Front Door Designs For Houses In India

Front Door Designs For Houses In India – But let us say that the front door of any home is the first impression guests make when they visit your home. The front door is not only an entrance gate or an exit from the house, but also offers much-needed security against unwanted objects and intruders. Despite the fact that it is a key element in every home, the design of the main entrance door is often overlooked during modernization. The design of the front door is also important, so we have compiled the best modern door design ideas in the main entrance that can distinguish the aesthetic status of the entrance to your home!

If you want to impress your guests with a solid impression, a high-quality polished wooden door with alternating glass strips will create an elegant look.

Front Door Designs For Houses In India

Front Door Designs For Houses In India

Glossy front doors are great for smaller spaces because they make the space seem larger. The glossy and smooth surface of the door is easy to clean and maintain. Not to mention that the gloss black finish looks decent in the doors.

Wooden Main Entrance Door Design For Your Dream Homes

The wooden lattice design of Indian main entrance doors will never go out of style. This main door design will surely enhance the beauty of your fashionable apartment entrance.

Blinds are gaining popularity among many homeowners, not only because of their stylish appearance, but also because of their unique functionality. Since the blinds in the design of the wooden front door are equipped with horizontal slats made of wood, it allows for natural ventilation between the spaces.

In the modern house, ventilation has become a major concern. French doors are designed to provide sufficient light and ventilation inside the home. If you want to have an unobstructed view of the surroundings, French doors are the perfect choice.

The herringbone pattern is a great choice if you want a door that will add a more luxurious look to your home. If you want to try something different, you can try a horizontal herringbone pattern instead of the usual vertical pattern.

Classico Front Doors

Moroccan door designs are an ideal and easy way to give your home a Moroccan touch. A Moroccan touch on your front door will give your home the majestic look you’ve always wanted.

The design and style of your home’s entrance can have a strong impact on the look and feel of your home. Try this insulated brick door design as your front door and create an unconventional look, goods that will impress your guests enough and create a WOW factor in their mind.

Sometimes a unique pattern is all it takes to create a chic look! The basket weaving pattern on the door transforms the design of an ordinary wooden front door into a center of attraction for visitors to your home.

Front Door Designs For Houses In India

The street look of these doors is what makes them stand out. The solid material usually lasts a long time, making the main iron grill door a practical and safe choice.

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Block band door with metal dot design resembles the old historical doors of India. Add this modern and elegant front door design to your entryway for a truly regal look.

The elevation design is currently one of the most popular main door designs in India. Add a tall door trim because your front door differentiates your entrance from your neighbors’. This Indian front door design is sure to leave a unique impression on all your guests.

While full glass doors may not be the ideal choice for the main entrance here, these doors made of wood and glass inlays offer you durability and the much needed transparency.

With the above thoughts, you can begin your journey to finding the right front door design for your home. Each design offers unique features and enhances the charm and beauty of your dream home. We hope you find something suitable for your front door with the inspiring design ideas above. Deviating from the strict minimalist style of contemporary architecture, The Suncourt House by Ace Associates embraces a classic Indo-modern aesthetic replete with modern amenities. The sprawling 8,500 square meter mansion is located in the residential area of ​​Anand, Gujarat. “We wanted to create a modern retreat with all the technological updates and amenities without losing the IndiaModern theme as per our client’s wishes,” says Ashish Patel, Principal Architect of Gujarat-based Ace Partners. When asked about the philosophy behind the name of this stunning residence, Nikhil Patel, the design firm’s principal architect, was quick to respond. a house that brings both light and ventilation into the space.”

Main Entrance Door Design For Indian Household

Don’t let the exterior fool you, the design duo aims to simplify the facade to hide a tastefully designed spacious home. The L-shaped form of the house responds to the context of the site, while public spaces, i.e. j. the parking lot, entrance porch, foyer and official residences face the busy street adjacent to the house. The ship structure of the house is complemented by a vertical garden that serves as a thermal barrier.

Entering the house from Mizrah Road leads to a semi-covered parking lot. Carved stone wide steps along with small Buddha statues welcome you right at the entrance porch. A spectacular welcome – the huge doors decorated with brass details and decorated with stone ornaments make a great first impression. We don’t know, this was hardly an advertisement for what was to come…

… after entering through the huge front door, you enter the foyer, which overlooks the adjacent guest living room and offers views of the central courtyard. The open layout allows a smooth transition from one space to another. Spread over two levels, the 8,500 sq ft double-height home follows a largely minimalist yet healthy approach. The layout of the house is uncomplicated and naturally transitions from public to private spaces.

Front Door Designs For Houses In India

To keep the court as the focal point, the designers introduced a water feature inspired by the Varanasi Ghats

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The majesty of the space, the dramatic play of light, the glistening body of water… they convey an untouched calm; We can spend hours just mindlessly observing. The ghat of Varanasi is recreated by having the profile of the steps of the ghat and will forever remain an iconic space. An interesting concept brought to life by a dynamic duo. “To keep the courtyard as a focal point, we introduced a water tank inspired by the Varanasi Ghats, which symbolizes the contemporary yet rooted values ​​of the house. The ghat-shaped water tank holds a brass sculpture of ‘Shakti’ in the center with many bonsai trees,” says Nikhil. functionality at its core, the designers made sure that the roof is automatic, which can be opened and closed at the command of the owner, thus providing the privacy, security and protection needed in all weathers. “The sunny courtyard is roofed with a high-tech retractable roof system that can to close or open depending on seasonal changes and periodic changes. The operation is integrated with automation which provides the functional aspect of the contemporary architecture along with all the modern technologies.” adds Ashish.

The interior showcases a combination of concrete and natural stones with traces of pigmented exposed bricks that give the house a natural and earthy appeal. The light and airy living room exudes refined taste with gray velvet sofas, a wood paneled roof and sunlight streaming in through tall windows.

The dining area connected to the puja room in the north-east corner contains an attractive swing which was the most requested by the client,” explains Nikhil. Moving into the kitchen area, we noticed a wide cooking room with a central work counter with lots of cupboards. This space visually connects to the living area and family dining room and includes a tall breakfast bar that breaks the visual continuity with the stove, finished with a glossy glass surface and equipped with smooth advanced appliances as desired by the customers.

The family living room is engulfed in wood paneling on three sides, serves as a pleasant recreation room for family members and overlooks the central water area in the yard and the spectacular leaf decorations on its walls. The master bedroom on the ground floor belongs to the parents and has its own balcony and swing with a direct view of the garden. “As you can see, the theme is modernism and an earthy color scheme is adopted,” says Nikhil.

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The vertical fins on the staircase create a magical play of light and shadow supported by direct sunlight coming from the adjacent open sky.

The modern staircase is made of wood and concrete, which includes vertical wooden ribs as handrails. “These solid fins create a magical play of light and shadow with direct sunlight coming from the open field into the sky next to them,” notes Ashish. If you thought that all the wonderful features that make up this beautiful home were over, you’d be wrong. One of our favorite areas, the welcoming swing from which all sleeping corridors begin, while maintaining a cohesive traditional approach, from the teardrop concrete environment that references the microclimate to the pulsating swing itself.

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