Vaulted Ceiling Living Room Design

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The fifth wall—or known in the design world as your ceiling—serves as the perfect place to make a statement. Whether it’s pure white, decorated with paint or wallpaper, or an architecturally prominent feature, your ceiling should be considered when decorating—especially if it’s a cathedral ceiling.

Vaulted Ceiling Living Room Design

Vaulted Ceiling Living Room Design

These ceilings resemble the shape of churches and cathedrals and usually consist of two sloping sides that meet at a point. It varies from room to room and house to house, with some adding a new corner or two and others covering half the ceiling. Still, this architectural confection is fun to look at — and even more fun to design.

Living Room Ceiling Ideas To Transform Your Home

If you’ve been architecturally blessed with a cathedral ceiling, you know how much beauty it can add to a room. But if you’re intimidated by the grand gestures that create the universe in your room, decorating won’t be so easy.

Cathedral ceilings have straight sides that slope upwards to match the shape of the pitch of the roof. The two sloping sides are symmetrical and parallel to the pitch of the roof, unlike a vaulted ceiling which does not follow the shape of the roof.

For those who wonder what’s above them, browse through these ideas to get started on adding a cathedral ceiling.

Beach-inspired rooms aren’t the kitschy, nautical spaces they once were. Airy open spaces like this have the same mellow vibe you’d get from a beach house, sans anchors and shell collections.

Stunning Cathedral Ceiling Ideas

This style goes perfectly with a cathedral ceiling, thanks to the open and airy atmosphere.

White can work great magic when it opens up space. Sometimes warm and dark colors can be overwhelming in a space, but the white walls and ceiling in this lounge maintain a strong balance.

The textures in the room, wood and rattan make it feel instantly cozy, especially when the cathedral-shaped ceiling is the final point. All the surfaces in this space are connected by an ultra-light color, which makes it seem bigger.

Vaulted Ceiling Living Room Design

While a ceiling brings a lot of personality to a room, there’s no need to overdo it with decor. This is a particularly unique example, thanks to the many angles of the ceiling. A simple table, lamp and wooden bowl complete the space to maintain a calm and relaxed feel.

Tips For Decorating Rooms With High Ceilings

For rooms that feel particularly spacious, you can use bold lighting fixtures. A chandelier or large pendant can add context to the spaciousness of your ceiling. Choose a color that matches the other colors in your room and you’ll be set.

When choosing lighting fixtures, tie in the color of the rest of your room for harmony and emphasis.

This wood ceiling has a beautiful black stain that complements the natural wood look of this kitchen and adds a nice extra layer of style. Adding a slightly minty gray interior with warm island chairs and pendant lights shows how to blend warm and cool color palettes.

Go for 70s glamor with modern paneling from floor to ceiling. While it makes a statement on its own, it also helps highlight the unique structure of the ceiling, half of which is covered. Decorate the room with some cool lamps to make it look rough and fresh.

Vaulted Ceiling Ideas With Pros And Cons

You’ll be surprised at the variety of styles that work seamlessly together. Although this room has an inherent coastal quality, the ceiling gives it a 17th-century twist. In addition to the fact that these two pieces of furniture meet in the middle, the tiles in the fireplace add a Spanish touch – every detail makes the space flexible and personal.

It’s amazing what you can do with wood paneling and arched ceilings. At first glance, this living room has an instant townhouse appeal, but after a little more exploration, the furniture puts it in the modern category.

A single wooden beam running down the middle is a nice touch in this living room, helping to absorb the white walls. Baskets, tables and macrame make it homey, but shapes and colors keep it clean and modern.

Vaulted Ceiling Living Room Design

The highest point of a cathedral ceiling gives a room beautiful symmetry and makes it easy to coordinate an accent wall with the rest of your furniture. We marvel at the wallpapered pentagonal wall and the gallery wall hanging above it.

Vaulted Ceiling Living Room Design Ideas

Whether you want a ranch-style living or an alpine ski vibe, a cathedral ceiling paired with a wall of windows is definitely worth considering. You’ll let in plenty of light and really appreciate the texture and look of your room every time you step foot in it.

If you’re looking for California cool defined in a photo, your search is over. Cathedral ceilings help keep everything airy, bright and airy, as demonstrated here. The angular, black fireplace, rods and sconces contrast perfectly with the white paint and neutral furniture.

Art Deco really meets boho in this room. Thanks to the unique shape, wooden partitions and intriguing fabrics, you can imagine living in this place as a secluded vacation spot. But the wallpaper and hanging lamp keep it modern with a splash of 20s glamour.

For added elegance, add some shiny gold pieces to make your bedroom more luxurious. This warm, metallic shade works like a charm, playing beautifully with the cathedral wood ceiling and helping to add a pop of color to the overall look.

Vaulted Ceiling Formal Living Room Ideas You’ll Love

Courtesy of its regal pieces mixed with more modular pieces – Exhibit A: Ornate mirror paired with round chairs. There’s a hint of a cathedral ceiling here, but you can tell it serves as the perfect backdrop for this classic style.

Yes, even a bathroom is a wonderful setting for a cathedral ceiling. A soft, white version instantly adds to the five-star retreat look you’ve been dreaming of for your space, and it’ll also make you take a deep breath every time you shower. Adds elegance and space to any living room. However, with great height comes great responsibility when it comes to decorating walls.

In this article prepared by Dogtas, a leading brand in the Turkish furniture sector; We will explore various ideas for wall vaults in the living room, which will emphasize the beauty of your high ceiling and create an attractive and charming atmosphere. Let’s dive in!

Vaulted Ceiling Living Room Design

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Open Concept, Vaulted Ceiling Living Room Ideas For Your Home

It is not surprising that many people try to find ways to decorate the vaulted ceiling. With our extensive guide where we provide many ideas for decorating wall vaults in living rooms, you will find the perfect way to decorate it! So, let’s dive in!

One of the most effective ways to draw attention to floating walls is to hang eye-catching artwork. Choose large paintings, prints or photographs that complement the theme and color scheme of the room. Consider using a gallery-style setting to display a collection of small pieces of art, creating a visually stunning focal point.

Make a bold statement by decorating wall vaults in the living room. Choose a design that reflects your personality or the overall style of the room. Whether it’s a serene landscape, an abstract pattern or a cityscape, a well-placed mural can transform your living room into an artistic retreat.

Make the most of vertical space by installing floating shelves on vaulted walls. These shelves not only offer a practical storage solution but also serve as a showcase for valuable collectibles, books and decorative items. Experiment with different shelf arrangements to create an attractive combination.

What Is A Vaulted Ceiling?

Bring a touch of nature indoors by hanging cascading plants from the vaulted ceiling. Greenery not only adds visual interest, but also softens the expanse of the wall and makes the living room feel cozy. Choose low-maintenance plants such as pothos or spider plants for easy maintenance.

Elevate the style of your living room with textured wall panels. Made from wood, stone or decorative moldings, these panels add depth and dimension to vaulted walls. Choose a design that complements your interior theme and adds sophistication.

Placing mirrors on the vaulted ceiling can do wonders for your living room. Mirrors not only reflect light and make the room more spacious, but also add elegance to the interior. Consider using an assortment of mirrors in different shapes and sizes for an eye-catching effect.

Vaulted Ceiling Living Room Design

Create a personal gallery wall with your favorite family photos and treasured memories,

Vaulted Ceiling Family Room Ideas You’ll Love

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