Small Hindu Temple For Home

Small Hindu Temple For Home – We are manufacturers and suppliers of marble temples worldwide. Bajrang Murthy Bhandar Marble Mandir offers beautifully carved temples at affordable prices.

Here we offer you a great selection for our clients to buy temples for their homes and offices at a nominal price with quality workmanship. Our temple has been greatly improved with good designs in the pooja mandir as per the demand of the customers. The company also supplies marble mandir and idols of God and Goddesses to other countries of the world.

Small Hindu Temple For Home

Small Hindu Temple For Home

Our company has been doing this work since 1992 and manufactures mandir as per customer requirements. Bajrang Murthy Bhandar mainly delivers to temples in USA, New Zealand, UK, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and many other countries of the world. If you want a temple in your home or office, you can contact us and we will provide you the best beautiful carved temple for your homes and offices at the best prices.

Small Temple Design Ideas To Harmonize Your Home

The company offers the best beautifully carved temples for your homes, let you know how the company makes idols. First the company buys good marble and then our best artisans start carving the mandir. After the engraving process is completed, our design team starts designing the temples as per the customer’s requirements. After the design work is completed, it is sent to the polishing team which gives the temples a mirror like luster, which is the final process and the temple is ready as per the client’s requirements. To know why a marble puja temple is perfect for home, click here.

The temple is made of pure white marble with good carvings and the polishing is well done in the shrine.

Our company provides well carved temple to its clients where you can see the pooja mandir which is well carved by different experts like 3 gumbads on the top of the temple and peacock design on the top of the pooja mandir.

It is called the Marble Peacock Temple because of the bird design seen at the top. This makes this temple very unique from other temples.

Mandir Designs For Home

This Mandir is known as 5 Marble Gumbad Temple built in the year 2000. As you can see 5 gumbads are well designed and carved from both sides.

This temple has good sculptures and good designs have been done in this temple so it is called the three gopuram marble temple.

You will see good designs done in this temple with Om design on the top of the temple, this is a pure white marble temple with good carvings done in this temple.

Small Hindu Temple For Home

It is a colorful mini mandir of this temple designed for home with beautiful colors and it is made into a pooja mandir with a gopuram over the temple.

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This temple is very beautiful because this temple has various designs as per Hindu standards, because this marble temple has also made idol of deity with beautiful designs.

The temple is known as a gopura out of the three designs made in this mandir with two pillars made in this mandir. This mandir is well designed according to the needs of the clients in their home.

This is a small marble temple for home which is made of pure white Makrana marble and is available at very affordable prices with a simple design made of it.

The temple is made of pure white marble with good carvings and the polishing is well done in the shrine.

Devi Ma Wood Temple Size (h.45cm L.30cm W.20cm) Solid Wood Home Temple Price In India

This marble temple is known as Double Peacock Marble Pooja Ghar because you can see two peacock designs on the top and floral designs on the top with eight pillars on the front and back side of the shrine.

Pure white marble is executed in this temple with good carvings and good rainbow painting and well polished in the shrine.

It is a well designed pure white marble puja mandir in a mandir. The temple consists of four steps, where the idols of God and Goddess are placed. If you don’t have space for elaborate wooden pooja mandir designs in your home, check out these one wall wonders

Small Hindu Temple For Home

Lack of space in our small homes requires us to make some sacrifices. Lately, it has become very difficult to incorporate a pooja room in a new home. Because, unlike old apartments, new apartments do not always have a dedicated space to create a place of worship. But if your apartment doesn’t have a pooja room, don’t worry! We have many practical and beautiful wooden pooja mandir designs that are traditional but perfect for modern apartments.

How To Decorate A Home Temple In 2023

An Indian home is incomplete without a mandir. So, browse through our best wooden temple design ideas and choose the one you like.

When it comes to choosing materials for pooja room designs, different materials can come and go. But wooden pooja mandir designs for your home can stand the test of time and last forever

Favorite The main types of wood used in wooden mandir design are teak wood, sheesham wood and mango wood, but not limited to these. According to Vaastu Shastra, Shinu wood or rosewood is considered to be the most sacred.

However, if you want to stick to a limited budget or want to create an eco-friendly option, you can always opt for a geometric wooden hall design without compromising on the look.

Hindu Dewa Krishna Patung

Do you have an empty corner in your room? Consider this wooden temple design for your home, which includes a platform

And back panel with geometric patterns. The area is also furnished with temple bells and bright pendant lighting. Additionally, the back panel of this wooden house temple is made of wood

A partition wall is very useful for setting up a mandir. In fact, what sets this wooden diva design apart is the choice of design elements. A stone-clad wall adds visual interest to this space. Wooden panels on the ceiling and a raised wooden platform complete the look.

Small Hindu Temple For Home

The shrine should always have a base on the ground and should not be placed directly on the ground.

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Designs? Using these intricate patterns for wooden pooja mandir designs for home makes the temple perfect. Check out this design. The combination of white marble and light wood of this shrine is brought to life by this exquisite

This is for those who have no space at all and are looking for simple wooden pooja mandir designs for home. Made of light wood, this floating unit has a large room

If the rest of your home has a Scandinavian aesthetic, this is a wooden decor design you should consider.

Do you have a small house but don’t like simple designs? Check out this floating wooden temple design for your home. The shrine is made of dark wood and is traditional

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This wooden pooja unit design fits perfectly in a space with traditional Indian decor or a design style heavy on warm wood finishes.

This single wall wooden mandir with swing is one of the most unique designs in our collection. Intricate polished hardwood beams

The details extend to the swing and showcase the craftsmanship. Glass panels were used for the shutters and the side of the pooja room to create the illusion of space. Don’t miss the design continuity here that extends to the swing as well.

Small Hindu Temple For Home

Lighting plays an important role in adding aesthetic appeal to simple wooden pooja mandir designs for home. This modern wooden mandir design is brightly lit with recessed lights in the wooden rafters.

White Marble Hindu Temple Designs For Home Price In Jaipur,india

Plus, the shiny gold wallpaper highlights this simple yet reasonably affordable design. This pooja corner shows that home interiors don’t need a big budget if you have the right imagination!

Are you looking for a large size wooden mandir design for your spacious home? Then it should be. For placing a wooden platform with a white wooden finish

Design with evocative traditional carvings. Additionally, temple-style lamps and brass bells help break up the monotony of white.

Design, this simple pooja corner may suit you well. It is installed in a wall niche and contains only a wooden shelf, bells and lamps. A green background with floral patterns brings life to the space and creates a sense of calm. Isn’t green the right color for a shrine?

Small Marble Temple Modern Design Indian Home Mandir Hindu

The dead space in the corridor of this house has been cleverly converted into a shrine. A raised wooden platform with a white top

It also has shelves for storage. Additionally, this wooden mandir design also has a simple wooden panel in the middle.

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