Small Pooja Room Decoration Ideas

Small Pooja Room Decoration Ideas – From using marble temples to Tanjore paintings of deities, here are some aesthetic and beautiful puja room decoration ideas you can get from Indian celebrities.

The puja room at the Ambani estate is perfect for the common man, but we can take inspiration from the white marble statues, sheer curtains and ceiling lights.

Small Pooja Room Decoration Ideas

Small Pooja Room Decoration Ideas

This couple also has a wonderful home, but we love the simple yet majestic statue of Lord Hanuman with his halo and headdress covered in pure silver. Excellent, but simple!

Small Pooja Room Ideas Suited For Indian Homes

Amitabh Bachchan is an avid social media user and often shares pictures of the temple jalsa. Marbled brass bells and decor seem to be on trend!

Get inspired by the Shetty Kundra House of Worship, which is grand but dominated by a huge Tanjore painting of Gods and Goddesses!

If you have less space but want a beautiful corner, get a small marble temple. You just have to keep it clean and change the garlands and flowers every morning.

We love this chocolate brown mandir at Bhumi Residence. It has an intricately carved screen behind a small temple with silver and marble statues of the deity. You are lucky if you have the luxury of a dedicated puja room in your home. Although it is beautiful, planning the interior design of the puja room can be difficult. This applies regardless of the size of the pooja room.

Pooja Mandir Designs Fashion

We have amazing L Pooja room ideas that you can consider while planning your home interior design. Until then, here is a guide on how to choose the perfect mandir for your pooja room.

The size of the mandir depends on the size of the room. Large and eye-catching mandirs accommodate larger spaces; However, small mandirs look best in small spaces.

A small wall mounted mandir should be your choice if you don’t have a dedicated space for a puja room or if the area is small eg. b. A niche in the wall.

Small Pooja Room Decoration Ideas

Consider the color scheme of the room before choosing a mandir for your home. The farm of the walls and the mandir should create an interesting contrast.

Puja Room Design Ideas To Bookmark For 2023

Set aside a budget. Mandirs can cost anywhere from a few thousand to several thousand rupees. Figure out how much you’re willing to spend, and then look for something that’s within your budget.

When installing a mandir at home, the main thing to pay attention to is its appearance. Want a modern or timeless piece?

If you want a pooja room that exudes opulence, go for marble. Marble has a noble appearance that is not easy to reproduce. And the calming effect it provides is great for prayer.

Marble can be integrated throughout the room. It’s not just about the soil. Beautifully carved marble mandirs in various designs, styles and sizes are easily available. There is a choice of wall and floor mounted units.

Ten Simple Ways To Decorate A Puja Room • Swami Interior

Marble is noble, wood is classic; It exudes old world charm. Wooden mandirs fit into any type of interior design, although still a formula. If you are looking for small puja room ideas for Indian homes, wooden mandirs are one of the best options.

Wooden mandirs can be huge and elaborate or small with intricate patterns. You can get them in a choice of woods, different textures and colors. Mandirs made of rosewood and teak are popular for their durability. However, the distribution area is not limited to these forests.

Apart from simple floor and wall mounted mandirs, wooden mandirs come with or without louvres and reflect the architectural style of different temples. Interesting features of wooden mandirs are inlays and metal fittings (bells).

Small Pooja Room Decoration Ideas

Metal mandirs are aesthetically pleasing and durable. They add luster to the pooja room. You can choose mandirs made of silver, gold plated and white metal. Although metal mandirs are luxurious and elegant, they are also expensive and require a lot of maintenance.

Avaneesh Wall Mount Puja Mandir With Flower Cutouts & Bells

Setting up a mandir in your home is only half the job. To make the pooja room visually appealing, you need to incorporate several design elements. Depending on your budget, there are many things you can do here. Here are some ideas that work well.

Color plays an important role in interior design. Matching color schemes can enhance a room and make it attractive. Vaastu Shastra suggests specific color schemes for the puja area as the colors match the positive forces of the house.

Shades of Yellow: Yellow is a bright, cheerful color that symbolizes warmth, joy and prosperity. It also has sacred connotations and helps put you in a meditative mode.

