Most Beautiful Hikes In Canada

Most Beautiful Hikes In Canada – We’ve written a lot about our favorite things to do in Canada, the best experiences, and the most beautiful places in our country, but we realize we still have all the amazing hikes we can do in the country. The Great White North. So, to help you plan the best trip abroad, we’ve put together a resource for the best tours in Canada.

As people rethink the way they want to travel in the future, Canada is a great choice to get off the beaten path and away from the crowds. So, if you want to explore one of the greatest adventure destinations on earth, you’ll love all of these beautiful hikes in Canada.

Most Beautiful Hikes In Canada

Most Beautiful Hikes In Canada

Canada is full of epic hikes and multi-day trips. With 48 national parks and countless provincial parks, the opportunities to find epic hiking trails in Canada are endless. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites. If you are looking for routes that have incredible views or offer a challenge, we have a trip for you!

Egypt Lake Backcountry Campground: One Of The Most Beautiful Hikes Near Banff, Canada

Alberta’s Jasper National Park is a hiker’s paradise. It’s the largest park in the Canadian Rockies, with so many hiking trails it’s hard to choose. (Here’s a full list of trails) But the one we’re going to feature today is the Sulfur Skyline Trail. Why? Because when you’re done you’ll be soaking in the hot spring!

The Sulfur Skyline Trail is 61 km from the town of Jasper, where you will find the trail near the Miette Hot Springs park. It’s a short 8km hike, but there’s a lot of elevation gain at 685m, so be prepared to huff and puff, but bathing in the hot springs after you’re done is worth the effort.

Heading back to the east coast, the Skyline Trail is a popular trail located in Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Highlands National Park. It’s a short walk of only two hours (including time to watch the sunset) but it packs a punch.

Located on the northeast side of Cape Breton Island between Pleasant Bay and Cheticamp, the Skyline Trail is a 7.5 km loop (4.6 mi) that begins on a wide gravel road before becoming a dirt track. As you reach the beach, it opens up to a beautiful path that leads to various beaches on the Gulf of St. Lawrence goes. This is one of the best day trips on the east coast of Canada.

Hiking At Parks Canada

Banff National Park is Canada’s oldest national park and is full of hikes and multi-day tours to suit every need. If you’re looking for some of the most beautiful hiking trails in Canada, the Plain of Six Glaciers Trail is a must. This is a very popular trail in Banff National Park, but for good reason.

And this route offers different views of the turquoise glacier lake. The 8.5-mile round-trip (13.6 km) hike has 1,250 feet of elevation gain and is considered an easy day trip. If you want more of a challenge, you can connect to the Lake Agnes Trail, where you can head to the Lake Agnes Teahouse to enjoy some tea and refreshments before climbing to the top of Big Beehive.

Exploring Yukon’s Dempster Highway is a dream come true, and if you want rough and tumble, hiking the Grizzly Lake Trail in Tombstone Regional Park takes you through beautiful views of the Tombstone Mountains. The total distance is 11 km (6.8 miles) one way, so if you decide to do this trip, you will need to camp overnight.

Most Beautiful Hikes In Canada

Registration is required and tickets are limited. If you want to taste it, you can take a short day walk and go out for a few km. (One or two miles) Grizzly bears roam the Tombstone Mountains, so be prepared. Walk in groups, make lots of noise and climb in the daylight.

Amazing Larch Hikes In Alberta

One of our favorite hiking spots in Canada is Gatineau Park in Quebec. This beautiful park has many hiking trails that take you to attractions and historical sites. A short but scenic walk takes you to the Mackenzie King Estate and ruins.

This is the most beautiful part of Gatineau Park and there are other great attractions, including the Pink Lake Hike on the lakeside hike and the Carbide Wilson Ruins Hike is definitely worth the trip. Gatineau Park is a 365 square km (139 sq mi) conservation park filled with 165 km (102 mi) of hiking trails. Although this is a busy park, parking is limited, so arrive early to avoid the crowds.

The Fundy Footpath is one of Canada’s great footpaths. This multi-day cruise is located in New Brunswick on the Bay of Fundy. It is a difficult 40 km (24 mi) sea route that takes 4 – 5 days to climb.

After checking in at the Bay of Fundy Interpretive Center, hikers cross the Suspension Bridge onto the Desert Trail. It’s one of the more difficult hikes in Canada with a lot of elevation gain, but it’s worth it to hike one of North America’s natural wonders. The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world.

Jaw Dropping Banff Hikes

If you want a longer boat tour in Nova Scotia, the Cape Chignecto Coastal Trail stretches 53 km (33 miles) along the Bay of Fundy. We kayaked here and did parts of the hike and it’s some of the most spectacular scenery in Canada.

Home to the world’s highest waves, you can walk on the ocean floor to see the massive water movement every six hours. It takes 3 – 4 days to hike this scenic route through huge sea cliffs, sandy beaches and dense coastal forests.

Many of our favorite hikes in Canada are in National Parks If you plan to do a lot of hiking in Canada, you may want to consider the Parks Discovery Pass, which costs $139 per family or $69 per person. It provides 12 months of unlimited access to Canada’s national parks and all 80 parks from coast to coast! You can buy it online here.

Most Beautiful Hikes In Canada

The West Coast Trail is Canada’s ultimate multi-day hiking trail. Pacific Rim National Park Reserve Located on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island, the West Coast Trail is a scenic coastal drive through sandy beaches and sea caves. Only experienced backpackers should attempt this hike as it is 75 km (46 miles) from Pasino Bay to Gordon River. It takes about 6-8 days to hike the rugged west coast of British Columbia.

The Best Multi Day Hikes In Banff National Park — Nutrition Traveller

The terrain is considered difficult and hikers should be prepared to climb 100 stairs while carrying their heavy bags. You will cross rivers, ride cable cars and wade through mud. It’s in British Columbia, so you can expect at least some rain on the West Coast Highway. You must make a reservation to ride the West Coast Trail. To reserve your spot, visit the West Coast Trail website.

Stopping around Ontario, the province’s answer to the West Coast Trail is Pukasqua National Park. The Pukasvka Coastal Hiking Trail is a 60 km long backcountry trail that follows the shores of Lake Superior. Naturally Superior Adventures offers tours to Pukasqua National Park, where you take a ferry from the park center to North Swallow, 60 km (37 mi) from the shores of Lake Superior.

All the equipment has to be carried in and out, so the packages are heavy with food. Pack a sterilant to treat the water you collect from Lake Superior. The journey is scenic as it takes you to high sea cliffs, wild desert beaches and rocky fields.

The Bruce Trail in Ontario is a 900 km (559 mi) trail through the Niagara Escarpment from Niagara to Tobermory. The entire trip can take more than 30 days, but many people spend years seeing parts of the Bruce Trail.

Best Hikes In Vancouver, Bc

The Bruce Trail is the oldest and longest trail in Canada and is very popular as it takes you through dense forests, rolling countryside and large rocks and hills. Note that if you walk it from end to end, it is not possible in the whole section. Sometimes you have to sleep in the dorms. Parts of the road can be very busy.

If you’re looking for a hike in Canada that will take you off the grid, Ivavik National Park is the place to be! Fewer people visit Ivavik than climb Mount Everest, which is why it really boasts. Located in the extreme northwest corner of the Yukon, Ivavik is only accessible by plane

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