Interior Design Ideas Green Walls

Interior Design Ideas Green Walls – One of my favorite color combinations has to be dark green and gold. I love the richness of these colors and have always dreamed of wearing a dark jade bridal dress with gold trim for my wedding.

I’ve always loved a dark green living room, but never thought I’d carry it. I was wrong!

Interior Design Ideas Green Walls

Interior Design Ideas Green Walls

One of my favorite greens in our old living room, I love this dark green wall!

How Much Do Green Walls Cost?

I’ve written this blog post before, but it was a few years ago, so I thought it was time to update it! Any blog post I write about the color green always gets tons of traffic, so I’m sure you love this color as much as I do!

One of the most commented and talked about interior design blog posts has to be the dark green living room wall in our old house. Valpar’s blue jade paint gets more comments than I eat dinner (trust me, I eat a lot!).

Every time I commission someone to tell me what color it is, I can go offline, book a trip around the world, and pay Ryan Gosling to come with me (sorry Mr. B!).

Dark green is such a beautiful color and if I had the budget to replace all my furniture and accessories I would happily use it in every room! Although this is said, it is suitable for everything.

How To Transform Your Rooms With Green

Dark green color combines wonderfully with other colors. That’s why when it comes to interior design, some go beyond choosing a color scheme and decorate their interior with multi-colored accents like pillows and plants. A great option is to arrange flower delivery or find a wonderful potted plant at your nearest store.

When we moved into our old house, the living room was bright yellow with green and white curtains and wooden furniture. I understand why they turned yellow, it brought out the sunflower color in the tile around the fireplace, but it was a little too much for me.

Also, the walls were crumbling and there were holes so the room had to be rebuilt and started over. Our builders did a great job and when they finished re-plastering, they asked what color we wanted painted and I immediately said white.

Interior Design Ideas Green Walls

I will keep the whole house white with no color spots. I think I was a little afraid of color until I saw this picture on Instagram one day.

Dark Green Wall

At this point in my life, I didn’t know how much I loved jade or emerald green, and suddenly I was hooked. I had already found a mid-century chest in a charity shop for £25 that we used as a TV and knew they would look great together.

Got my lovely walnut effect cabinet for £25! This fern now lives in our kitchen and is an absolute beast

The hardest part is trying to find the right green for the living room and boy, I don’t know how many green paint options there are! I wanted something deep, rich and contrasted well with my furniture. It took me about 6 months to finally pick a paint and I went with Valspar by Blue Jade.

I was also torn between painting an accent wall and painting the entire room. Our old living room faces west but is always dark because the tall trees and bushes in the front garden block the light.

Green Decor: Ideas For Nature Inspired Interiors

For starters, I decided to go with an accent wall and see how we handle it. Buy dark green paint with B&Q voucher code and save some on your next interior design change!

After painting the accent wall dark green, I realized that I didn’t need to paint the whole room, but instead use dark green and gold to bring the whole room together.

First we had to decide what carpet to use on the floor. The trend at the time was the infamous monochrome “La Redoute rug”. I bought it on sale and it goes perfectly with the dark green wall.

Interior Design Ideas Green Walls

La Redoute Carpet – Newly installed but not too flat. With this bright color, I thought I was a genius at interior decoration.

Best Shades Of Green Wall Paint

Nine-sided mirror, Parquet coffee table from La Redoute, Seagrass basket from Ikea, Shelves from Maison du Monte

Next I had to decide what furniture to use in the living room with its dark green room, fireplace and walnut TV. I’m really drawn to industrial-style shelves and coffee tables, so we bought some shelves from Maison du Mont and a parquet-style coffee table from La Redoute.

I want to hang something above the fireplace and I always like having a mirror in the living room, especially if it’s a dark space like this because it reflects more light. I found our non-glazed mirror in a charity shop for £3 and painted it gold.

After I finished painting the dark green wall, I knew I was going to keep it as an accent wall, but I had to decide what to do with the opposite wall. I’ve always loved gallery walls, so I tried not to overdo it by finding different pieces of art that chose the room’s colors, mainly greens, golds, and yellows.

Interior Design Upgrades For Any Budget

I loved how the La Redoute rug tied into the gallery scheme, so I found some monochrome prints. I was lucky enough to find some cushions from Fox & Ivy in Tesco, which went against the green wall and tied the soft furnishings around my old brown sofa.

Adding wall decals to your living room is a great way to add pattern and bold green color if you don’t want to put up a gallery wall and create a lot of holes in your wall.

You can make a nature wall with pink and green flowers or make a tree wall sticker.

Interior Design Ideas Green Walls

I always knew we would replace the sofa because it was too brown, too big, and looked funny in two separate pieces. I had my heart set on a green velvet sofa so we decided to buy one from and the color was named Jade Smart Velvet so it was perfect for this room.

Living Green Walls And Vertical Gardens 101

The dark green cake for the living room is the green velvet sofa from and I was so excited when it came out. It really brought the whole room together and looked great with the gallery wall.

Dark green and gold look so beautiful on wooden floors, furniture and doors, so I couldn’t decide whether to keep the monochrome rug or the bare wood. Carpet is finally winning, especially in winter! I love wood floors but it makes the room feel cold.

A final addition to the room was a gold bullion trolley found in a charity shop for £15. I spruced it up with botanical wallpaper from Wilkinsons and found some gold candles and ornaments to contrast against the green wall.

Then I added botanical and floral prints, lots of houseplants and mainly vodka! I no longer have to leave my velvet sofa to pick it up, I can turn the stroller towards me and keep it more than an arm’s length away! Chin Chin!

Green Living Room Color Ideas To Soothe Your Soul In 2023

My old living room decor has been reconciled over the years. The bolder I got with my interior design choices, the more patterns and colors I added to the room, the more satisfied I became.

If you are looking for inspiration on how to create a dark green living room, here are some ideas.

The easiest way to create a dark green living room without painting is to add a dark green sofa. Whether you choose a beautiful forest or jade green, it adds color to the room.

Interior Design Ideas Green Walls

A dark green sofa is a great way to add color to your living room and can be the real star of the room. You can keep the rest of the living room neutral or gradually add green accents to enhance your sofa.

Inviting Dark Green Living Room Ideas To Create A Cosy Space

If you’re going for a big green couch, don’t paint your entire living room dark green because it will hide the couch!

If your budget doesn’t allow for adding a new bed, try adding an occasional chair

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