Shades of Orange: The color orange has long been associated with spirituality. Visitors and godmen adorn themselves in this color. Orange color represents energy. If orange seems too bright for indoor use, use muted shades or combine the shade with gold or ivory.

Distinct Pooja Room Decor Ideas That Make Your Room Look Beautiful

Go White: White is a symbol of purity and a pooja room decorated in white adds peace and tranquility to the atmosphere. White is a color you can never go wrong with.

An attractive background can enhance the multifaceted beauty of the pooja room. You can work with interior designers to create the look and feel you want. Here are some ideas to get your imagination going.

The perfect lighting of your pooja room is enough to create a pleasant and divine atmosphere. Use ambient lighting, don’t overdo the light that affects the focal point, which is usually the idol you want. Keep it simple and maintain the ambiance of your pooja room.

Small Pooja Room Decoration Ideas

Choose items for your pooja rooms with several choices of accessories. Things like lamps, bells, etc. Can be used to enhance and harmonize the puja room.

Pooja Room Vastu Tips For South Facing House

The advantage of installing a wall mounted pooja room is that it takes up minimal space. All you have to do is find an ideal place in your home and set up a puja area with glass and metal shelves at an appropriate height from the floor.

There is no shortage of ideas. Remember to keep all elements in sync, keep the area clean and support the flow of the rest of the house. For bespoke interior design work, choose Limon Interior Designers. Your ideal partner for interior design. You are here: Home / Home Decoration Ideas / 15 Best Pooja Room Decoration Ideas: How to get the best look for your pooja room?

A well-designed pooja room can bring and maintain a peaceful atmosphere in your home. When designing the interior of your urban home, it can be difficult to find the perfect location for your mandir or puja room. At Ancient Madurai, we understand that while space can be an issue in townhouses, it shouldn’t be a barrier to meeting your lifestyle needs. If you are looking for the perfect mandir design – be it contemporary, traditional or transitional – your search is over! Whatever your design aesthetic, we have something to perfectly suit your needs! But before we go into the details of pooja room decoration, let us first look at the factors that contribute to it.

Now that you know what factors to consider, let’s first look at how to design your pooja room, because we have a list full of pooja room decoration ideas and creative inspiration!

Unique Space Saving Small Pooja Room Designs In Apartments

Source stencil_design_studio🧿 on Instagram: “May Lord Shiva bless you with success, happiness, peace and prosperity for this Savannah. Happy Sawan🌷. . Ps:- The soul of our house❣️. . #pujaroom…”

If your home is limited in space, a hanging mandir can save a lot of space! Decorate with original planters, brass sconces, bronze pendant lights, etc.

Source Chandana – Plants Decor n More on Instagram: “What I love about summer is fresh flowers from the garden, but what I hate are these bugs 🪲 eating my flowers…”

Small Pooja Room Decoration Ideas

Are you in love with the whimsical combination of lush green plants with rich golden brass puja sets? Why not include everything in your pooja room decoration?

How To Decorate A Home Temple In 2023

Source (Alamkarana Aalayam on My Home Instagram: “In Shayani Ekada, Maha-Ekada, Pratama-Ekada, Padma Ekada, Devshayan Ekada, Devpodi Ekada is the eleventh lunar day…”)

If you are looking for something royal and traditional for your mandir at home, South Indian style with lots of lights and flowers is the best choice. Don’t forget to add elements like brass taps or lamps to add more warmth to the decor.

If you don’t have a separate room for your mandir, you can simply create a pooja corner with plenty of items. For example, hanging copper bells, copper plantations, villakkus, etc. Oh, and check out the beautiful wooden corner wall shelves!

Source ( Sowmya Ganesh 🧿 on Instagram: “With this beautiful Dasavathar set from Amma Traders @amma_trading_, Madurai TamilNadu. This set is beautifully designed and each…”)

Trending Wooden Mandir Designs For Home

Do you have a knack for collecting antique brass deities? How about a beautiful Dashavatar set to make your Mandir even more unique?

Source (Chandan Dubey on Instagram: “Rahul and Sourabh’s pooja cabinet. Usually a family sanctuary in the tiny shelves of kitchens and forgotten corners of small homes…”)


Small Pooja Room Decoration Ideas

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