Remodel Exterior Ranch Style Home

Remodel Exterior Ranch Style Home – See how brick-and-batten designers, architects, and graphic designers transform these traditional farmhouses into marvels… with curbside renovations before and after. According to Zillow, nine out of ten homes in the 1950s and ’60s were ranch style. With the success of the 80s, people opted for more square footage; However, the McMansion trend is quickly coming to an end and 1950s farmhouses are back in a big way. Farmhouses are in high demand and ready to update.

This Michigan client was looking to update her porch and overall curb appeal. The surroundings, the flagstone path, the wooden garage and the matching deep colors made this project one of my favorites!

Remodel Exterior Ranch Style Home

Remodel Exterior Ranch Style Home

This Atlanta stunner needed some updating and shine! The problem was solved by removing the shutters and adding exquisite Visual Comfort lighting. Choose a planter in earthy tones and your eyes will be drawn to the front door. Now, this house is cutting edge!

Ranch Home Remodel: Exterior Makeover Design, Style & Ideas

Sometimes you have ideas but you just need to see a visual before you dive in. This client wasn’t sure if she wanted to paint, but was looking for simple changes. After seeing the beautiful color, she could not resist! Our goal was to draw all eyes from the round staircase to the updated front door. Wood is often the best choice; however, in this project we chose a rich black door to highlight the wrought iron track and lighting.

This friend from North Carolina wanted to do away with the traditional ranch style and create a heavy masterpiece. Black exteriors aren’t for everyone, but when done right, the look is beautiful and timeless. By opening the door using all the glass and huge side lights, the porch area is transformed from a dark hole to an open oasis. This house screams, prevent appeal, trust!

As you can see, a traditional farm doesn’t have to be a curse. Ranches are coming back in a BIG WAY! Some people have ideas that they need to see before they pull the trigger. Others are opting for a simple restoration. Although many designers want to take over bricks and mortar and surprise them! Instead of selling that beautiful ranch, update and love your home again. The “farm house” has been an essential part of American architecture and life for nearly a century. Although some dictionaries define it as a house style suited to ranch living, the ranch style home we know and love is said to have been born in 1932 by San Diego architect Cliff May. , often made of plain timber or brick siding, with shallow roofs and deep overhangs.

After World War II, the style died out as these homes were quickly purchased by soldiers returning from the war looking for simple, affordable homes to raise their families. Easy-to-live-on-the-ground designs make the most of outdoor living, often opening onto patios used for relaxation and entertaining. The farmhouse undoubtedly added to the popularity of outdoor barbecues and neighborhood gatherings.

Before & After: A 1960s Boulder Home Gets A Modern Makeover

In 1950, nine out of ten homes built in the US were farmhouses. But what goes up must come down, and farmhouses fell out of favor in the 1970s to two-story homes with more ornamentation and a traditional colonial style.

However, a whole new generation of homeowners are appreciating the original ranch-style homes today and finding the simple architecture appealing because of its ease of updating and its resemblance to mid-century style homes. Farmhouses are now an attraction for home improvement fixers. In fact, in a 2018 Harris survey of more than 2,000 Americans, 41% ranked the farmhouse among their choices.

The farmhouse is clearly here to stay. So, let’s look at some ways to make the most of these popular, livable and affordable homes.

Remodel Exterior Ranch Style Home

Since farmhouses are usually one story with horizontal lines and a shallow roofline, it helps to break up the flow with some vertical height features like landscaping, potted plants or decorative accents. Adding trees to the front yard can add interest, shade and appeal.

Prairie Style Ranch Remodel

Usually, the facade of a farmhouse is elegant and simple. But the door itself can set an attractive modern tone. Contemporary single entry doors with a wide side window can command attention, while double doors set a more formal tone. Spice up your exterior color palette with a bold door color like yellow, red or turquoise to add an eye-catching touch.

