Christmas Games To Play At Home With The Family

Christmas Games To Play At Home With The Family – The holidays are so packed with things to do it can feel like you’re rushing every day…from school winter concerts to mall parking…the holidays are busy. The best part of the holidays is when you can slow things down and hang out as a family. We love making Christmas crafts when we’re relaxing… but when we really want to relax. So we bring you printable Christmas games.

Family game night is even more fun when it’s a Christmas game We’ve created a few printable Christmas games of our own, but I wanted to put together a collection of our favorite free printable Christmas games for the whole family to enjoy .

Christmas Games To Play At Home With The Family

Christmas Games To Play At Home With The Family

Yes, it’s all free! Off-Print and Free to Play Perfect for kids to teens – you’ll find Christmas games for everyone in the family so what are you waiting for? Turn on the printer and play!

Free Printable Christmas Games

Our Role a Reindeer game is a fun Christmas game for kids to play alone or with their friends

Jack of All Things shares a variety of silly printable Christmas word games – just like the classic Mad Libs game.

We share a fun printable Christmas word search game that is challenging enough for kids of all ages

Our Christmas Print and Play Who Am I? The game has Christmas characters, Christmas items and blank pages for all your ideas

Christmas Game Bundle Christmas Movies Christmas Games Games

We present a very fun and challenging Christmas trivia game for kids that will leave you scratching your head and hoping you know all the answers (don’t worry, we include the answers!).

Bingo! This Christmas Bingo game from Grace & Good Eating is fun for all ages – just what Bingo will do! Will the prize be at your home?

Take that excited energy away from laptops and naps with a Christmas Eve exploratory trip for kids.

Christmas Games To Play At Home With The Family

A girl and her glue gun mixed up all the Christmas carol names to see if you could tell the name of the Christmas carol.

Christmas Would You Rather Game

The Idea Room shares a simple printable Christmas scavenger hunt – search for things in your home and around you.

Enjoy our Christmas This or That quiz – we also have an Instagram friendly version and a printable quiz.

I know teens and tweens will have so much fun playing this Christmas Movie Emoji Game from Play Party Plans.

We love watching and reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas… and maybe we need to add this Grinch Bingo game from Fun Squared to our celebrations.

Best Christmas Themed Android Games

We share two Christmas word scramble games – a simple version for kids and a complex version for older kids and adults.

Kids will have fun with Christmas 101’s Christmas Who Am I game – who doesn’t want to pretend to be a reindeer?

I love our Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt – print it out and then when you go out to look at your neighborhood Christmas lights.

Christmas Games To Play At Home With The Family

Here’s a fun Christmas printable game for older kids and adults Can you compare the actor to the movie in which he played Santa Claus? Who Wore the Best Game of Flanders Family Homelife

Fun (and Free) Christmas Games For Families

Brain shares a fun interactive Christmas Joke Teller – print it out and kids can play and laugh all night long.

Another one for older kids – check out the Crafty Chicks Printable Christmas Carol Opposite Game – it really tests your Christmas knowledge.

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Everyone knows that one of the best things to do during the holidays is play Christmas games. This is especially true if you spend the season with a large group of people, have a team to join (or host!). Or just consider yourself a good, super competitor.

Free Printable Christmas Games For The Whole Family

For those of you who want to find the entertainment factor this year, you have come to the right place. Not only do we have games for kids that will keep them entertained for hours, but we have also included contests that will be a lot of fun for adults too. . And for teachers looking for some holiday-themed ideas, there’s a free printable you can use. From delightful plays of classic games like Bingo to more inventive ideas like Chully Meets Games and Rudolph’s Race, we guarantee your Christmas won’t be a dull moment.

For more ways to keep the holidays merry and bright, check out our list of funny Christmas jokes and Elf on the Shelf ideas.

Ice breakers are essential at any holiday party. Engage yourself in a fun guessing game. Fill a clear bowl with bananas or themed M&Ms (or other candy of your choice), and have the party entering. Have each person guess how many are in the bowl. Whoever guesses correctly, or comes closest, wins. You can also take the time to decorate the top of the bowl with Christmas bows and tinsel.

Christmas Games To Play At Home With The Family

Your pantry is probably filled with tons of marshmallows from your winter cravings for s’mores and hot cocoa. Now, you can put them to use in this fun game. Fill some bowls with as many marshmallows as you can and place mugs of hot chocolate next to them. Form teams and have everyone eat as many marshmallows and get as far as possible before time runs out. Try to drink as much chocolate milk (hot or cold) as you can. The team that finishes first, or the team with the most people in first place, wins!

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Challenge your little ones to a festive game of I Spy Let them find Santa, a snowman, a Christmas tree and more in this printable

For a festive take on the Oreo Race challenge, try this game. First, create stick-on Santa beards for everyone participating. Then, have everyone try to get the Oreo into their mouth without using their hands. ask to do

For a fun race against time, gather people in your house to play Rudolph Race. The game involves each player trying to win over Rudolph alone.

Dress up and get ready to get pumped up with an after-dinner sled race. Participants line up at the top of a hill (a safe distance to prevent accidents) and sled down it. First to bottom wins!

Christmas Nativity Guess Who Game — Chicken Scratch N Sniff

Write the names of classic Christmas characters on sticky notes and stick them to each player’s forehead without having to look at what they’re saying. Then, everyone has to help each other guess whose name they have in mind without saying a word. It’s a guaranteed laugh fest! There’s also an app for the high-tech version

Get to know the faces around the table with a wake-up game of family pranks. Ask everyone to write down some little-known fact about themselves when you arrive, then read after dessert or when you have some free time. Ask everyone to guess who’s fault it’s a game and bonding experience all in one!

Get all your [adjectives] together in Mad Libs’ [adjective] game The silliest, most creative or downright weird combo wins the day This is a great way to learn something festive as well as work on kids’ vocabulary

Christmas Games To Play At Home With The Family

Instead of stressing over how well your gifts are wrapped, gather a few helpful people and see who can wrap their gifts the fastest. Sure, you won’t save paper this way, but it takes the pressure off the perfectionists among us.

Christmas Games For Families |

Think of this game as the holiday version of ring toss. If you’re feeling crafty, pick up a deer antler headband or make your own. Pull red and white pipe cleaners together to make a candy cane-striped ring. One person wears the headband while others try to throw the ring on the horn Don’t want to DIY? Pick up the cute inflatable version on Amazon

Instead of digesting TV after dinner or waiting until it reaches roasting temperature, launch a holiday-themed scavenger hunt. Personalize it by including items that have given sentimental value to your family. Take help from this deck of over 200 cards, which has an indoor deck and an outdoor deck, so there’s an option for all types of weather.

Polaroid photos will give this an easy, vintage twist by making cards featuring photos of family members. To keep your contestants guessing the right person, use the holiday prompt, “Who makes your signature Christmas dessert?” or “Who celebrated Christmas the most in our family?” When your game is finished, add the pictures to your decoration

Turn Rocking Around the Christmas Tree into a competition by turning it into a holiday dance-off. Turn on the music and start dancing, then turn it off

Fun Family Christmas Party Games

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