How To Clean Car Interior Fabric

How To Clean Car Interior Fabric – Anyone can deep clean car seats at home with these simple steps. Within an hour, my fabric car seat and carpet looked like new!

Anyone else busy with DIY and home cleaning projects during lockdown? Nothing else to do, right?

How To Clean Car Interior Fabric

How To Clean Car Interior Fabric

Today, I’m excited to show you how to clean car seats at home, the easy way! It turns out that cleaning dirty car upholstery is actually quite easy. Also, my cloth car seats were really gross.

Best Car Interior Cleaning Products For A Spotless Car

Check out this awesome before and after deep cleaning of my car seats. I was surprised how well it worked with standard cleaners.

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In fact, I hate to admit that the chocolate milk stains on my back seat have been building for 5 years.

In my defense, car seats are mostly covered. It always helped me avoid it. 😉

Best Way To Deep Clean Car Seats

But, on the plus side, I want to share with you now easy ways to clean car seat fabric yourself.

All I can say is, I was not paid by Bissell for this blog post. Also, I wasn’t given a free product to do this.

I love this portable bezel. Its small size makes it easy to carry, easy to set up, easy to clean and easy to store.

How To Clean Car Interior Fabric

If you want to learn more about your Bissell, check out this post on what cleaners you can use on your Bissell spot cleaner along with alternative options.

How To Clean Your Car’s Interior — Tiago’s Auto Spa

I guess I’m a Bissell fan because I realized that my favorite $100 vacuum is a Bissell and the steam mop I use on my tile is also a Bissell. So, Bissell has to pay me. 😉

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There are many products that can be used to clean your car seats. But I didn’t think scrubbing old chocolate milk stains would be easy or fun. So, I went with the easiest option I could find. Here is what I used.

If you don’t have Bissell SpotClean or a similar upholstery cleaner, scroll down for 4 household cleaning products you can use to clean car seats. 🙂 Detail King Car Interior Extractor Soap

Guys, a super disgusting before photo. Those seats have been covered in baby chocolate milk and other random spills for years. What can I say, I’m not a car guy. I keep a clean house, but I never think about my car if I’m not in it.

Start by giving your car a good vacuum. Bissell Spot Clean Pro and other upholstery cleaners are designed to absorb liquids. So, clean the loose dirt first.

I use a small dust brush to get loose dirt out of any tight spots that the vacuum can’t reach.

How To Clean Car Interior Fabric

Now that your car has been vacuumed, you can use the pre-treated spot cleaner on any tough spots you may need.

How To Clean Car Seats

If you watch my video above, you’ll see that I didn’t use one. But I plan on cleaning my car next time to see if it finds a few small spots that still need more work.

Bissell recommends 2 pre-treats for stains, including tough pet stains. I’ll go over these steps in the deep clean section below.

I love watching all that dirty water get scooped off those seats! This car seat cleaner is great!

This is where the fun begins! Add warm tap water and 2 ounces of cleaner to Bissell Spot Cleaner according to directions.

How To Clean Your Fabric Car Seats!

I think it’s best to spray an area and let the liquid soak it all in, then repeat until the area is clean.

Gently press the Bissell attachment you are using to maintain strong suction on the area you are cleaning.

Also, don’t let the liquid soak the seat for more than a few minutes. I’m always afraid that the liquid will soak into the foam too deeply to reach the cleaner.

How To Clean Car Interior Fabric

For a dirty seat like mine, I think the entire seat should be cleaned. That way you don’t leave a weird line of dirty water between the area you cleaned and the area you didn’t clean.

Cleaning The Car Interior At Car Care Shop Stock Image

Hand clean small or stubborn stains with a clean cloth that has been sprayed.

This Bissell Spot Clean Pro is great for cleaning sofa fabric and cleaning my area rugs at home.

Allow your car to air dry by soaking up excess liquid with upholstery cleaner. It happens faster on warmer, less humid days. If possible, keep doors and windows open.

My car was completely dry in about two hours on a sunny day in the mid-80s.

How To Clean And Maintain Fabric Car Seats

This is how to clean car seats at home, folks. It’s really that simple.

Yas!! These fabric car seats look amazing for the first time in 5, maybe 6 years. Before putting the car seats back in, I covered this back seat with a thick beige towel to help protect the upholstery from future stains. 🙂

First, read the short user guide that comes with the Bissell SpotClean. This machine is great for car seats, car floors, stairs in your home, rugs and carpets (see how I clean my area rugs), and even furniture.

How To Clean Car Interior Fabric

But some upholstery, such as velvet fabric furniture, cannot be cleaned with a power cleaner. So, check the user guide before using this cleaner for anything. 🙂

How To Clean A Car Seat

Bissell cleaning product labels indicate those made for portable carpet cleaners and those made for upright carpet cleaners.

If you don’t have a Bizel spot cleaner, you can still do a good job cleaning those dirty fabric car seats. You can use spray on upholstery cleaners (these have high ratings on Amazon).

These household products can be great car upholstery and car seat cleaners. Be sure to test in a hidden location first.

As a good disinfectant cleaner you can use 70% strength isopropyl alcohol mixed with water. Mix alcohol with hot water in a ratio of 30% to 50% alcohol.

The Best Way To Clean Leather Car Seats

Spray to lightly saturate. Then scrub with a clean, dry towel and soak in the cleaner. Don’t forget to use it with car doors and windows open!

I used vinegar when trying 3 easy ways to get rid of sweat odors from shirts and gym clothes.

You can use 20% white vinegar and 80% warm water to clean your fabric car seats at home. Spray on the mixture or apply the mixture to the stain with a saturated clean rag.

How To Clean Car Interior Fabric

Then use a drill brush to remove dirt and stains from the car seat or carpet. Use clean water to rinse off the vinegar mixture before patting the seats dry with a dry towel.

How To Deep Clean Your Car’s Interior, According To Experts

Sprinkle club soda on dirty cloth car seats. Then use a clean cloth to scrub away the stains. Or use these easy-to-use drill brushes for quick and easy stain removal.

Soak up the liquid by pressing with a clean, dry towel until the seat is almost dry. Allow the rest to air dry.

If you want to avoid all the chemicals, cleaners, or trips to the store, you can use hot water to deep clean car seats at home.

Dampen a clean cloth in warm water, making sure to protect your skin. Then fill the stain with warm water.

How To Clean A Car Interior Yourself, Like The Pros!• Everyday Cheapskate

Hot water is best for removing most dirt and stains. Use a drill brush in warm water to help remove stubborn stains.

For more tips on safe alternative cleaning products, check out this post on Bissell spot cleaners you can use.

Some stains are harder to clean than others. Like grass stains, blood, grape juice, and pet stains.

How To Clean Car Interior Fabric

Fortunately, Bissell has some pretreatment options to help you even if your cloth car seats are really dirty.

How To Clean Leather Car Seats

Bissell Professional Power Shot Oxy is their line of spot cleaners. It seems to be the best option for almost all stains.

It claims to remove stains and odors within 30 seconds. If you’ve ever had a pet, you know that getting rid of odors can be really difficult. Yes!

You can spray it according to the instructions. Let it sit for the recommended time. After that, remove the excess cleaner with a dry cloth.

For my favorite tips to keep your car seats cleaner for longer, check out The Best Way to Deep Clean Car Seats!

Car Interior Cleaner Agent Roof Fabric Flannel Leather Seat Car Seat Cleaning Wax Cleaner Coating

Start by giving your car a good vacuum. Bissell cleaners are designed to absorb liquids. So, clean the loose dirt first.

After that

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