Outdoor Flooring For Screened Porch

Outdoor Flooring For Screened Porch – The allure of a covered porch is evident after listening to the evening thunder and feeling the gentle breeze, protected from natural calamities. Outside, but semi-sheltered from the wind and rain, the porch is perfect for relaxing, enjoying a cold drink, or catching up with a close friend all year round.

Of course, no two are exactly alike, so you need to consider the purpose of your foyer: Want a place to curl up with a book? Or an outdoor dining area? A relaxing, dreamily decorated space or a colorful and energizing place for family game nights? Scroll through our favorite screened porches to discover stylish ways to update your look.

Outdoor Flooring For Screened Porch

Outdoor Flooring For Screened Porch

This gorgeous front porch is by Southern decorator Jane Hodges. When he renovated it, he added columns and raised the ceiling to 11 feet to maximize the view of the trees. His choice of rattan furniture (and its symmetrical arrangement) accentuates the linear architecture of the foyer. Although rattan doesn’t look great on a patio, its natural aesthetic makes it a great choice for a screened-in porch. As a nice nod to the painted ceilings of old southern porches, consider matching your pillows to the ceiling color like Hodges did.

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Artist and fabric designer Susan Hubble grew variegated porcelain vines near the entryway screen for an “almost curtain-like” look. Note that this creeper produces beautiful purple and blue berries that add color to the porch, but it grows quickly and tends to spread.

Susan Hubble’s kitchen has plenty of flexible seating for dining or napping behind the vines on the front porch. Two wide backless benches serve as banquettes, while a small table provides enough space for several tables (and can easily be pushed to the side). “I wanted to have a proper table, but we didn’t have enough separate dining and living space. These benches provide both,” says Heible. Choose from a range of easy-to-move furniture in colorful designs to adapt your space to any occasion.

Architect Norman Askins designed a separate screened-in porch for a pool house in Atlanta with all the sophistication of the room’s interior. “It’s important to get design ideas from the main house,” he says. Chippendale balusters and cupolas add beautiful architectural details to the foyer. Emulate this high-end look with staircase flooring, detailed railings or premium accessories like fireplace mirrors and garden chairs.

Designed for the sound of the tall pines that surround the cedar-clad home, this expansive two-story porch is one of the first homes built on Bald Head Island, North Carolina. Vertical beams draw the eye to the top of the tree, but are narrow enough to avoid visual clutter. Even if you don’t have a two-tiered veranda, consider creating different zones in the large screen area, combining conversation area chairs, placing benches around the multi-functional table for dining or playing board games.

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Designer Lisa Sherry wanted to use natural materials like teak and rattan for the furniture in this screened porch because of its durability and elegant look. But comfort was also key, so she chose very deep sofas and chairs and covered them with lots of pillows. Low-end furniture looks front and center on the street.

Artist Lulie Wallace created a large L-shaped cutout in the corner of her small entryway in Charleston, South Carolina, and decorated it with lots of bright pillows. A round bench is an easy way to gather plenty of seating, creating a cozy nook where guests can curl up with a glass of wine and a good book. Mix colors and patterns when choosing pillows to create a fun, eclectic vibe that can feel too bold inside.

A classic white palette keeps this screened porch coastal. By placing a simple rectangular table, diners can soak up the scenery and create the perfect outdoor dining space. The best part? The screen will protect against all those annoying midges and mosquitoes that love water like we do. Choose tools that affect your environment. In this case, blue pillows, cups, and napkins echo the water on the other side of the screen.

Outdoor Flooring For Screened Porch

This screened porch wraps around the front of this 1,000 square foot lake home, adding to the living space while enjoying the stunning water views. The exterior foliage is the star of the show, as the owner chose to darken it with Benjamin Moore Bronze (2166-30). If you are covering the walls in a dark shade, use a light-colored rug to avoid overwhelming the space.

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This secluded Florida Beach front porch exudes charm with its sherbet color palette. The color shade is not too monotonous, so the decoration does not look too coordinated or cute, and the white vine pulls the small space together. If you don’t know what to paint the walls and ceiling with, paint the front door a bright blue-green color to add color.

If you’ve spent any time in the South, you know that summer time can be sticky. A ceiling fan is a functional addition that can help enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor living space. In this case, the dark metal details on the ceiling fan complement the owner’s old rug and antique pie safe. These anchor pieces elevate the flea market finds that grace the porch surrounding this wigwam-style lake house in Alabama.

Architect Norman Askins fills the hollowed-out porch of his mountain cottage with classic wicker and cushions. First popularized by George Washington, this floral pattern is Southern and classic. A painted wooden canopy decorates the windows of the veranda, and the greenery perfectly accentuates the courtyard.

Four cozy chairs surrounding a funky, clean-edged coffee table transform the previously unused 130-square-foot foyer into a spot for morning coffee or after-work drinks. Large-print geometric rugs add vibrancy and visual interest, and add color to accessories like throws and coffee tables. The trick to putting it all together? Stick to a simple color scheme, for example, blue and white with natural wood stains.

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The curved, easy-to-clean Panton chairs give a modern twist to a typical solid teak outdoor table. Lisa Sherry, the designer (and homeowner) of this luxurious enclosed porch, went crazy and spray-painted fish she found at the flea market to mount on the porch. This white animal proves to be a household mascot and an unexpected accessory perfect for a peaceful screened-in porch.

An all-white front porch is classic and relaxing (we love it!). But for an aesthetic surprise, add some black accents to this screened-in porch, like a lamp, a metal daybed, and a wicker ottoman with black trim. Although the furniture is traditional, the black color helps bring the space to life. A bar stool that doubles as a side table is functional and fun, so it’ll hit the porch day or night.

To create the atmosphere of a botanical greenhouse, plant pots in each corner of the closed door. We love the combination of a warm-hued vintage rug and a bright green two-seater planter in this beautifully appointed space. From painted floors to high ceilings, change the height and scale of your greenery to emphasize the architecture of your entryway.

Outdoor Flooring For Screened Porch

This Lowcountry cottage features a back porch for year-round entertaining. Wall-mounted rugs add coziness in the colder months, while smart accessories like blankets and lots of pillows accent the interior and exterior of a room. Choose low pile rugs for easy cleaning and durability. The stripes on it follow the natural flow of the entrance, drawing the eye to the door, but we suspect that no one who lands here will want to leave.

Tips To Create A Cozy Outdoor Living Space On Your Screened In Porch

When you’re building your screened porch from scratch, consider installing a fireplace. The investment not only ensures that you can use your space for four seasons, but also increases the level of comfort several notches. To maintain an outdoor feel, choose natural materials, such as the gray stone found here, and change the accessories on the mantel according to the season.

Do you like the sound of doors slamming? If you have a large back porch, make a front door by installing double doors. You can open them to let in air and get a better view of your garden. The vaulted ceiling matches the dramatic inset, and the honey hue warms up the otherwise sterile space.

For beach bells, blue is a natural accent. But red? It is surprising and noteworthy. The red edging on the pillows creates a Southern-loved detail, and the pillows are a welcome alternative to classic beach decor (although the antique balloons on the wall are reminiscent of Florida diners).

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