Create Your Own Bathing Suit

Create Your Own Bathing Suit – Design your own bikini. It comes with your choice of bikini style and reversible color way! ++ You can add any adjustment to your style. Yes extra support, tighter band, more/less coverage. Follow the steps below to create your new bikini bottom!

1. Choose your size: (don’t worry if you’re not sure…we can always change this later with your exact measurements.

Create Your Own Bathing Suit

Create Your Own Bathing Suit

4. Add any additional details: more/less coverage, support etc. We’ll check in with you after your order is placed to make sure everything looks good.

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6. That’s it: we will confirm your order by email and your new bikini will be ready in 1-2 weeks! We do not accept refunds on custom orders, but we guarantee a fit you love and we offer exchanges, adjustments and store credit for custom clothing.

I bought two reversible bikini bottoms (Coco). I love the fact that you can choose patterns and colors and create something unique! I am between two sizes (XS and S) and requested a custom size. They are beautiful, well made and fit me perfectly. Definitely recommend!

If you have booties that eat up all your swim bottoms, but don’t like the super thin high waist straps, then you need Coco Bottoms! I’ve never had a cut like this – it’s still reasonable coverage while going high enough on your cheeks that you don’t end up with a bunch of fabric all the way up to your butt, and it still sits on your hips. . The material is great quality, and I will be needing more of these bottoms for sure!

I had been looking at custom clothing for about a year and then when I saw the 40% off sale I couldn’t resist anymore! I ordered Sofia’s top and Lola’s bottoms in whale shark and Texture Hue added removable padding to the top. It turned out perfect. Fast shipping and amazing customer service (had a personal email exchange with the owner). I am very impressed with the detail and quality of the dress, and the sizing/fit was spot on. I love that the dress is smooth so it doesn’t dig in but lays in which is great for my active lifestyle. She even sent a matching scrunchie in a whale shark print! Couldn’t be happier and look forward to ordering another in the future.

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Love the whale shark fabric! I asked between sizes for the bottoms and they fit perfectly – Leah nailed it 🙂 It’s getting hot in the northern hemisphere, so we’re all thinking swimwear! So today we have a review of a really versatile, super cute swimsuit model from Boo! Shout out to design and character! Fashion, there are many options to “design your own”! We have a coupon code good for 30% off Swimmer and Twini Bikini models through May 8th (US time)! Use the code SWIM to get this discount… even better for US customers because the AUS dollar is low right now! There’s a lot more to this model, so I won’t waste too much of your time. Here’s Melissa and Sarah to tell you all about it!

Hello, it’s Melissa from Three Dutch Days!! The weather is warming up and the sun is shining. It’s time to start planning your little one’s summer wardrobe and that includes swimwear! Here in Southern California, my kids are already hitting the beach and the pool, so I went ahead and here’s a new pattern to go! I found “Create Your Own Swimmers” from Boo! Design and I think it changed my life!!!

I have three girls ranging from toddler to pre-teen. So the first thing I noticed was the size range from 2-10! Each of my women has their own unique style and body type, so I was sold! This model offers one-piece suits, different types of tops, rash guards and different soles.

Create Your Own Bathing Suit

Every year I have a few concerns when it comes to dressing my girls in swimsuits. My tween is too big for a little girl size but not age appropriate for the “look” or cut that is on the shelves for juniors! I love that the model offers a variety of tops and bottoms with different types of coverage so you can choose the one that best suits your child and your comfort level. My second challenge is size. My almost 10 year old is four and a half feet tall and weighs about 45 pounds! This pattern has step-by-step directions and a picture to measure your baby, a ready-made measurement chart, and a sizing guide to make sure you get the right fit! There are literally pages of tips, tricks and techniques to choose from, from fit to fabric types, stretch, machine fit, seams and more.

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I made a tank top with classic short bottoms for my middle daughter. For the first time, she had a dress like a glove! She decided that instead of attaching the strap to me in the back, she wanted it left loose so she could tie it as a halter! This isn’t an option listed in the template, but it’s a simple change that gives you more of a look! I used the chart to print out just the pages I needed and sewed them together while the kids napped! This dress was quickly tested and passed! It was comfortable, stayed in place while swimming and playing, and looked absolutely adorable!

This was my first pattern from Boo! The design and I love all the details, information and options! I can’t wait to make more! So many beautiful options, so little time!

How are you! This is Sarah and I’m here today with a review of Design Your Own Swimmers by BOO! designs. This is the first BOO! I was pleasantly surprised by the detail and quality of the model I have ever built. There were details about fabric, sewing techniques, essential concepts and more. The pattern is very professionally illustrated and the directions were simple with enough detail but without too much wording. Any style of swimmer can be difficult to make, but I felt the directions were adequate that an advanced beginner would be more than able to tackle the pattern. Now slippery swimsuit fabric can be a different story…

I made a raglan rashi and contrast briefs. I like coverage when we’re out in the summer sun and I used a 50 UPF rated swim fabric. Rashi provides great coverage and means I only have to apply minimal sunscreen on my little one. I loved that Rashi was also long in the bodice; It still provided coverage when my little girl was playing and running around (why were we playing softball in swimsuits? Because she’s 4 and has a mind of her own!) The contrast briefs are adorable and I love how they fit in a mad rush. do were 2 seams, 2 ties and elastic waist. That’s all. It took maybe 20 minutes to make them. I love the wide contrast band; They are adorable they look so cute and comfy I think I will make some undies from the pattern too. I also loved the number of options the pattern gives you (2 rashies, 2 briefs, boyshorts, tankini top, bikini top and one piece). Use in a lap pool.

Your Image Custom Made Bikini Swimsuit Custom Design Your Own Belted Pattern Swimwear Customized 2 Piece Bathing Suit

Overall I was very happy with the model and the results I got. I can’t wait to make another (or 4 or 5…)

If you want to “try before you buy” or learn a little about swimsuit fabric, check out Boo! Boys Swimmers Free Pattern!

All reviews are completed by an objective third party who received a complimentary copy of the model in exchange for the review. Your own swim can be a liberating experience! In a market where items are either too small or too big, this gives you the power to create long-lasting, well-fitting swimsuits that are just right for you. Fortunately, this season’s swimwear trends are all about self-love and flattering dressing. With free samples of Mood in hand, you’ll be ready to strut your stuff on the beach, pool, or board!

Create Your Own Bathing Suit

This summer, it’s all about showing skin. Both the one piece and the bikini have asymmetric and cut out details. While this trend can certainly be bold, we’re seeing all kinds of options for varying levels of modesty. Whether you want a big, bold cut at the waist or a simple asymmetrical neckline, this trend will look fabulous on you! Make your swimsuit bold or try a neon shade for a super eye-catching look.

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Pamela Anderson’s Baywatch swimsuit is iconic for a reason, and this year, the runways seem to be paying homage to the sporty, beach-baby look. If you prefer a simple silhouette, you’ll love this trend! Solid colors are paired with simple details including contrast piping and exposed zippers. Thank you for this

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