Photo Editing Programs For Beginners

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Photo editing is very important for those who want to create attractive and professional images. With over 10 years of experience in this field, I’ve created a guide with practical tips on basic photo editing for beginners that you can use when editing images.

Photo Editing Programs For Beginners

Photo Editing Programs For Beginners

In my opinion, Adobe Photoshop is the best option to show how all these tips work, because this editor offers a complete set of tools to perform various manipulations. It includes layers, filters, blending modes and more. Photoshop is compatible with Windows and Mac, which means that it is suitable for almost any user.

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There’s no doubt that JPEG is great for quick shots, but serious editing is only possible when using RAW files. The RAW format allows you to adjust exposure, WB, color and more. As for JPEG files, they are not meant for heavy editing. But if you decide to apply some serious changes to such files, you’ll have to deal with various unwanted artifacts like banding.

For beginners, the angle tool provided by many photo editing software allows you to adjust the horizon, which can be a bit confusing. The outer lines or edges of the image allow you to adjust the image. However, remember that the image does not have to be perfectly horizontal because it depends on the perspective. In such cases, you should be guided by your own opinion.

The crop tool is a great tool to remove unwanted objects from the edges of an image or to adjust objects to create a suitable composition. Sometimes, just cropping a small part of the photo can change the image beyond recognition.

You should also consider the placement of the subject. If the provided tools for adjusting image dimensions are too confusing for you, check out the Aspect Ratio utility.

The Best Free Video Editing Software For Beginners

Select the Crop tool in Photoshop’s Tools panel. Drag any edge or corner of the image to change and resize the crop border. Check the list of options and select the check mark or press Enter (Windows) or Return (macOS) to complete the trimming operation.

Some photos may have imperfections such as blemishes or red eyes that spoil the overall look, distracting the viewer from the subject. It is important to delete such elements to refine the image.

Depending on the photo editing software for PC, there are different tools to perform this task, such as a repair brush or object eraser. You remove the damaged part of the image by filling in the same or surrounding area.

Photo Editing Programs For Beginners

Upload an image to Photoshop. Select an object with the Object Selection Tool. Add your choice. Now you need a content-wise fill to remove the objects from the image. Confirm the action with the OK button.

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If the image is too bright or too dark, increase or decrease the brightness of the entire photo. Or adjust the bright areas of the image. By changing the exposure, you can easily brighten the photo or keep underexposed areas.

Histogram is another useful option. It shows how the tones in your image are distributed. Peaks toward the center of the histogram represent midtones, peaks toward the left represent shadows, and peaks to the right represent highlights.

View the image, examine the histogram, and then drag the exposure slider to find the desired effect.

To add an exposure adjustment layer to Photoshop, click the New Fill or Adjustment Layer icon. Select Exposure. Drag the exposure slider sideways to adjust the exposure.

Use These Easy Photo Editing Programs For Beginners

The white balance (or temperature) setting can adjust the color temperature of the image. Adjust it according to your taste or what your photo needs to represent. A warm color temperature makes the atmosphere of the overall image more attractive, while a cooler color temperature makes the subject more distant.

Most image editors allow users to choose a drop in white balance. For example, you won’t have trouble adjusting the white balance in Photoshop. To do this, click on the part of the image that should be neutral gray or white. It is also possible to correct the color to lighten the green or magenta tones in the photo.

One of the most important photo editing tips for beginners is to continue color editing and WB corrections after exposure, which can change the colors of your image. To lighten the colors of your image, these options are needed:

Photo Editing Programs For Beginners

Saturation: By adjusting this setting, you can change the colors of the photo evenly. High saturation will intensify the colors in your image, while low saturation will make them brighter.

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Dynamic: This setting changes colors without saturation. With it, changing the color effect in a more directional and subtle way is a familiar process.

Adjusting individual color channels: Many photo editing tools allow for individual color adjustments. Use the red channel to adjust the red color, making it stronger or weaker.

Open the adjustment panel and click on the icon to make the necessary correction. Choose levels or curves to adjust tones and colors. To adjust the color, select Color Balance or Hue/Saturation. Select Black & White to convert a color image to B&W.

The difference between dark and light is that the image is described by contrast. If the image is intensely dark and bright, the contrast is high, while soft darks and soft lights result in low contrast. Usually the RAW files are not that contrasty, but adjust the situation with the contrast slider and drag it until you get the desired result.

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Note that by lowering the contrast slider, you get a smoother, softer look. This works well for images taken in foggy weather, as the low contrast helps create the right mood.

Brightness/contrast. Move the Brightness slider to adjust the overall brightness of the image. Drag the contrast slider to make the image more contrasty. Confirm your selection using the OK button. Any adjustments will only affect the selected layer.

By adding photo saturation, you can improve the overall look of your image. Some photo editors allow users to adjust vibrance, which is similar to saturation. However, by adjusting this setting, you can only make subtle changes.

Photo Editing Programs For Beginners

Sometimes, editors need to make images less clear or saturated. For example, you need to reduce the brightness of the color to create an emotional image. Even a small drop in saturation allows you to get a sophisticated cinematic effect.

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RAW photos often suffer from blurring. Use photo editing software to solve this problem. Often, even subtle changes can make your photos look more realistic.

One of the most practical photo editing tips for beginners is to use the Masking slider to erase parts of the image that you don’t want to be out of focus, such as the subject’s face.

Note that noise reduction does not apply to every image. At 100% magnification, if you notice small spots, try reducing the brightness and color tone. Don’t go to extremes as overexposure can reduce sharpness and detract from the overall look of the photo.

Turn down the volume. To reduce image noise as accurately as possible, select Advanced mode and process each color channel.

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Adjust the sharpness. Select the Preview check box. To increase the quality of your image, configure any of the following features and confirm the OK button.

It allows you to take your post-production to a whole new level and isn’t limited to simple color corrections or brightness adjustments.

Photoshop allows editors to import their own brushes or create their own to retouch images like a pro. Using them, it’s as easy as adding snow to a photo taken on a cloudy or sunny day to create a completely new composition (don’t forget to blur the colors first).

Photo Editing Programs For Beginners

Open the Brush Settings and Brush Settings panel. Choose the appropriate brush tip shape to match the look you are creating. Once you are satisfied with the new brush, you can use it. Don’t forget to save it for your future work. Select New Brush Preset from the hamburger menu to save your tool.

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Of course, as with photo editing for beginners in Photoshop or any other editor, it takes time to learn more complex editing techniques and tools. However, sometimes it makes more sense and is more cost-effective to leave photo recovery work to professionals who are confident that they will deliver the best results.

Specialists are professional photo editors offering high-quality touch-ups for just $1.50 per photo. You’ll get professionally color-edited images and flawlessly retouched skins. These guys will make your photos eye-catching in no time.

Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is a very popular software. Perfect for anyone who wants to enhance photos, beautify them with effects or change their size or crop. The batch processing mode is the real highlight of this editor. This is a time-saving feature

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