagram feed is nothing but an aesthetic pleasure trip.

I must admit that I had completely lost track of this account until I did research for this article – and oh my – I’m glad I found Johanna’s account.

Best Scandinavian Interior Design Blogs

Her stunningly beautiful home and her wonderful ways of presenting it (with her love of rails) kept me obsessed and inspired to create for the day. Only good calm vibes in this account…

Advantages Of Scandinavian Design

Another – I would say icon in the Scandinavian interior design blogosphere (and has been for about 10 years or so), is Daniela Witt. Her incredible way of applying textures, layering materials and moody interior settings – fills my soul with peace.

If you’re looking for an interior stylist with a great understanding of how to focus on simplicity, while still creating a soft feel, I’d say this account by Pella Hedeby will definitely inspire you.

Interested in getting more Scandinavian inspiration, check out my Scandinavian Interior Design books? Check out my curated list of books I’ve put together with some of the latest hits that will put you in the right Scandinavian interior mood.

I’m Caroline, a former interior design consultant turned content creator, 30+ Swedish born with a passion and interest in design, blogging and living a meaningful and creative life. Design to me is about creating (your) story – understanding what’s important and how to create something different and meaningful that speaks and inspires you.

Scandinavian Design Blogs To Unleash Your Inner Hygge

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Best Scandinavian Interior Design Blogs

Any cookie that is not strictly necessary for the website to function, and in particular a cookie used to collect the user’s personal data for analytics, advertising, other added content, is called a non-necessary cookie. User consent is required before running these cookies on your website. Ikea really brought the Scandinavian aesthetic to the States and it has only grown in popularity ever since. Which is amazing if you think about it. US culture is all about “more is” and the Scandinavian aesthetic is less. Today, I’m going to share with you the best Scandinavian design blogs for all your #homeinspo needs.

Unique Sites To Find The Best Interior Design Inspiration

Ikea really brought the Scandinavian aesthetic to the States and it has only grown in popularity ever since. Which is amazing if you think about it. US culture is all about “more is more” and the Scandinavian aesthetic is less. Today I’m going to share with you 6 of the best Scandinavian design blogs for all your #homeinspo needs. Maybe we can be minimalists?

. It reflects traditional Scandinavian minimalism, but, being based in London, Nicki also incorporates her own aesthetic, resulting in an explosion of full body design. You will see what I mean.

Nicki is a pro at combining a thoughtful mix of neutrals with pops of color and pattern to warm Scandinavian style. Definitely one of the best Scandinavian design blogs. I mean, how cozy is that living room?!

Sara is a Belgian designer living in Germany. Her blog is a tribute to interior and graphic design, and she shares everything that inspires her along the way. The blog is beautiful and has a balance of high end designs as well as affordable designs for your own home.

Minimal Scandinavian House Kolodishchi

Sara’s photos are bright, airy and modern with a really cool vibe. Her blog is a sea of ​​endless inspiration for your inner minimalist. If you love Sarah’s aesthetic, be sure to check out her print shop.

Nordic design is the jackpot of all things Scandinavian. From people to travel, this site is your one-stop shop for inspiration and a guide to Scandinavian life. This is probably the most extensive site on this list and literally covers it

The blog has many of my favorite things, LIKE ROUNDUPS. Who doesn’t love a list of all the best things? I think you’re reading one of these lists right now, actually. However, if you want to immerse yourself in Nordic culture, this site is your new BFF.

Best Scandinavian Interior Design Blogs

This blog is bonkers. in the best way. Lotta is an interior designer and this site will delight and inspire you. It’s fully customizable and features moodboards, projects, furniture, everything. This site definitely ranks as one of the best Scandinavian design blogs.

Scandinavian Interior Design In A Lovely Barcelona Small House

I mean… come on! These dresses are amazing. I really like blogs that cover the other side of Scandinavian design that isn’t focused on green tones. Adding spice to natural woods, neutral fabrics and some plants is the way to my heart.

Hannah is an incredibly talented interior designer, but perhaps the most beloved aspect of the blog is her background. Hannah has hydrocephalus, which has resulted in multiple brain surgeries, forcing her to take a break from working as an interior designer. Desperate, she thought that if she couldn’t design, at least she could talk about design. And BOOM, the blog was born. Aptly named “Hannah in the House” because she was stuck in the house due to health issues!

The blog focuses on Scandinavian design, lifestyle and travel and boasts expertly curated product roundups. Follow along with Hanna as she explores Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Icelandic design.

If you’re familiar with the uber popular blog, Roshan Bazar, consider Happy Interior Blog’s Scandinavian-inspired twin. Bright Bazaar’s Will Taylor and Igor Josefov both share similar tastes and aesthetics. Subject? Happy home!

Definitive Guide To Scandinavian Interior Design Style

Igor believes in the power of home for happiness and his blog focuses on interiors, travel and plants. He has a lot of “how to” posts and really cares about teaching you how to grow in your niche. Igor spends a lot of time blogging about lifestyle and will show you how to transform your home, with a Scandinavian influence.

I hope you enjoyed my 6 Best Scandinavian Design Blogs and were inspired to incorporate some Scandinavian design into your home! Scandinavian design focuses on simplicity, minimalism and functionality. It uses a combination of texture and soft colors to make the space feel cozy. It also emphasizes the connection with nature which adds a warm feeling to your home.

In this article, we will share how this design was born, why people love this design, what makes a Scandinavian interior and how you can apply it in your home.

Best Scandinavian Interior Design Blogs

During the 1930s, Scandinavian design emerged in the five Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. However, the term “Scandinavian design” is still not widely used.

Three Vibrant Colors For 2017

Between 1946 and 1952, Nordic designers collaborated in conferences to promote Scandinavian furniture.

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