East Facing House Vastu Kitchen

East Facing House Vastu Kitchen – Some people are interested in having their east facing plot fully follow the Vastu guidelines so that their family life is happy, peaceful and healthy.

Here we have compiled the beneficial aspects of Vastu for east facing layouts just for you who are blessed with such a well oriented house. You should always try to keep your family organized.

East Facing House Vastu Kitchen

East Facing House Vastu Kitchen

Vastu shastra states that every place in your house has both positive and negative energy. The main goal is to improve positive energy and eliminate negative energy in your home. This will bring good fortune and wealth in your east facing plan. This helps create and spread positive energy throughout the room. You should keep the house as clean as possible and enjoy the positive vibes.

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1. Location of entrance or main door in east facing plan: The main entrance door of the house should always face east. Some people believe that an east-facing plan indicates a great luck factor, but the position of the door does.

2. Kitchen Location East Facing Location: East Facing Location According to Vastu treatment methods and guidelines, Vastu experts recommend not to use kitchen in the east facing side of the house. It is considered to be one of the main causes of health problems and brings negative energy into your life. Kitchens should be avoided in the northeast corner of houses.

3. East facing position of the staircase: Vastu East for the property advises people not to place the staircase in the North East corner of the house. The result will be actions to prevent harmful effects.

4. Bedroom location in east facing plan: As the reflection of the sleeping body is considered unlucky, the bedroom and living area mirror should not be placed in front of your bed. You must remove all the chips and do not place the temple in the bedroom. You should sleep with your head facing south. The bathroom should never face the bed and the door should be closed in the east direction. You should make sure that there are no plants near your bed.

East Facing House Plan As Per Vastu Shastra Download Pdf

5. Location of the bathroom in the east: The location of the toilet in the house is also an important factor. None of the toilets should be placed in the northeast direction of the corner of the house according to the east plan. They bring negative energy and affect the health of your family. The toilet should not be placed in the northeast, even if you have no other options. This will stop the spread of negative energy and bad omens in different areas of the house. Otherwise, it will affect the peace and cause health problems in your home

6. Location of wall tank as per plan facing east. When designing or planning a house, if you are building it in the east or north, never place the septic tank in the northeast part of the house. It brings bad influence and negative energy to the people living in the house. This should always be avoided.

7. Puja room according to east facing plan: Indian houses have a place of worship called Mandir. As an east-facing plan, this Shastra dictates that the mandir should be on the north-east side of the house. It is also considered a lucky factor and good for the family. It should be prayed when facing east, your wishes will surely come true and your wishes will come true.

East Facing House Vastu Kitchen

· The kitchen should be planned to face east (in south-east kitchen) or west (in north-west kitchen) while cooking.

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· Pooja room and guest house facing East East direction is considered auspicious and brings peace and prosperity to your home.

· Plant tall trees that block valuable and active morning sunlight in the east.

· There should be no bedroom, toilet and septic tank in the eastern corner.

No fountains or decorations may be placed outside the main entrance.

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According to Vastu shastra, for east facing plan, no. Even if there is a garden or a lawn, there should be no tall and big trees in the northeast corner or part of the house. It is not advisable to place flower pots in the east-east direction near the wall. A must have Tulsi plant grown in the Northeast to bring wealth and health to your home.

Vastu shastra experts advise people not to use a kitchen in the northeast corner as it may affect the health of family members. According to Vastu, the direction of the plan is east, and the kitchen should be in the south-east as the lord of the kitchen rules.

The reservoir should always be placed in the living room of the house. As long as the outsider is there, the fish catches the negative energy flowing into it.

East Facing House Vastu Kitchen

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Benefits of Buying an Eco-Certified Home Introduction to Eco-friendly and Sustainable Living Are you looking for a home that is eco-friendly and sustainable? Don’t go beyond an IGBC certified green house. Terminal & q If you want to buy an east facing house, you should do a detailed extensive analysis before building the house. Because not every latitude is right for everyone. We have described North facing house width and South facing house width in previous blogs. Now it’s time to discuss the east facing house.

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East facing houses are always considered auspicious as per Vastu Shastra. East direction is believed to help you get large amount of gold. However, not every individual gets this opportunity and some are advised not to acquire such a property. Let’s understand this in more detail.

East is the direction from which the sun rises, so this direction is considered to be very good in all directions. So, many people think that every east facing house is good and they hope to own such a property. But the truth is far from that.

Orientation alone cannot determine the overall width of a room. The arrangement of different rooms in the house such as bedroom, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, temple is also a decisive factor. If these arrangements are made according to absolute rules, such a house will prosper regardless of its direction. Hence, it is essential to seek expert advice in India to help in this regard.

East Facing House Vastu Kitchen

Before exploring more about east facing house, we all need to know the meaning of east facing house. Many people find it difficult to determine the direction of their home. This uncertainty points in all directions, but many people mistakenly assume that it can determine the east. Many people believe that they have an east facing house if their house faces the rising sun. But this is not always true. Today we will make it clear to you.

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Although we know the general truth that the sun rises in the east, there are 2 things to consider. First, the Earth is tilted on its axis at an angle of 23.5 degrees, and second, the actual direction of the rising sun changes throughout the year. In one year, the Earth makes one revolution around the Sun. This causes seasonal variations, as well as the average hours of daylight. Only 2 days a year does it rise directly in the east, the 20th

So the common perception of your peers or neighbors or real estate agents that your new home is an east-facing home may actually be an illusion.

So what is the most reliable way to determine this? You can simply use a compass, which will accurately indicate true north. You can easily get it too

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