Hay Day Hack Mod Apk

Hay Day Hack Mod Apk – Hay Day is still the most popular farming game on mobile devices today. The game Hay Day is like other fun farming games like Farm City and Green Farm 3. The game is developed in a virtual environment. Awesome design with cute characters. This article aims to introduce readers to a short tutorial on how to play Hay Day games on mobile.

Players should note that Hay Day is an online farming game. Your phone or tablet requires a 3G or Wi-Fi connection to play. As an online game, the capacity of Hay Day is also smaller than many other farm games. It does not use a lot of computer resources and affects the access speed.

Hay Day Hack Mod Apk

Hay Day Hack Mod Apk

The Hay Day farming game is smooth, simple but equally interesting with different crops, animals, farming and trading of agricultural products. The game is perfect for nature lovers who want to feel like a real farmer.

Hay Day Hack

The first lesson of Hay Day is to collect eggs. Chickens are also a player’s first friends in Hay Day. The operation is very simple. Inside the chicken, squeeze and grab and pull the bag to each chicken to get the eggs. When chickens are hungry, they eat on the ground.

Hold and drag the chicken food icon over each chicken to feed it. Finally, it will have the power to lay eggs for us to collect. At first, the game will give you a few chickens. To increase this number, visit the online store in the lower left corner, drag each chicken from the store to the house to buy.

Your garden will have regular visitors. It could be a farmer, a neighbor or a new friend. Tap these letters to discover their stories. The first Hay Day visitor will ask you to name the farm. The default name is usually your Game Center username, but you can change it.

To buy anything for the garden, from livestock and chickens to churches, fences, trees, houses and decorations, you can find the Hay Day online store in the lower left corner of the screen sport.

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Limited items in quantity for each level. It will open others to higher levels. So don’t worry if they are not ready to buy. The bottom right corner of the screen is a humanoid icon that includes a helper, a friend, and a follower. Connect to your Facebook account to find more friends to play Hay Day with.

The bakery is the first thing you need to buy for your farm. Open an online store in the building section, drag the bread icon to buy a bakery and place it in a suitable place on the farm. Red conditions mean that it is not suitable or there is no chance to put this project.

It should be in the middle of the farm so that it can be easily observed and harvested at the right time. Press the bake icon, then drag a cake into the oven to bake. And you need enough grain to do it. Hay Day does not sell seeds like other farming games. The seed number will be updated after each level.

Hay Day Hack Mod Apk

Calculate the time on Hay Day based on the correct time. Therefore, each farm or cooking process will take a few minutes and you are forced to wait until it is finished. However, you can also speed up the process if you don’t want to wait by pressing the button. Each operation costs a diamond.

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Then buy a feedlot to make food for farm animals. Press the device and drag the chicken feed icon to activate it. You should spend five minutes on this step. Chicken feed includes corn and wheat together. Cattle feeding will be opened from level 6.

Hay Day gives you six plots of land as capital. Touch all the plots. Then remove the seeds like wheat and corn to plant the seeds. After a short time, the seeds will germinate and it is time to harvest. Press and hold and drag the seeds into each container to plant more seeds.

If you want to expand this farm, visit the online store and buy each plot and drag it to the desired level. After a while, the tree will grow tall and bear fruit for you to harvest. We store harvested food in silos and use it for various purposes, such as livestock production and chicken feed, bread making and selling to order.

Welcome, a second visit to your Hay Day farm. This beautiful girl wants to buy a loaf of bread at 15 gold coins for a loaf. It’s a commercial farm. Click Yes and go buy the sandwich from the girl. Click No if you don’t want to or wait a while if you’re not ready.

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The farm’s main source of income comes from vehicles transporting orders. You can click on the car or the message board next to it to see what orders are available for today. Interests can be found in the stock to be sold. If not, depend on the amount needed to make the recipe sufficient.

It will value the instructions in gold coins and blue stars that represent levels of experience for you to level up. When there are enough blue stars on the high bar, you will go higher and get rewards of gold and diamonds. It is very important to improve, it will help you to open more new things and get rewards. To speed up the level, do many activities in the farm, such as collecting eggs, planting vegetables and harvesting, producing food for livestock and chickens, making bread and buying other things.

On the left side of the order, a tab is a description with the name of the order and the amount. On the right hand side are instructions details. You can tap the trash can icon to cancel the order. If the items are ready, click the truck icon to sell to the customer and collect the amount corresponding to the price of the order.

Hay Day Hack Mod Apk

In the first cases, you will be given a few small houses for free, like Silo. This is the storage of food that has been harvested such as wheat, corn and other vegetables. The default level of the silo is 50 units of product. You can increase your silo capacity by clicking Increase Storage below and spend money to expand your inventory.

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Next to Shiloh is the church. A warehouse that collects and stores agricultural products, including chicken feed, bread, meat, cheese, and eggs. The capacity of the church is also 50 units. You can increase the area of ​​the church if you press the button Increase storage and receive a payment.

Rice and Wheat are the two main crops and are the fastest harvested in the game. When we plant corn, the players have five minutes to harvest, but for rice, the harvest time is only two minutes. You can use the land you used to grow rice. On average, every 50 fruits are harvested, you get something. As for corn, although it takes a long time, the price of corn is higher than that of rice.

When you have time online and want to find things quickly, it’s convenient and useful. However, players should be aware of the storage capacity. To avoid the situation that the warehouse is overpowered, use corn, rice to produce food for animals, make cakes or sell to the store with you in a reasonable way. This is the way to get the most benefits.

Treasure chests always contain valuables. In addition to opening treasure chests in your house, always go to a neighbor’s house to find treasure chests. To get the boxes easier, go to the neighbors with lower level of things that will help in the early start. And be careful when clearing the lights because there is a high chance of a treasure chest.

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For locked treasure chests, click at the bottom of the screen to load. Just explore and try to open treasure chests. If you fail at first, try again, your efforts will be rewarded with important things.

Tom is a fast girl and can be very useful if we know how to use her. We rent this boy for a day for free, please take advantage of this opportunity. Try to find jobs that require a lot of time and gold to do.

If your level is low, ask Tom to make you some tools like saws, axes or shovels. If you are high level, use this guy to drop it because the bottle is easy to trade and help build the ship. Usually, to set up the dishes, you will spend 8 hours. But thanks to Tom, in one day, you can win nine level trophies. After the free time, spend 15 diamonds to hire the boy in the next 24 hours.

Hay Day Hack Mod Apk

Talking to friends is a very effective way to get what you want. Because there will be things you miss, but others

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