Latest Trends In Home Design

Latest Trends In Home Design – As pandemic fears recede and economic concerns persist, how we think about our homes will change in 2023. Recent years have required us to turn inward, perhaps confronting unfortunate domestic decisions made before the lockdown or reassessing the sometimes blurred boundaries between work and home. Now that we’ve dealt with our past sins and settled back into our ergonomic office chairs (wherever they may be), let’s explore the personal and global concerns arising from home design trends for the coming year.

“We enter 2023 with a lot of uncertainty, and the cost of living is a priority,” explains Gemma Riberti, head of the interior department at international trend forecasting agency WGSN. “So whatever product or place we’re going to interact with, to connect with it, it needs to be meaningful to convey something beyond the object or the room.”

Latest Trends In Home Design

Latest Trends In Home Design

The next edition of Maison&Objet, titled “Take Care!” This idea resonates. The concept for the January 2023 edition reflects that consumers “put on the origin of products, production methods and promises of companies,” says Carolyn Beerus, the fair’s director of communications. “But it also means – take care of yourself, take care of others,” she says, citing a renewed interest in wellness, natural materials and new experiences. “This year’s design is committed to preserving the beauty of life on Earth,” summarizes Beerus. Here’s how it all shapes up.

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Bring to a boil, brown and cream. Pass for cool neutral colors that are unlike the 90s. “There’s a move away from the harsh gray tones of the last decade, to something more beautiful and warm,” says Farrow and Ball Color Curator Joa Stodolum. Designers agree. When 1stDibs asked 880 interior designers for their sixth annual trend survey about the most trending colors, light gray received the fewest votes, just 5 percent.

This shift seems as much about our post-pandemic emotional state as it is about the uncertain financial future. Because of WGSN’s Liberty, “investing in neutrals that are versatile and comfortable will be more practical.” But Studholm has a different idea: “The neutrals we’re choosing for our homes now reflect how we want to capture a sense of peace and optimism, warmth and well-being in a room.”

This California home, designed by Standard Architects with interior designer Martha Mulholland, features raw materials such as concrete, oak and plaster.

It’s no secret that dramatic, colorful marble is everywhere. And it’s part of a larger trend that “removes the natural qualities of materials, all artificial materials,” says interior designer Tina Schnabel of Barles Wedlock. While organic shapes and materials have been popular in the past, this one is more specific. Liberty calls it “hyper-tactility.” What does that mean, exactly? “There’s a strong focus on exaggerated veining and texture in marble, stone and wood, as there’s more interest in high contrast and high pattern grain,” Riberti explains.

Latest Trend In Luxury Home Interior Design

The net-zero house designed by Studio Shiketanz features a natural landscape designed by Bernard Trainor of Ground Studio Landscape Architecture.

Top trends that will continue in 2023? Designers say it’s durability, according to 1stDibs. This, perhaps, is not a revelation. However, earth-friendly practices will be more accessible this year, from objets d’art to our gardens. A-list designer Kelly Wearsler has seen an evolution in working with artists for her new online gallery. “It’s exciting to see how the sustainable and natural world appears in new works by both emerging and established talent,” she says. Meanwhile, searches for natural sustainable gardening solutions, such as “rainwater” and “sustainable landscape” are on the rise on Pinterest, according to the company’s 2023 forecast report.

The over-the-top “granny fair” style of the past few years isn’t going anywhere, but we’ll see more layers of streamlined silhouettes instead of prints and patterns. “As we move away from strict minimalism towards a more expressive approach to interiors, we will talk more about spaces built around valuable works of art and collections,” says Anis Krevel, creative director of multidisciplinary studio Sanayi313 Architects. In fact, 1stDibs finds, designers are advising clients to invest in sculpture this year, over other forms of art.

Latest Trends In Home Design

Although interior stylist and product designer Colin King’s personal spaces are more understated, he adds more layers to his work for editorial and retail brands. “There’s more compensation, and I find that when arranging things, I use more and more things to create a layered feeling,” he says. “Whether grouped by color or material, I look for complementary forms with different heights to create compositions that convey the feeling and signs of life.”

How Interior Designers Use Plants To Nail The Latest Home Decor Trends

Expect to see greenery everywhere. ELLE DECOR editors have seen a crop of grass floors in homes from Paris to Woodstock, while leafy furniture was on display at the recent High Point Furniture Market. Stodlum, Farrow and Bolney, the paint company, point to the growing popularity of cool moody greens like Green Smoke, while Studio Green is a perennial favorite. Emerald took the top color spot in 1stDibs’ designer survey for the third year in a row, finishing runner-up to sage.

As with the continued interest in sustainability, the focus on handcrafted artisans signals a shift toward design with global impact. Most designers interviewed by 1stDibs said they will source work from artisanal manufacturers this year. “Handmade textures are important to celebrate craftsmanship,” says Riberti, referring to materials like clay. For this reason, she predicts that papier-mâché is a medium we’ll see a lot more of. “It’s light, relatively cheap and doesn’t require a lot of energy consumption,” Riberti explains. “It has an interesting flexibility. That’s why we’re seeing high street retailers and high-end brands working with it in lighting and decoration – think vases, mirror frames and table lamps, but also in furniture, like the work of Paulina Melio.

A lounge at Apparatus’ New York headquarters tends toward a more ethereal touch, with a handmade resin table, glossy cocktail table, and mori wallpaper.

Ethereal details will rule the fashion scene in 2023. Pinterest experts predict lace, tulle, ruffles and glittery waves. In Mason and Objet, the transparent trend will also be on display. “The new transparent objects, with airy and light color designs, allow us to free up space, escape and allow our thoughts to wander into our dreams,” explains Beerus. Designers with a TikTok presence are also tapping into everything transparently. Brian Turton (@StudioBry) thinks the trend will appear with the invasion of glass bricks. In his most-liked video on the platform (42K likes worth), Design Daddy (@mrphoenixgrey) says that alabaster lighting will be the next big thing.

Color Trends: What’s New, What’s Next?

Antique meets contemporary perfectly in this Silicon Valley home designed by Francis Merrill of Raith Design.

Pinterest calls it the “hipsteric home trend.” Boomers and Gen Z are looking for new ways to honor vintage and heirlooms in their homes. “Comfort is an important quality here,” says Riberti – “the satisfaction, the familiarity, the nice aspect of looking at it or touching it. How does he predict we’ll breathe new life into old furniture this year? Sweaters” this 2023 and beyond. is one of WGSN’s top trends.” She argues that consumers can breathe new life into old furniture and fixtures with inexpensive fabrics and knits. Think of it as yarn bombing, but in your home. Will this be an accurate prediction? Only time. will say

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Latest Trends In Home Design

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Inside a child-free structure that a designer created on Pinterest swapped blaring sirens for chirping birds and thought it was a professional ski chalet? Think again. This is white on white on white magic that prevails not only informs our aesthetic sensibilities but also how we want to live. Home decor trends often indicate a constant change to a new lifestyle. That said, the interior design trends of 2023, while practical, will satisfy the most demanding aesthetics.

We are looking at a renewal of bright, bold and inspiring interiors. Also, organic and sustainable designs are also gaining more traction. It may not be a new concept, but the desire to create a natural and healthy space is definitely a growing interior design trend. In 2023, home decor trends will follow suit, and these dynamic additions will certainly elevate homes beyond this year.

Change and flux are constant in life. As such, we can look forward to what’s new and exciting with each passing day. And in 2023, we’re bound to see interior design trends with the unknown. But, some contemporary design style ideas only improve and reinforce what the design world loves. In any case, we are

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