The thing about farmhouses is their connection to the outdoors. Sure, you’ll often see sliding patio doors in the back opening to an outdoor entertaining space, but what about creating a similar effect in the front of the house? A brick or flagstone patio near the front entrance or walkway can add character, charm and an invitation to meet the neighbors.

Ornamental fences or trim details should maintain the horizontal lines of the house itself. Wide horizontal planks add a contemporary touch. Add some modern mansions to make an easy decorative statement.

Although original farmhouses made the most of their spacious outdoor spaces, their interiors did not always maintain the same open concept. Yes, some have great bedrooms instead of formal living rooms and dining rooms, but if yours feels a little cramped, consider removing a non-load-bearing wall to open up space and sight lines.

Katie And James: South Florida Home Renovation

Low farmhouse roofs offer the opportunity to add a modern vaulted look by ending the roof and completing attic trusses. This compromise exchanges a small attic space for an open and open living room, kitchen or bedroom.

Add a clean, modern touch by replacing traditional double-hung, grid-style windows with new energy-efficient sash styles. The simple design makes the most of any scene and is easy to open and close with a crank. Additionally, consider combining large picture windows with shade windows below to allow for ventilation.

A feature of the original farmhouses was the use of wood paneling in the living areas rather than wallpaper. While you may not want the heavy wood look throughout the house, window frames in natural wood tones can give a room the casual accent that farmhouses are known for.

Remodel Exterior Ranch Style Home

If you want to pay homage to a true ranch-style design, add an arched window to your living or dining room. The look creates interest inside and out while adding lots of natural light.

Want To Add A Little Curb Appeal To Your Home’s Exterior?

If you think the simple one-story farmhouse design is a little too plain, adding a gable can make a big difference in curb appeal. A front porch or patio can include a gable roof or the front door area can be defined.

Window World’s extensive product line of entry doors, patio door designs, and window options are great options for updating farmhouses, or any home, with beauty and energy efficiency. Discuss your ideas with a

. With over 25 years of experience, Window World is a name you can trust with your most important investment – ​​your home. Contact You I often post about my house, but for a change I want to renovate the exterior of Debbie and Martin’s house, who are good friends of Ed and mine.

When we lived in PA, they were our neighbors for 22 years. They moved from our previous neighborhood to this house a few years before we moved to live in Lake Murray, South Carolina.

Modernized Ranch Style House In Oregon

They are the same age as us and when they became empty nesters who no longer needed a big house, they decided to look for a smaller house with land in a more rural part of the local area.

After months of searching, they found a red brick farmhouse on 7 acres that was just what they wanted.

They didn’t stop changing the outside of the house. They also enlarged the open and empty backyard to create a small farm with a barn and an additional entrance to…

Remodel Exterior Ranch Style Home

I know you will enjoy seeing how they changed the exterior to fit the lifestyle and vision of your dreams.

Real Life Rooms: A Reimagined Ranch Exterior With Added Curb Appeal

This is what the house looked like before it was restored. Red brick in great condition, but not the look they wanted.

They painted all the brick white, added a metal roof and eaves, vertical clapboard siding, new doors and light fixtures.

This is the back view of the 1970s brick house that they transformed into their dream home over the course of a few years. Red/orange brick, red roof and rust/red shutters.

Debbie and Martin not only painted the house white and shutters black, but also added a metal roof and pergola. The path was paved with stone and created a raised bed garden surrounded by white posts, containing cut flowers, herbs and vegetables.

Top Home Exterior Design Trends

One of Debbie’s passions is gardening. Your green thumb skills are on display every time as there are colorful flowers everywhere.

After buying the house, they tore it apart and renovated the interior before moving in. The exterior of the house was altered in later years.

Replace the tile roof with a metal roof. The metal roof is from Drexel Metal Roofing Systems in the color

Remodel Exterior Ranch Style Home

Here is a piece of it

Remodeling Tips For A Ranch Style House Built In The 1970’s — Degnan Design Build Remodel

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