Diy Wall Painting Ideas For Living Room

Diy Wall Painting Ideas For Living Room – It started with me staring at a blank wall. Then look again. Then searching for the perfect art for that wall and putting so much pressure on how perfect it had to be that I gave up. Then sit down and look at the wall again.

I woke up yesterday and decided enough was enough. Instead of waiting to find the perfect piece for that accent wall, why not convert the entire wall into art?

Diy Wall Painting Ideas For Living Room

Diy Wall Painting Ideas For Living Room

I’ve been wanting to add a little Terrazzo flare to my home for a while, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity, especially using my favorite low-risk medium, paint.

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I decided that large scale was the best choice for me. I wanted the color scheme to include pink (to match my sofa), beige and black.

I have collected quite a few paint cans from Lowes over the years. I collected them and assessed the color situation. Yes, they would. The colors I ended up going with were all Valspar brand. Chimney Smoke for my Black, Amber Sienna for the Mustard Orange, Warm Buff for my Beige, which I also mixed with Coral Peach to make a beige pink, and mixed with Pumpkin Butter for a light beige yellow: I wanted very dark blue, but only had Pacific Pleasure on hand, so I mixed it with my black. And finally, I used Spanish tiles as a deep red, small accent color.

Next it was time to sketch my shapes on the wall with a pencil. I resisted the urge to think too much about my placement and design and instead turned up my music, channeled my inner Picasso and drew those shapes in three minutes.

When I was done, I stood back to see what it looked like, and HA! the pencil line was too light to see from the step back, which meant I had no idea what it all looked like. Now any thinking person would trace the shapes with a darker pen, but I said to myself, “Ah, that looks great” and got out my paint.

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Okay, I wasn’t so careless as to leave. I knew I had four large shapes that I wanted to emphasize, so I started drawing them first, to make sure I liked the balance and composition. Creating a piece of Terrazzo art is quite tricky because in art you want the colors and shapes to be somewhat balanced and in reality in Terrazzo the chips literally fall where they may so that the mural looks authentic. Mistakes had to be allowed. Two shapes of the same color next to each other and the colors are not evenly placed in size and shape.

I wanted the colors to reflect the stone as much as possible, so instead of painting the shapes everywhere, I left them slightly translucent in some places by dry brushing the color parts. This made some areas look slightly darker and others lighter. I used a regular Trim brush and bought one of my girls larger watercolor brushes for the edges of the shapes.

While I was drawing the shapes, my husband came home and I asked for his honest opinion. In a very careful way (Ha!) he said that he liked the pieces with sharper edges better, because the rounder shapes seemed a bit Holstein to him.

Diy Wall Painting Ideas For Living Room

Okay then. I went back in and gave the shapes some sharper edges with a medium watercolor brush. That was a good call.

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The whole process was quick, fun and easy. I didn’t take myself too seriously, because any mistakes can quickly be sanded and painted. This mural is definitely the style for the room and we love it. There are few things that give me more satisfaction than seeing a space transform after a freshly painted mural.

Murals have the potential to change the energy and atmosphere of an entire room. Over the years I have painted more than 80 murals in various locations, from offices to children’s clinics, playgrounds, shops and homes. And in every case, murals have managed to create an experience that blank walls simply can’t match.

While professional mural painting requires tools, planning, and sometimes certification (always a good idea if you want to become a muralist), a hobbyist or enthusiast can easily start their own mural painting with just a few tips.

Brainstorm your space ideas. Start by thinking about things like the purpose of the room; relaxed? Who uses this space most often? What colors and shapes are already in the room?

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These questions will help you create a sketch for your mural. Keep in mind that your wall art will likely be there for a while, so thinking about how the room is most often used and complementing the existing colors and furniture design will create a cohesive look.

In my own living room, I painted this simple tropical leaf mural (scroll down to see a template for this design). I used area plants and accent colors as inspiration for the wall art design.

Chalk – Use chalk to transfer your sketch to the wall. You can do this in different ways. you can sketch freehand on the wall, you can project your sketch (you’ll need a projector for this of course), or you can create a mesh of both your sketch and the wall (with chalk) and design exactly that way replicate.

Diy Wall Painting Ideas For Living Room

Tape Measure and Level – Use a tape measure to find the center of the wall, create a grid for your design, and make sure the artwork is aligned the way you want it. A spirit level is especially useful for making sure your horizontal lines are straight.

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Pro tip: Always use centimeters on the tape measure. It’s difficult to divide inches, so centimeters are the best choice for scaling your wall art.

Painter’s tape and carpeting. tape will truly be your best friend. Not only will it keep your lines sharp, but it will also keep paint from accidentally getting on the edges and other areas. Speaking of keeping it clean, you’ll need to put down old cans or plastic to keep the paint from spilling onto the floor.

For this residential mural, I created a chalk grid so I could transform the intricate design into a symmetrical and straight mural.

The great thing about murals in homes is that the walls usually require no prep work. Most house walls are already plastered and you have your base coat, so those are two steps you can skip right away.

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This also allows you to pick up acrylic paint from your local craft store. Be careful, though: you want to know if your paint is matte or glossy. (I would suggest matte for the hobbyist or avid artist).

You also have free rein with the brushes you choose, but make sure you choose based on the thickness and texture of the line you want.

Finally, if you plan on making your mural last a while, purchase a sealer (matte or gloss spray to match your choice of paint) to keep your colors looking fresh for years to come.

Diy Wall Painting Ideas For Living Room

For this Harry Potter themed children’s mural, I used Behr’s wall paint from Home Depot. I chose some paints to be matte and others to be glossy/metallic, to create a playful look that plays with the lighting in the room.

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Start the ombre mountain mural by choosing one color. From there, start with the darkest shade at the bottom and get a little lighter with each layer as you work your way up. This gives the illusion of depth and mimics the natural beauty of the mountains in the distance.

With the tropical leaves design you can choose to simply outline or color the leaves. A unique color with contours creates a minimalist look. Feel free to add shading to create a more realistic aesthetic with the mural, but I recommend keeping your palette to 3 colors or less so it doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Years ago, friends started asking me to paint murals in their homes. It then grew into a small business that connects through word of mouth. Then larger clients started ordering me complete offices and buildings.

As a professional muralist, I have also graduated to the gold level of Mural Routes, Canada’s public art authority. This combination of training and experience makes me your go-to artist for murals outside of the DIY world.

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So when you’re ready, text or call me. All you need to include in your mural request is a quick line of approx. dimensions (e.g. 1.5 x 3 meters) and a rough design idea (e.g. a logo in a home office). I will contact you with a quote for your project and a detailed pricing breakdown so you can see the options that fit your budget. Paint offers the easiest.

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