Best Way To Record Video Podcast

Best Way To Record Video Podcast – Your podcast studio is your home base. This is where your episodes jump out of your notes and come to life; Where your content takes shape and spreads around the world. So if you’re serious about your show, you need a good podcast studio setup.

Why is it important to have a quality recording studio? Because a good performance is critical to the success of your show. People don’t invest their time in shows that produce low quality audio. And if your studio is bad, your audio will be bad too.

Best Way To Record Video Podcast

Best Way To Record Video Podcast

A state-of-the-art space with thousands of dollars worth of podcasting gear is required. Some shows have such setups, and you might one day, but if you’re just starting a podcast, your needs are pretty simple.

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In fact, while having a good podcast studio setup is important, we don’t recommend waiting until you have the time and money to build one. It’s better to start recording episodes sooner rather than later. The sooner you figure out what makes a great episode, the sooner your fan base will start to grow.

In this article, we’ll lay out some essential steps for building your own podcast studio setup. You don’t have to burn through your savings to follow this advice, though by spending a few hundred bucks

Your first step is to choose the right podcasting space. The nature of your home podcast studio will have the biggest impact on the sound quality of your audio.

“I have the perfect place,” you might be thinking. “I’ll just use my spare basement / garage / spare room.” wait a blank space does not mean an exact space. In fact, spaces often make poor recording studios because they produce a lot of reverb. The best spaces are often full of things.

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If you don’t have the resources to build your own recording space from scratch (most podcasters don’t, especially in the beginning), almost any room in your house will do. Choose areas with lots of soft surfaces, such as carpeting, rugs, and fabric furniture. Avoid rooms with hard surfaces, such as your kitchen or rooms with hard floors.

You should also choose a location that is less affected by outside noise, such as rooms that are on opposite sides of the street or rooms that do not have walls that meet in common areas of your home. Finished basements are often better because they don’t share walls with other rooms.

Believe it or not, many podcasters choose to record in their closet. These small spaces with lots of soft materials are often ideal for capturing clear audio without echo. Here’s NPR’s Ira Glass — who hosts “This American Life” — recounting an episode from the smallest space in his home.

Best Way To Record Video Podcast

If you’re not into the DIY approach, you can always rent a podcast studio through a service like Podcast Rentals. You can find these rental studios in most major cities. They cost around $60-$100 per hour and often include cameras for video podcasting.

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To make smarter decisions, you need access to the best information. Building an audience and growing your show requires clear data.

Keeps everything in one simple place, instead of checking your data across multiple platforms. Accessing an entire snapshot of an episode in one look is now easier than ever.

Analytics offers tons of statistics about your podcasts that can help you learn more about your audience.

Our Essentials and Growth Plans offer audience analytics. Our Pro and Premium plans offer advanced analytics. Check out our pricing.

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Understanding the performance of your podcasts is important, which is why accurate analytics is so important. Engage to learn as much as possible about your audience. Each box of insights and wisdom will help you boost your performance.

Once you’ve chosen a nice spot, your next step is to add some nice treats. Every step you take to improve the sound quality of your recordings means less time spent editing imperfections later.

Soundproof foam panels are the best solution here. Their purpose is to absorb sound so it doesn’t bounce around the room and hit your microphone. You can get them on Amazon. Attach them to hard surfaces, such as blank walls, cabinet faces, or even the ceiling.

Best Way To Record Video Podcast

If you don’t like foam panels, blankets are a great DIY option. Hang your blankets on the walls and drape them over hard surfaces. Also throw some pillows around the room, such as on top of empty tables or on areas of the floor that are covered with rugs.

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Your podcast studio setup isn’t complete without a few pieces of podcast equipment. However, it’s up to you how much you buy. Technically, you can record the episode with your laptop’s microphone, but the sound quality will be… unremarkable. To save time and hassle editing your episodes, we recommend getting a few pieces of gear.

Here are seven essential pieces of podcasting gear you need to create the perfect podcast setup. You may have some of these.

(Note: These links will take you to our individual recommendations.

You will need a computer to run the software that will record and edit your episodes. You’ll also need it to upload your episodes, write show notes, and market your podcast.

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Your microphone is the most important part of your podcast studio setup. This has the biggest impact on the quality of your audio. A good condenser microphone will save you a lot of time during post-production. XLR mic and USB microphones have their pros and cons.

A mixer will improve your audio quality and offer a multi-channel recording horse show with guests or co-hosts. It’s not essential equipment (unless you’re using an XLR microphone), but it produces great audio. Choose one with multiple channels and an AUX-out feature.

Not all computers today have an audio-in port. Max, for example, hasn’t had it for a long time.

Best Way To Record Video Podcast

To record audio on your computer, you’ll need to use a dedicated audio interface to connect your mics and other gear.

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Good microphones pick up the pops in our speech (Ps, Ts, Ks, etc.), so you need a pop filter to soften those harsh blasts of air. They’re not expensive, but they make your audio more enjoyable.

Headphones do this so you hear what the microphone is picking up instead of your voice in the room. These allow you to regulate your volume and tone while recording. (And remember, better notes = less editing). Any headphones will do, but sets that completely cover your ears (as opposed to ear buds) are best.

A mic stand or boom mount moves the microphone up from the desk and closer to your mouth. This is important because vertical alignment affects the sound of your voice. The stand also reduces the chance of you cracking or scraping the microphone while recording.

Some podcasters do the cheap job of covering themselves with a blanket while recording. It technically works, but it gets old fast. Eventually, you’ll want to get some acoustic treatment pieces that work well and look good in your room. Use Aurelax’s Room Layout Express tool to determine where to place the pieces.

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In addition to podcasting gear, you also need some basic office equipment. Provide yourself with a sturdy desk or table for your computer, microphone and other audio equipment. They also want a comfortable chair (but not too comfortable) and anything you need to sit on during the recording sessions.

Most people don’t enjoy editing their episodes, but it’s an important part of producing good quality sound. You’ll need to adjust volume levels, remove background noise and errors, and cut your intros and outros and your commercials, so it’s worth considering editing software in your podcast studio setup.

Audacity is most popular because it’s free, although you’ll need to purchase it to access licensed music, effects, and some other podcasting tools. We think the price is worth it because having those effects and features in the same tool is worth it.

Best Way To Record Video Podcast

Can you use the free audio editor that came with your computer? Probably, sure. Apps like GarageBand are adequate, but paid tools come with simplified workflows and other features to create better sound.

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The last part of your podcast studio setup is a podcast host. It’s not technically part of your podcast studio, but it’s an important part of distributing your show, so we don’t want to leave it out.

Your podcast host is your show’s window to the world. This is how everyone experiences your content. You need a hosting service that displays your audio exactly as you record it.

Giving you the tools to grow your audience, and connect with your community. We don’t impose bandwidth limits, so listeners can always access your content. And you can manage all your podcasts with a WordPress plugin. We also offer automated YouTube republishing of private podcasts, and transcription services.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to create an effective podcast studio

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