Large Living Room Layout Ideas

Large Living Room Layout Ideas – We’re all obsessed with bigger rooms and more space, but let’s be honest, having too much space can present challenges. While louder sounds better, it’s often difficult to fill an entire space in a way that looks cohesive and doesn’t feel awkward.

Thankfully, we have 10 large living room examples (and corresponding styling tips) that are sure to help you master your extra-large space. Take notes and get ready to rearrange some furniture.

Large Living Room Layout Ideas

Large Living Room Layout Ideas

The space is huge and features an open concept design with no separation between rooms. Creating distinctions between areas makes everything look intentional. Large area rugs can create volume and visually enclose a space, preventing the design from spilling into other areas of the home.

Living Room Layout Ideas: 7 Living Room Plans For Every Space

While small spaces can feel overwhelming with decor, large spaces can accommodate great design. This stunning living room features a striking red tufted sofa, printed rug, chandelier, and a set of decorative coffee tables. Create cohesion with matching shades and accents, such as red sofas, coral, pillows, and pink lighting.

There’s no point in having a large living room when dark corners tend to fade into the background. Make smart use of lighting to ensure your large design ideas are well-lit from all angles. This living room features stylish overhead and wall lighting to ensure every part of the room gets the attention it deserves.

While a large living room can accommodate an oversized L-shaped sectional sofa, it’s better to swap it out for two smaller sofas. The layout looks more sophisticated and fills the room in a way that encourages entertaining.

Have them face each other, place a coffee table in the middle, and leave two chairs to provide as much seating space as the combined space, if not more.

Best Living Room Layouts For Your Floorplan

Built-in fixtures can take up a lot of space, but when you have some free space, it’s the perfect time to incorporate a custom design. A modern entertainment center like this one features wood and marble details that hide any traces of wires and provide plenty of space to store and display your favorite decorative items.

If one seating area doesn’t fill your space, add another. This classically styled eclectic living room creates two separate seating areas with sofas, chairs, coffee tables and rugs to fill the oversized space.

If your living room is spacious, consider proportions and add items that will further elongate your room. Features like a long console table with ottoman and a long fireplace accentuate your already spacious living room.

Large Living Room Layout Ideas

Spacious living room goes hand in hand with entertaining. Since you know your oversized space will quickly fill up with friends and family, we recommend that you always have extra seating on hand to accommodate your guests.

Extra Large Living Room Layout Ideas

Even if couch space is limited, an ottoman-style chair under the console and comfy pillows on a built-in window sill will make your guests feel at home.

Prints have the potential to take up a small space, but luckily for you and your extra-large living room, you have plenty of space to experiment with prints. In a large space, color patterns can be freely combined with leopard prints, stripes, and abstract art. In large spaces, more is better.

When space is the name of the game, texture is always a good idea. Elements such as greenery, reeds and potted plants, as well as textiles such as curtains and pillows, combined with natural elements such as wood and concrete, warm up large spaces and make them feel more cozy, empty or dark. Now, combine them all in one space and you have a designer-approved living room like this. November 16, 2021 Be grand and be responsible: 5 great room ideas to make the most of your space

Make your space feel more like a cozy home than an empty den with these incredible room ideas you can’t miss.

How To Decorate Your Large Living Room

We’ve all heard the saying “bigger is better,” but when it comes to decorating, going “big” can come with some big challenges. (But there’s nothing an upholstered sofa can’t fix!)

If you choose furniture that is too small for your large room, it can make your space feel less like a cozy home and more like an empty cave. Of course, you can always take advantage of this feeling and turn your house into a cave house. We should warn you, though, that there is no good Wi-Fi inside the caves.

Instead, use these time-honored interior design techniques to find decor that works for the scale of your room. Then check out our favorite room ideas and find the right furniture.

Large Living Room Layout Ideas

If there’s one design basic you need to know before decorating a large space, it’s scale. Proportion is a fancy design term (we raise our pinky fingers every time this word is mentioned) that refers to the size of objects in a room relative to the size of the room. If you use the right proportions, you can make your room feel carefully designed rather than haphazardly stacked.

Grand Living Room Interior Design

When decorating a large space, the rules of proportion are opposite to those for a small space. Open up more and stop feeling like everything needs to provide storage or serve a purpose—you have impractical but beautiful spaces.

That said, the process for sizing a room is the same regardless of its size: measure everything. Think about how much space a piece of furniture will take up in the room, and then take measurements.

For example, if you want a sofa with two side tables to fill the width of your living area, then you’ll need to measure the space you want to fill and follow those measurements when shopping.

If you’re not sure about your furniture layout or how much space you want to fill, try this trick: Buy some blue painter’s tape and use tape shapes on the floor to represent items in different interiors. Then, take a moment to imagine furniture in that shape. Also, walk around them as if you were moving a large piece of furniture.

Interior Design Ideas Perfect For Large Rectangular Living Room

If you think the image looks too small or you don’t like its placement, delete it and try again. Once you’re happy with the layout and how the shapes fit into the room, take measurements and use those measurements when purchasing furniture.

In addition to purchasing larger furniture, large rooms offer many design opportunities that may overwhelm smaller rooms. Get ready to experiment with prints, be bold with built-in features, and make a splash in your living space. These design ideas will bring big style to your great room.

If you already have small furniture that you’re not ready to sell, you can turn the room into one larger room by dividing it into several areas with different uses. Think of your large room as many smaller rooms and as you design, use our painter’s tape ideas to decide where the rooms will be divided.

Large Living Room Layout Ideas

For example, you can divide a large living room into a smaller living room, a home office, and a game room. For large bedroom designs, you can create a small bedroom area with a small reading nook or dressing table.

Designing A Small Living Room With A Large Sectional

Take a look: Blue painter’s tape isn’t going to stay on the floor forever. Once you’ve decided on your area and are ready to execute your decorating ideas, use an area rug to separate different parts of the room.

You can also use room dividers to differentiate one area from another. This method is ideal if there is a part of the room that you don’t want to see often, such as an office or children’s play area.

Try this foldable 3-panel monitor to complete your minimalist design, or try this herringbone 3-panel monitor to decorate your modern farmhouse.

Great rooms are ideal for entertaining, and if you arrange the room with multiple seating areas, you can create space for all your guests to relax. Additionally, in large gatherings, organizing multiple stations can allow guests to break into more intimate groups. While this sounds like a great idea for a living room or living room, adding more seating areas to a dining room can also work well.

Of The Best Living Room Decorating Ideas For Any Home

Take a look at the look and feel: In living room design, use tables to differentiate one seating area from another. Try a symmetrical layout with two sectionals or sofas facing each other from opposite sides of the large room. We love the Arden 2-piece adjustable backrest for large rooms. Use two coffee tables so each sofa has its own area.

Style each section on the other side of the large living room. If you still have a lot of space between the sofa and coffee table, add two armchairs with a side table in between to create a U-shaped layout.

In a dining room, you can also use a table to create a separate seating area. In addition to a large dining table, like the Conway X-Trestle Pedestal Dining Table , you can add a second seating area by lining one or more seats

Large Living Room Layout Ideas

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