Build Your Dream Truck Game

Build Your Dream Truck Game – Rover Builder has been on our radar for some time as it has come up with some interesting ideas. If you’re more interested in building your own car than driving one, Rover Builder might be the game for you.

While you don’t need extensive engineering knowledge to play Rover Builder, remember that this is a 3D engineering simulator first and foremost, so you need to know at least some of the basics. Anyway, after many updates and months of continuous work, the guys at Hatfuls Games have finally released their game.

Build Your Dream Truck Game

Build Your Dream Truck Game

So, in Rover Builder, your goal is to get your rover to the green “finish pad” on each level. However, each level is filled with challenging terrain and hostile environments, so you’ll need to think ahead to succeed.

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This game lets you create a wide variety of 3D vehicles, from trains to trucks, cranes and rocket-powered cruisers. You can even make a tank-style vehicle with track wheels. While in build mode, players can use some of the crafted parts to create the rover they need for the mission. You have to choose complex working systems such as steering, hydraulics, suspension systems and propulsion to create the perfect vehicle that will take you across the finish line.

If you purchased Rover Builder while it was still in Early Access, you’ll be pleased to know that the full 1.0 release introduces 4 new missions, with a total of over 40 levels to explore. Additionally, the final version of the game has new settings, including graphics, audio, language and controls, as well as some nice visual improvements.

Rover Builder is now available on PC (via Steam) with a 10% launch discount, meaning you’ll save exactly $1 / €1 as the game is only $10 / €10. This promotion ends on April 4th, so if you really want to save money, make sure to buy it before that date.

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Build Your Dream Truck Game

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