Creating 3d Text In After Effects

Creating 3d Text In After Effects – Learn how to create and animate 3D text in After Effects without any plugins! Follow this tutorial and download the free project file.

In this video, learn how to create amazing 3D text using only After Effects. Create any After Effects text in 3D with this simple tutorial to After Effects’ existing 3D engine.

Creating 3d Text In After Effects

Creating 3d Text In After Effects

Follow when you create this 3D text in After Effects or follow the steps below to follow your pace.

Reinventing Text Animation In After Effects

In your new composition, use the Text tool to create your text. In this example I will use the word 3D but you can use whatever you want. Then jump into the character pad and edit the font to your liking. Sans serif fonts tend to look better in 3D.

There seems to be some confusion in our section, but we will use Cinema 4D to create 3D text. If you use After Effects CC then Cinema 4D Lite is included.

Then turn on the option and set the quality to 1 now. This will allow us to work faster in AE and then be able to zoom in before displaying the final 3D text. Next.

Your text is now manageable in 3D (W keyboard shortcuts and you can rotate it), but the text itself is still flat.

Create A 3d Sliced Landscape In After Effects

To get a traditional 3D look, you will need to add depth to your text. To do this, open the text composition layer settings, enable geometric options, and adjust the depth of input.

From now on, it’s making your 3D look good, and light and texture are the key to making that work. Let’s start by adding attention.

Go to Layer> New> Camera… Select two cameras and for its project we will set the Focal length to 30mm. Click OK.

Creating 3d Text In After Effects

Use the C key on your keyboard to navigate through the camera options. You can rotate the camera and zoom in and out.

D Abstract Animation In Ae

We will rotate the camera and find a good preview of our 3D text. We are making progress, but it does not look good yet.

Select your 3D text layer and press the A key twice. You will now see all your 3D options in your Layers menu.

Set the Bevel style to convex, then enlarge the shape by adding more Bevel Depth. This allows your light to reflect your text rather than just illuminate the flat plane.

Copy your projector with CMD + D on Mac (Ctrl + D on PC). Then press the P key to turn on location. Adjust the position of your light to capture the outer edge of your text.

Adobe After Effects 3d Logo Animation Tutorial

Select the first projector and press A twice on your keyboard to turn on the settings. Open the Colors tab and select the color you want. Little color goes away in 3D, so even lighter shades will add some serious style.

Set the light type to ambient and select a color. Click OK, then click OK. Do not worry about these results, we are not ready yet.

Go to your surround light and press A twice, then decrease the intensity. For this example I will use about 10%.

Creating 3d Text In After Effects

Now we want to add some light to our article. You can do this quickly by copying our front projector.

Simple 3d Text Animation Effects Using Html & Css

Press P on your duplicate feature and edit it to position the bottom and side of our article. I will also change the color and adjust its brightness.

In your 3D text layer, go to the Material Options drop-down list. Here we will play with special intensity and glare.

Go to Layer> New> Solid … and select a color. I will use dark gray. Now drag this solid to the bottom layer of the hierarchy.

Go to Window> Effects & Presets (or press CMD + 5) and in the Effects & Presets tab, find Curves.

Insert Video Into 3d Text Using Apple Motion

In the Curves menu, create a traditional S-curve for some contrast. You can also head to your Blues group and tweak it a bit.

Now if you want to bring your 3D text to life, add some simple animations. It’s very simple using the camera we have already created.

Go to your camera layer and press P for location. Move the injection head to the last second you want to move. If you need 5 seconds to 5 movements, if you need 10 to 10, etc. I will only use 2 seconds for this example. At that point, add a location key frame.

Creating 3d Text In After Effects

Turn the play head to 0 seconds and now add our first movement. Press C on your keyboard until you get the spinner. Move your text around until you find a location that works for you as a starting point.

How To Create A 3d Object In After Effects

From there, you can add all kinds of effects, easy effects and other animations, but that’s all you need to know to get started.

Check out the free AE project documentation above to see how I animate my 3D text in the tutorial. Adobe has created After Effects to meet the needs of almost all post-production animation graphics in the film industry. Today I will show you how to create 3D text in After Effects without the help of plugins like Element 3D from Video Copilot.

When Adobe After Effects CC 2017 was released, I heard about this new feature: 4D movie rendering in AE! This feature replaces the old Ray-tracing 3D display. I’m not a big fan of Ray-traced 3D – it’s running too slow, which makes it unpopular. Cinema 4D comes with and speeds up.

Depending on the complexity you or your client wants the animation to have, there are different ways to approach the subject:

How To Create 3d Text In After Effects Without Any Plugins

It’s as simple as it sounds. First you need to enter your text using the text tool. You can write whatever you want, but I will use “3D” for this article.

Second, you need to go to change the layer of your text layer and enable the 3D Layer option by clicking on the check box below the cube. This will allow the layer to be arranged in 3 dimensions.

You can now animate text in 3D using the new 3D Transform feature that appears after checking the 3D Layer box.

Creating 3d Text In After Effects

The disadvantage of this method is that it looks more like 2D animation than 3D animation because the 3D text does not have depth. But this method is perfect for simple 3D animations like this.

D Cube Typography Effect In After Effects

I created this animation by playing with the rotation options for the 3: x, y and z axes. If you want to know how to do basic animation in After Effects or how to add a keyframe in After Effects.

This is more of an option in a text animation tool than a way to display your text in 3D. By activating it, you will be able to individually animate each character of the text in 3D.

To enable it, you need to write some text and then open the text layer properties. Easily on the right you will see “animation” next to it, you will see a point with a triangle inside, click on it and choose to open 3D by character.

The method of creating realistic 3D text in AE is more complicated than the previous method, but with it you will be able to create complex 3D text animations. To learn it, follow these simple steps:

How To Make Fire Text Animations In After Effects

Now, with the help of some light, color correction and camera, these features will help us to create a realistic feeling in our article.

First we need to check the 3D Layer box for the text layer. If you open the text layer properties, you will notice two additional properties called geometric options and material options.

Enable Geometric Options – The most important option is called Extrude Depth. This will give the text the desired thickness or depth in 3D text. Go ahead and set the value you want, I will set it to 200. You may already notice that it starts to look like 3D text, but we need to improve the properties in AE to get that realistic look.

Creating 3d Text In After Effects

I would also change the Bevel Depth and Bevel Style values, but not now. I recommend doing this after installing the camera and lights in your composition. It will help you to better understand what these properties do.

Useful Tips In Adobe After Effects

To create a camera in After Effects, right-click anywhere in your Timeline (not on Layers), go to New, and select Camera.

A new window will appear. I like to use a 35mm preset, but you can use any preset you want.

Next, name your camera and click OK. A new layer with your camera will appear in your timeline. To navigate using your camera, press “C” it will display the camera device.

To use the camera tool, click on the text and drag the cursor in the direction you want, you will notice that the perspective will change. Also, if you press “C” multiple times, the camera device will change and you can navigate through different styles.

Create Dynamic Typography Animation In Adobe After Effects

To create a new light in After Effects, right-click anywhere in your Timeline (not on Layers), go to New, and select Light.

A new window will appear. You can change things if you want in the settings. I will

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