Use Of Waste Material In Home Decoration

Use Of Waste Material In Home Decoration – Making the best of waste means making something useful and innovative out of things that would otherwise be thrown away. There are hundreds of ways to make the most of household waste by making creative and decorative decorative items instead of throwing it away. Our common household items include old newspapers, used bottles, empty cans, cardboard boxes, coconut shells and plastic bottles. All these items can easily be found in every home and are often thrown away as random trash. With a little time and creativity, they can give you great junk ideas to improve your home.

Recycling a particular item or making something new out of old items are two ways you can make the best out of waste. With the help of your family members, friends and loved ones, you can create something unique with DIY ideas from waste. This article will cover how you can make the most of waste ideas from simple items around the house and what things you can try.

Use Of Waste Material In Home Decoration

Use Of Waste Material In Home Decoration

So, if you are looking for some of the best homemade junk food recipes, we have compiled a list of 20 for you. Choose the one that suits your interest and get started.

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Glass bottles are items that are found in most every home. Empty wine bottles, used milk bottles, ketchup bottles or old glass water bottles are often thrown away without a thought. Instead, they can be made into some of the best inexpensive home decor items. They can be used as table lights, flower vases, decorated with fairy lights or as candle holders. If you have beautiful and unique glass bottles lying around your house, decoupage is a great way to use them up. The process involves decorating a unique bottle with paper cutouts and layering it with glue or varnish to add a glossy and colorful texture.

To make bookmarks from scratch, all you need is anything that isn’t too thin and flimsy, such as old cardboard cutouts, wedding cards, chart paper, magazines, cardboard or envelopes readily available at home. Children can be encouraged to make attractive bookmarks and make the most of the waste to keep them busy. Bookmarks can be cut into any shape and then painted with bright colors. You can also show your child how to write inspirational quotes on bookmarks. Let the paint dry and finish by adding a thin ribbon on top.

Some glass jars come from old coffee pots, jam, pickle or perfume bottles. All of these can be reused to make the best out of waste in some imaginative way. To ease the oomph factor, you can place fancy battery operated lights of different colors inside these bottles to instantly brighten up the room. Spray painting, stencil drawing and fabric painting can also showcase your creative talents. Beads, ribbons, seashells and glitter can be used to decorate the outside of the jar. You can also use them as tea candle holders and add aesthetic charm to your home.

This is another great garbage disposal idea that will surely catch your fancy. Newspapers are something that is constantly accumulated in every family. Items made from recycled newspapers are environmentally friendly and can add an aesthetic touch to your environment. Newspaper coasters for tea or coffee can be easily made with just two things – old newspapers and glue. You can make it in different shapes and sizes, triangular, square or round. You can paint the whole thing and let it dry completely to make it look more exotic. Finish the whole process by sealing the dried paint with a transparent nail and making it semi-waterproof.

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Old clothes are one of the easiest things to find in the house, often found in trash cans and garbage cans because they get too tight. Old clothes made of plastic, metal, steel or glass can easily be used and turned into some of the best junk home decor items. For example, wear these bracelets and turn them into pencil holders for your kids. To make the base, first cut the cardboard into the shape of a bracelet and glue it. Take 8-10 bracelets of same size and glue them on top of each other with suitable glue. Let it dry and your DIY home decor item is ready to use. You can also use wrapping paper and wrap it around to make it look more beautiful.

Plastic bottles are another household product that can be used to make the most versatile and classy home decor products. We all know that plastic threatens the entire ecosystem as it cannot be easily recycled. By reusing plastic bottles left at home, you protect the environment and create some items at home that can be used efficiently. For example, making pen holders out of plastic bottles is a better waste idea. Cut a plastic bottle in half and use the bottom end of the bottle. Decorate as desired – paint, add beads, glitter, colorful paper, ribbons or other scraps. It can be used to hold your items steady or hold a comb.

Table cloths, table mats and tablecloths can easily be made at home with your mother’s or grandmother’s old sarees. These sarees have beautiful brocade or embroidery designs that are too subtle to throw down. Use them to make something new and hang on to them for a while. Cut the old saree to your desired length and you are done. You can also add extra zari around the border or glam it up by adding other material to the main part of the saree. If you are fond of minimal and elegant designs, wear plain old sarees in block colors and decorate as you wish. Make sure to stitch the sides of the saree after cutting so that the thread does not come out.

Use Of Waste Material In Home Decoration

Scented candles are being manufactured and sold in the market since last few years as the demand for them has increased. Scented candles are not cheap, they have chemical fragrances added to them. Make your own scented candles at home with pure essential oils and other ingredients. Use the best of old waste products like tea cups to become holders. Dilute your wax with your favorite scent that relaxes you – lemon, mint, lemon or lavender. You can also use essential oils for flavor. Carefully melt and pour into a cup, centering the vat. Let it stand and use it to decorate the corners of your home. You can make a lot of them and give them as gifts to your friends and family.

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Candle trays can easily be made at home from mirrors and old scraps. Older mirrors develop stains and spots from wear and tear over time. Instead of throwing them away, use these mirrors to create charming and unique candle trays. Smooth the edges and decorate with a pine cone or wooden border. Instead of buying a tray, you now have your own unique candle tray, so people will be asking where you bought it.

Old and faded jeans are often tossed or thrown away without realizing that they are incredibly versatile. They can be used to DIY the best waste products at home. Use a jeans pocket to stuff your belongings and sew two handles to make a small pouch bag. If you need more pockets, sew them from extra denim fabric with the help of a tailor. Use these cabinet organizers in your kitchen or workplace.

Bottles of juice, cold drinks or other things are always lying around the house. Instead of willingly throwing them away, create a piggy bank or teach your kids how to do it. To make the bottle look like a pig, paint it green and the hat pink, while adding a snout and tail with torn buttons, small threads or other objects lying around the house. You can also teach your kids to paint and keep them busy with such fun activities.

Using plastic bottles as a vertical garden idea is a concept that has become one of the most popular ideas. Plants can easily be grown inside plastic bottles at home. Cut plastic bottles in half and paint them as desired to make them look creative. By using plastic bottles of different shapes and sizes, you can make a small planter placed outside your balcony or kitchen. Make some drainage holes in the bottom and add soil and plant these little plants. Water regularly and watch life bloom before your eyes.

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A wide mouth jar made in green terrarium that looks soothing and relaxing. To make a terrarium, place rocks and pebbles inside a wide-mouthed jar, then charcoal, then plants on top. You can use plants like

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