How To Record Your Screen Audio Mac

How To Record Your Screen Audio Mac – In today’s digital age, the ability to record screens has become an essential skill. Whether you’re a content creator, a professional webinar presenter, or just someone who wants to capture a moment on your screen for posterity, knowing how to record your screen on Mac with audio is invaluable. But how do you do this? And most importantly, how can you ensure you capture crisp, clear audio alongside your video? In this guide, we’ll dive deeper into the process, tools, and best practices.

While QuickTime is great for basic recordings, if you need more advanced features, several third-party apps can meet your needs:

How To Record Your Screen Audio Mac

How To Record Your Screen Audio Mac

Capturing clean audio is just as crucial as getting sharp video. Here are some tips to ensure your audio is top notch:

Free Screen Recorders For Mac With Audio In 2023

Screen recording on a Mac with audio is simple and straightforward, especially with the tools and best practices available today. Whether you’re using the built-in QuickTime Player or opting for a third-party solution, ensuring clear audio will improve the quality of your content and give it a more professional feel. So the next time you need to capture something on your screen, you’ll be well prepared!

A: By default, QuickTime Player does not capture system audio. However, third-party apps like Soundflower can route system audio, allowing QuickTime to capture it.

A: Yes, recording your screen is cool. However, make sure you have the rights to record content if it is copyrighted. Always respect privacy laws, especially when recording video calls or meetings.

A: This can happen for a variety of reasons, including software errors or system resource overload. Consider closing unnecessary apps while recording or using dedicated screen recording software.

Mac / Chromebooks / Linux Screen Recording

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How To Record Your Screen Audio Mac

When you use screen recording tools like Screenshot, QuickTime Player, or a third-party screen recorder for Mac, one of the most common problems is that the screen recording has no sound. It’s annoying when you can’t record your voice or capture audio from a video playing on your Mac.

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Fortunately, you can fix the “QuickTime screen recording no audio” issue with the solutions in this post and learn how to record screen on Mac with sound. Let’s start by answering your question: Why does my Mac screen recording have no sound?”

When you make a QuickTime screen recording, your microphone plays the most important role in recording audio. Naturally, the main reason why Mac screen recording doesn’t make sound is the microphone’s inability to pick up audio. Let’s assume your Mac’s microphone is working fine. You may not be able to record your screen with audio when one of the following situations occurs:

Regardless of the reason in your case, you can follow the guide below to resolve the “QuickTime screen recording no audio” issue on Mac.

To record audio on Mac along with the screen, you need to make sure the app has permission to use your Mac’s microphone.

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Then start a new screen recording in QuickTime to test if the audio works. If the “MacBook screen doesn’t record sound” issue still persists, move on to the next solution.

If you are experiencing the “QuickTime screen is not recording sound” error, it is likely that the built-in microphone is not selected as the audio input device. You must manually select a microphone to record your voice or sound before starting screen recording on Mac.

First, you need to create a new screen recording with QuickTime. You can do this by opening the Applications folder, double-clicking QuickTime Player, right-clicking its icon in the Dock, and selecting New Screen Recording. But this is certainly not the best way to do it, especially if you need to access the screen recording regularly.

How To Record Your Screen Audio Mac

That’s why we recommend using MagicMen to start a screen recording and other files you use frequently on your Mac. With this right-click enhancer, all you have to do to open a new recording is right-click On the desktop, hover over the screenshot and click Screen Recording.

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In addition to providing a shortcut to popular features such as screen recording or screenshot, MagicMenu also allows you to customize the items displayed in the context menu to suit your personal needs. If you install it, a simple right-click will let you quickly launch an application, file, disk, or link that you use all the time; copy or move files without opening folders; and create a new file in various formats like doc, docs, txt, pdf, etc.

Once you reach the QuickTime screen recording window, the next step is to select a suitable audio source.

Click Options and change from “None” to the built-in microphone like “MacBook Air Microphone” or an external microphone in the Microphone option. This way, you will be able to record your Mac screen with audio.

If this didn’t fix the QuickTime Player sound issue on Mac, the next thing you need to do is check your microphone settings.

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If a suitable microphone is selected as the audio source but your screen recording on Mac still has no sound, you should check your sound input settings and make sure your microphone is set to receive sound during screen recording .

The input volume decides how sensitive your Mac is. If it’s set to a low volume, your Mac won’t be able to pick up much of the sound. You can set it to a higher level to make your Mac more sensitive to sound.

Input level shows in real time the volume of sounds your Mac picks up. Speaking of a normal volume as you slide the volume left and right, you can see the input level rise and fall, indicating the sensitivity of your Mac. If there is no change in the input level, it is very possible that the microphone is broken. You should go to your local lab and get your microphone fixed.

How To Record Your Screen Audio Mac

If you’re using a headset to record your Mac screen with audio from a video you’re playing, it won’t work. You must change the sound output device to a built-in or external speaker that broadcasts sound publicly so that your microphone can capture the sound.

How To Screen Record On Mac With Audio 2023

Setting the sound input to your Mac’s microphone and sound output to the built-in speaker will be sufficient. It is also advisable to increase the speaker volume to ensure that the microphone can record audio easily.

If you’re using macOS Mojave, you’ll see the “Use ambient noise reduction” option below the input level. This feature is designed to filter out noise and focus on vocals. However, sometimes it may mistake voice for noise, blocking the voice, causing screen recording on Mac to have no sound. You can disable this option and check if the sound is recorded along with the screen.

Mac NVRAM stores temporary settings for your Mac. Your Mac may have saved a setting that prevents the microphone from working properly. If all the above methods fail to resolve the “Mac screen won’t record sound” issue, resetting the NVRAM may help.

Resetting RAM may remove temporary settings. You can try recording screen on Mac with audio again.

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Note: If you followed the instructions mentioned above, you should have resolved the “MacBook screen does not record sound” issue when recording with audio. If you want to record your Mac screen with internal audio, keep reading the next part where we explain it in detail.

QuickTime Player can’t open videos? This post details the possible causes and provides proven solutions to fix QuickTime Player can’t open videos.

There are two ways to perform a QuickTime screen recording with internal audio. You can allow your microphone to be a sound source to pick up sound from the speaker or install a third-party virtual audio driver. Technically speaking, the former does not record the internal audio, but rather the sound generated by the speaker, which often results in poor sound quality with noise in the nearby environment.

How To Record Your Screen Audio Mac

Most people seek to capture the best possible sound source and consequently choose to install a virtual audio driver. You can choose a third-party payment

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