Roof Design In The Philippines

Roof Design In The Philippines – Contemporary home designs in the Philippines are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners seek to give their properties a modern makeover. From elegant and minimalist designs to unique architectural features, there are many modern home designs in the Philippines. Here are some of them:

The classic bungalow is one of the most popular modern home designs in the Philippines. This traditional house style is a one-story design, usually with a low pitched roof and wide eaves. The simplicity of this design makes it an attractive option for Filipino homeowners as it is easy to build and maintain.

Roof Design In The Philippines

Roof Design In The Philippines

Bungalows often have large windows and balconies, making them an ideal choice for those looking to spend time outdoors. An expert take on the bungalow is that it can be easily customized to suit different lifestyles with options such as a carport or second floor.

Popular 2 Story Small House Designs In The Philippines

With their timeless appeal and versatility, it’s no wonder that bungalows remain one of the most sought-after home designs in the Philippines today.

A contemporary-Filipino style house is a modern take on traditional Filipino architecture. This style combines elements of traditional Filipino design with modern materials and finishes. The best of both worlds – a great way to combine old world charm with modern sensibilities.

One of the most common features of a modern-Filipino style house is the use of large windows that provide lots of natural light and ventilation and give the house a unique look.

It is also important to use natural materials such as wood and stone in this style. This is because of their ability to blend in with the environment by adding the necessary modern touches. The colors used are usually warm tones and earth tones. These types of homes typically use an open floor plan with plenty of room to move around and enjoy the home.

Big Tiny House 7×6 Full Plan Flat Roof

Modern-Filipino-style homes are often designed with efficiency in mind. This means they are designed to use less energy and resources than other styles. This is useful for those looking for a more sustainable option when building a home.

The two-story modern minimalist house is a popular design choice in the Philippines for its practicality and style.

These types of homes use an open plan concept, removing most of the walls and doors to create an airy, spacious environment. An understated aesthetic is achieved through muted colors, clean lines and minimal embellishments. The natural light coming in through the large windows and sliding glass doors allows for plenty of ventilation and gives the home a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

Roof Design In The Philippines

With low maintenance and energy efficient features, this type of house is becoming increasingly popular among young families. In addition, using space-saving furniture such as multi-purpose beds and folding tables allows for efficient use of space while maintaining the beauty of the home.

Small House Design 6×8 Meter 20×27 Feet Shed Roof

The Industrial Modern house is an increasingly popular style of modern architecture in the Philippines. This style combines soft, minimalist lines with industrial elements such as steel or concrete. The industrial modern house incorporates natural materials such as wood to create a warm and attractive atmosphere.

A key part of this design is the use of exposed infrastructure, including plumbing and air conditioning ducts. This creates an interesting contrast between the clean lines of the structure and the texture of the industrial elements. It also allows for more efficient use of space by providing more storage space.

This design combines the best of both worlds, combining modern construction with a tropical feel. This style is suitable for those who want to bring the touch of the outdoors into the home.

This type of style is suitable for any weather and terrain. Whether in humid tropical areas or dry and arid climates, a tropical modern home can be tailored to your needs. The use of natural materials, open spaces and landscapes make these houses cool and comfortable and allow for plenty of natural light.

The Beauty Of Modern House Design

With its clean lines, flat roof and overhang, this design offers a minimalist look that can easily fit into any lifestyle.

A flat roof offers more usable space than traditional pitched roofs, making it ideal for outdoor living spaces and roof gardens.

This style of home is budget-friendly and easy to maintain, so it is suitable for those who want to save money but have a modern and attractive look.

Roof Design In The Philippines

We can help you with a complete house plan for house construction. We’re just a phone call away. God is in the details, especially in a country like the Philippines that experiences the rainy season for half of the year. Roof details are one of the most important details in home design.

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The presence or absence of external gases defines the roof of the house and adds beauty and character to the design in profound but important ways. In practice, it is a conduit for rainwater, creating maintenance issues for future users.

The most common is the standard hyphen pattern found at the end of the roof or at the end of the facade. It can be a depression with steel or concrete and bamboo that brings the water down to ground level.

The following is a concrete hidden pit with a long roof. The client wanted a very durable and strong gutter for this house. To make it more durable, they had to use concrete pits with waterproofing and stainless steel linings. To meet this requirement, a hidden trench supported by roof beams was constructed. There will be a water line outside the wall so if there is water, the water will fall outside the walls of the house.

In the pictures above you can see the flash where the gutter starts and ends in the direction of the rainwater flow.

How Much Does Roof Installers Cost In 2018?

For the next example, the design was for a concrete well, but it was decided to design a simple water well that collects when the water falls. The reason for this is that the client chose not to have the issue of repairing the roofs and the project has a large area where there will be no gutters.

The roof material used is flat Japanese style roof tiles, the clay tiles are laid out in such a way that they provide the necessary break for the roof fascia.

The special detail that allowed water to flow through the roof slab allowed the second lower part to flow into the roof and the double fascia.

Roof Design In The Philippines

The final example uses a gabled roof with Spanish-style roof tiles. As in the previous example, the site allowed the holes in the ground to match the customer’s maintenance needs.

Baladad Transient House, San Fernando

Due to the shape of the roof tiles, an additional metal accessory was used as a bird stop, which was placed at the end of the fascia to prevent birds from entering the opening of the roof tiles.

Although a thin roof line is required, structural conditions on the lower roof made the profile thicker, which was moved to the upper roof.

In conclusion, if the roof drain is adjacent to the roof, hidden or on the ground, there are architectural, structural and plumbing problems that must be corrected by the designer and the client. This helps to increase the beauty of the design and the customer chooses the maintenance on the roof. Recently, as green building practices such as rainwater harvesting have become more accepted, this detail has become even more important as it allows households to collect water for free. In this article, the topic will focus on different roof designs. It is mostly used for housing projects. The way the roof is designed is not only about the aesthetic features but also related to the practical aspect. Choosing the design of the roof is an important decision, because it not only protects the house and its residents, but also plays an important role in the overall structure. When choosing a roof design, it is important to be knowledgeable as each design offers different advantages and disadvantages. Roof design is divided into two different concepts: rows and profiles.

Roof lines are basically how the roof is placed on the building. It depends a lot on the shape of the cells. Basically, there are two general lines that generally apply to residential projects. However, there are other common lines such as flat and mansard that are not included in this article.

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The first famous line of roofs in the Philippines called “Dos Aguas” was called gable roofs. In terms of simplicity,

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