How To Choose Makeup Colors

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How To Choose Makeup Colors

How To Choose Makeup Colors

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Seasonal Color Palette: 3 Benefits You Must Know

• The makeup color you choose to wear should be based on your skin tone and eye color.

• We talked to celebrity makeup artist Lori Hamlin to find out which shades work best for fair skin.

Makeup comes in so many different colors, it’s hard to know which shade will look best on you.

We asked celebrity makeup artist Lori Hamlin — who’s worked with celebrities like Connie Britton and Olivia Newton-John — about the eyeshadows, lipsticks and makeup you should wear based on your eye color and tone.

How To Choose The Right Makeup Palette For Your Skin Tone

Hamlin said the most important rule to follow is to keep the lips and color the same tone. So if your lipstick is blue, your lips should be too.

Check out the chart below to see which makeup colors will give you the best look.

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How To Choose Makeup Colors

The main thing that you should consider first is the shape of the eyes. It took me a while to understand why certain types of makeup don’t look as good on me as they do on someone else. The reason? I have deep eyes, and for example, I try to make jewelry designed for a girl with almond eyes. These efforts caused my famous skeleton to create shadows in areas where I didn’t want them to be shadowed, which made my rendering very different from the shadows I was trying to recreate. This example was a long time ago, when I first started my journey into professional makeup artistry, and I’ve come a long way since then – and I’m excited to share with you this important part of getting makeup. Share tips that make you the best!

How To Choose Eyeshadows According To The Colour Of Your Iris

First, you’ll want to decide what look you’re going to work with before you start applying makeup. There are different types of eyes: round, almond, monolid, folded, small, wide, down, raised and deep eyes. Once you’ve confirmed the correct model you’re working with, you can move on to the next step.

The eye color you are working with your client (or yourself) is also an important factor in choosing the right eye color. Depending on the color of your eyes, some colors can make you look dull, while others will brighten and brighten your eyes. You should always use products that enhance your eyes. For example, for blue eyes, choose orange, red and warm brown. For green eyes, purple, burgundy and warm brown or red are what will make your eyes shine. Any eyeshadow color will suit brown eyes!

If you want the makeup to be perfect and professional – you will need to ‘invest’ in some big brushes. There are tons of brushes on the market right now (and luckily, they don’t have to be expensive!) Morph Brush, ELF, or the Good Series have great, affordable brushes! Another plus? You don’t need to get a ton of brushes, it will be enough to get 4-5 different brushes for applying eye makeup.

When you have answered all the above questions (knowing the shape of your eyes, you have chosen the right color for your eyes, and you have a brush in hand), here comes the most interesting part, creativity and fun. – Makeup kit!

What Is Lipstick Color Theory? Makeup Artists Explain How To Choose A Shade

Below are some tips for a perfect eye makeup application, an example of a professional smokey eye:

1. Focus on the inner corner of your eyes, which shines a little to “open” your eyes.

The cheekbones will be lightly highlighted to create a “lift” face and the illusion of larger eyes. This is a classic technique that works for all eye shapes. Again, the light dimmed.

How To Choose Makeup Colors

Always! It will also remove the skin color of your eyebrows if you have veins or discharge, it will improve the function and color of the eyebrows, it will keep your eyes intact all day. The benefits of an eyeshadow primer are truly endless!

How To Choose The Colour Of Your Mascara ?

I think this guide is very important! This will prevent your eye makeup from smudging and it will make your makeup look even better. Place the brush near the end of the window as this will reduce the pressure on the brushes and thus make the eye makeup look stronger.

Control your crease first with brown eyes then go with medium brown and then dark brown or even black eyes. Prepping your crease with a lighter shade will make blending the darker shade easier later. You can mix and match any eyeshadow with a clean brush to make the combination look professional.

For monolids (like Asian eyes) you have to create a crease for yourself and the step from light to dark eye shadow will help a lot.

The darker the eyeshadow, the smaller the brush should be. This will make your application more defined in areas that should be darker to emphasize your eyes (for example the outer corners). Smaller brushes will give you more control and that’s what you need when working with dark shadows.

Makeup For Olive Skin Tone: A Complete Guide

Don’t paint your upper lids too high or too low with dark eyeshadow. The exception is if you want to use your eyeliner to achieve a ‘trendy’ look for a particular style (eg: grunge, goth, rocker etc).

Don’t use too much product on your lawn. You can always add another color; Adding colors is easier than subtracting!

If somehow, you put on more eyeliner than you like and want to change it up, take a light matte (ecru or opaque) eyeshadow with a glitter brush to go where you want to lighten up. This will help you mix everything. Sometimes, bright or pigmented eyeshadows can help you blend colors even better than matte ones.

How To Choose Makeup Colors

Tap pass every time you hold the eyeshadow in the pan. This will save you from failure.

The Ultimate Color Corrector Guide

Don’t be afraid of a strong coat, it will make a big difference and make your lashes look longer and thicker. This is especially useful for people with closed eyes because the skin above the eye will hide the eyeliner. With lids, you can skip the lids and go straight for heavy lids instead.

If you want any eyeshadow to give you a different color that is more opaque, you should consider choosing a creamy white base below (mix before applying the final color eyeshadow).

If you want your bright eyelashes to stand out even more, you can use a dark highlighter for them, it can be a brown or black eye pencil, eye cream, or even gel liner. An important thing is that it must be a product that produces a cream (so that the eyes stick to it), it must be combined with a white base.

Note that if you use black powder the color will not show. This trick works best if you use an eyeshadow or color, or a gloss on top of it.

How To Choose The Right Eyeliner For Your Eye Color

This is the main cause of eye shadow loss. To avoid this, clean your brush, use some glitter, and gently press the area you want.

Primer serves many purposes, including moisturizing dry skin, helping shadows last longer, and preventing gray shadows from falling onto your cheeks. You can use a lip balm, salve, or eye cream as an alternative if you don’t want to buy a separate primer.

Applying shadow on the lower lids of your eyes can complete your look. Use a small, compact brow brush to get into that soft spot, then sweep color back into the crease in a V-shape for a messy but put-together look.

How To Choose Makeup Colors

We recommend experimenting with other types of makeup to add depth and dimension to your coverage. For example, try using liquid blush to create a sun-inspired look, or use your bronzer to add a sun-kissed effect. And don’t be afraid to play around with different textures

How To Choose Complementary Blush And Lipstick Colors

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