Interior Design Ideas For Small Balcony

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We usually associate balconies with small apartments, where they serve as the best way to connect with nature and the environment without leaving the house.

Interior Design Ideas For Small Balcony

Interior Design Ideas For Small Balcony

But even considering how important a balcony is in this context, we find it difficult to decorate it and make it look like part of the house. So how do you do this? So, here are some ideas for decorating a balcony:

Attractive Small Balcony Designs That Everyone Will Adore

A balcony, like any other room, starts with a blank canvas. In this case we are literally talking about empty space, full of potential and opportunity.

All changes and additions to this small apartment have been designed to make it cozy and inviting, making it a space where you want to sit and hang out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. The best part about this is that the walls were hidden behind the wicker fence panels. Visit Engineeringyourspace to see the entire transformation.

Decorating a small balcony is not just about how much functionality you can cram into it, but also about creating a certain atmosphere.

Open balconies like the ones on hellofromliz are the perfect place to hang flower pots. They hang above the balustrade and do not take up any space on the balcony. There are also hanging string lights and a cute faux chandelier that make the space magical at night.

Stunning Balcony Decoration Ideas

Most balconies have concrete floors, which is practical but not very inviting. A great way to change the overall look of your balcony without taking up space is to cover the floor with a different material.

For example, here the floor was covered with outdoor acacia flooring, which looks great, especially when combined with the trellis on the wall and all the potted plants used as decoration. If you want to learn more, check out apartment therapy.

Often the balcony is underused because we do not make optimal use of it and simply regard it as a kind of extension of the house with no specific purpose.

Interior Design Ideas For Small Balcony

What if you gave it a purpose? Transform it into a cozy little space where you can enjoy your morning coffee and sunbathe. The transformation represented by apartment therapy is very inspiring in this sense. The wooden wall was a really clever way to hide the air conditioning and also make the room feel warmer and cozier.

Beautiful Balcony Ideas And Designs

Since the balcony is the part of the house where we usually feel closest to the outdoor space, it makes sense to fill it with greenery.

So when you relax on the balcony with a cup of coffee or a book, you feel like you are in the middle of nature. Cover the railing with climbing plants or create a kind of green wall and don’t forget to add some flowering plants for some color. Check out this before and after balcony transformation on myscandinavianhome for more ideas.

This balcony, although very long and narrow, was transformed into a lovely space with cool patterns, cozy textures and a bit of vintage charm.

What is most striking is the custom floor, which gives the new design a special character. Other elements such as a wicker flower pot, metal patio chairs and a cocktail table also contribute, but ultimately it’s the little details that make the biggest difference, such as solar-powered string lights, cozy throws hanging casually from the backs of chairs, and all these cute things. planters are spread across the balcony. Read more about this on the stylebyemilyhenderson website.

Incredibly Inspiring Apartment Balcony Design Ideas

Another good idea is to decorate the balcony with a small rug, so that it is more comfortable to sit on and looks cozier in general.

If you want to enhance this effect, you can also use other textiles, such as blankets and cushions, on the chairs and of course accentuate the plants to really make the space feel like a little oasis. You can find more ideas and inspiration on the papernstitch blog.

If you want to add some seating to your balcony but can’t fit anything in it, or if the available options are too expensive, or you just want a handmade feel, build something yourself from reclaimed wood.

Interior Design Ideas For Small Balcony

A small sofa or bench made of pallets is a great option. Find some matching pillows, add a cute ottoman, some lighting and some decorations, and the makeover is almost complete. Check out this cool transformation on the national news to learn more.

The Top 3 Balcony Design Ideas

A good and easy way to add some flair to your balcony is to decorate it with some seasonal items. For example, get it ready for fall by decorating it with some seasonal potted flowers, like mums and cute faux pumpkins. This idea was shared by @whereheartresides.

Hanging chairs are very attractive and look both sturdy and very cozy. Moreover, they are suitable for a wide variety of spaces, and the balcony is one of them. A hanging chair can become the center of attention on a balcony, even a small balcony. Make it the centerpiece of a cozy sitting area or create a lovely reading space filled with natural sunlight. For more inspiration, check out this installation shared by @stefyplants.

The many balconies offer beautiful views that are certainly worth admiring more often. So transform your balcony into an inviting and comfortable extension of your living room, so you can spend more time enjoying the view, fresh air and sunshine. This design by @ourhomeinspain puts the emphasis on the seating and offers many small details and decorations that make it cozy without overwhelming the view.

You’ll be surprised how many little things can change a room. Take for example this beautiful balcony design shared by @thehouseofsequins. Sofas and a table form the basis of everything, but it’s the lanterns, garlands, seasonal pumpkins and cozy cushions that make this space truly homely.

Tiny Patio Decor Ideas For Apartment Living: Apartment Hacks For Decorating

Of course it’s nice to spend the morning on your balcony, but why not make it a great place to relax at sunset or even after dark? Hang some garlands, take lanterns and create decorative lighting to make the balcony as cozy as possible at any time. Follow @karo_in_italy for more inspiring ideas like this.

Not every balcony has a beautiful view of the lawns; most even overlook other buildings in the immediate area, making privacy very important. Make your balcony look nice and cozy by installing balustrades or adding a decorative partition wall, as @un_grain_de_deco showed here. It may not be a large balcony, but it is very cozy and welcoming.

This beautiful yet quite small balcony, designed by @citychicdecor, has a lot of character, which is especially evident in all those beautiful bohemian details scattered everywhere. A hanging macramé chair is the centerpiece of the interior and greenery and a flower wreath match it perfectly.

Interior Design Ideas For Small Balcony

Using materials that radiate natural warmth, such as wood or brick, gives the room an attractive appearance without taking up valuable space, which is important for a small balcony, for example. Take a look at this beautiful design shared by @leblogdunmec if you want a better idea of ​​how something like this could be incorporated into a balcony renovation project.

Cute Balcony Decorating Ideas

When designing a balcony, consider not only the furniture and accessories you want to place there, but also the way they interact with each other and the overall framework of the space. Creating a backdrop wall helps create a cozy seating area while also creating more space for hanging and displaying cute decorations. Follow @tanjasovulj for more details and inspiration.

If the balcony is spacious and open enough, you should definitely take advantage of it. Emphasize the openness of the space by furnishing it with sleek, sleek furniture and thin railings and by reducing the number of heavy or durable elements in the overall design. To get a better idea of ​​what this could look like, take a look at this great design shared by @rabobsen.

A simple technique that can be used when decorating a small balcony or a small room in general is to emphasize the verticality of the space. In this particular case, this was done by placing a row of hanging flower pots on the wall and placing parallel floor-to-ceiling dividers between them. This draws attention to the height of the room and makes it feel less small. Follow @arq_designer for more cool tricks.

Turn your balcony into a cozy and relaxing little oasis by creating a relaxation area.

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