Latest Colour Design For Home

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The Design Cafe creates beautiful interior designs that show strength and hope with Pantone’s color of the year 2021. Find out now!

Latest Colour Design For Home

Latest Colour Design For Home

On December 9, 2020, the color company Pantone chose the latest bright yellow duo as the color of 2021. As in 2021, Pantone colors come with symbols that represent strength and hope. This year’s Pantone color is unique because the company chose two colors instead of one. This gives us two amazing options of Pantone shades to liven up our interior! That means double the fun!

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The colors, gray and yellow, convey a message of hope and encouragement to all, which is a requirement this year after the pandemic. So, following in Pantone’s inspiring footsteps of bringing hope and positivity into our homes, we bring you amazing ideas to fill your space with the same energy and optimism that these those colors! From the lively living room to the dark but charming bedroom, the design experts have put together a complete interior design and decoration idea that showcases the harmony of gray and bright yellow.

So, take note and start planning your Pantone interior with the hopeful promise of bringing hope, health and happiness to your family.

Inspired by the Pantone color for 2021, this dining room is designed with a balance of yellow and matte. The interior of the room exudes a pleasant atmosphere that is sure to brighten up your morning. To complement the play of Pantone colors, we designed this room with contemporary furniture that fits well with the modern lifestyle. A round wooden dining table for four with yellow high quality plastic chairs with wooden legs is included in the design. The dining room exudes a spacious and lively atmosphere that illuminates the entire room. Next to the dining area, there is a modular white laminate cabinet with a combination of handleless drawers and a stained glass front cabinet that balances the yellow color of the room. We also added yellow, white and gold colored wallpaper to highlight the Pantone colors in the room. To further highlight the Pantone color of the year, abstract wall art in yellow and gray was added along with long satin curtains in bold colors. In this dining room, we used yellow as the accent color with gray included as a small design element.

Well, if you fall into this category, here is a simple Pantone color of the year for balcony design 2021 for you! Bring bright yellow to the chairs and add gray to the walls. Yellow furniture can increase the excitement of your sunny balcony if you use green color on the walls and seat cushions. You can also add a wooden or marble table with gray elements on it. Use green planters to decorate the porch. This will also help you to make the balcony a special corner of fresh air and nature.

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While we used yellow as the main color in the previous build, this one is gray. The bedroom is known as the soul of the interior. These are the rooms where we spend most of our time at home. So, for the Pantone bedroom color of 2021, we bring you a cozy gray bedroom. It has a matte matte finish that creates peace to help you relax. The gray is accented by an interesting accent wall with a floral/leaf pattern in bold colors. The monotone gray in the room adds to the appeal. The interior follows the ideal of “minimalism moderne”, where we used a low wooden bed in gray color with a yellow colored headboard to complete the look. The yellow blends into the gray as a surprising element in the wardrobe, as well as on the wall storage shelf next to the bed. Gray is everywhere in the room with gray curtains and carpet to match the floor. To change the monochromatic white color, you can use warm lamps for the ceiling and pendant lights. This bedroom color choice is rare and interesting because gray is very understated for the bedroom. So if you’re game, you can make a bold design statement with this soothing and flattering brown bedroom interior design that reflects Pantone’s trusted ultimate gray!

If a little gray and yellow bedroom isn’t your thing, here’s another bedroom that showcases Pantone’s colors in art! This is a zen cum white bedroom design that combines Pantone’s latest gray and bright yellow in an interesting way. While white dominates most of the interior rooms, we used gray as a contrasting color that brings a little light to the interior. We used gray on the wall hangings as well as the drapery. To give it a gray look, we used a gray accent wall with yellow, white and gray abstract art curtains to highlight Pantone’s colors. The accent wall is paired with functional units attached with storage cabinets that add clean design lines to this bedroom setup. There is a standing mirror with a gray background that adds to the decor of the rest of the room. We kept the bedroom with an optimistic interpretation of the monochromatic white and white look with yellow curtains that breathe life into the spirit of this bedroom. Overall, this is an elegant minimalist bedroom that you can rely on if you are looking for a bedroom that is refreshing and unique.

Why limit the color of hope and power only to the living room and the bedroom? Let’s clean the bathroom too! So, here is a classic yellow and gray bathroom design that is sure to steal your heart. Designing a bathroom like this can help you get a functional and easy-to-maintain system. Pantone colors for bathroom design 2021 echo the sense of minimalism and elegance in the interior that will delight you. We used a yellow patterned accent wall to add excitement to the space. However, we kept the rest in white and gray to be nice and clear, an important element of the bathroom interior. For this bathroom, we used a modular sink with a gray marble sink. The equipment will keep the place uncluttered and tidy. The bathroom also has an open shelf to keep towels and toiletries organized. The walls in the room are covered with white bricks and the marble floor is also white. Pantone’s ultimate gray is used on the lower part of the white wall to create a two-tone look in the bathroom.

Latest Colour Design For Home

Here we bring you a complete interior design based on the Pantone color of the year 2021. Color has the ability to create an instant connection to a place. They can influence and encourage the positive side of you and can help you have a home full of positive energy. Therefore, choosing the right color for your home is very important. With these Pantone colors, you can tap into the basic positive connotations that these two colors represent. Go ahead and create a home of your strength and hope with interior design ideas from Design Cafe’s Pantone. To explore other color options for your home, contact us today!

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Latest Colour Design For Home

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