Volt Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Volt Low Voltage Landscape Lighting – Low voltage (12 V) is the most common option for residential exterior lighting. It enhances the beauty, safety and security of any home and allows you to enjoy outdoor living after the sun goes down. Low-voltage lighting is a great DIY project because it’s easy to install, there’s very little risk of electrocution, and the wiring can be buried directly in shallow trenches. In addition, energy-efficient LEDs can reduce the cost of running a landscape lighting system by up to 85 percent.

VOLT® designs, manufactures and markets the industry’s best 12V lighting products at factory-low prices. Our brass and copper fittings, low voltage transformers and LED lights are backed by a lifetime warranty and all orders are delivered by 5pm. ET (Monday-Friday) with same-day shipping available from our four warehouses. If you need help selecting or installing our products, our VOLT® certified lighting experts are available 7 days a week; Call us at (813) 978-3700.

Volt Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Volt Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

These specially priced kits are an easy way to add a low voltage landscape lighting system to your home

Brass Led Landscape Spotlights

Step Light – A recessed light designed to illuminate areas near ramps, walkways, walls or around outdoor kitchens

Your home, yard, garden, patio, deck, etc. Shop all low voltage outdoor lighting

12 V is the most common choice for residential exterior lighting. Called “low voltage”, this is done by converting the standard 120V current to 12V using a transformer. The main advantages of low voltage:

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or a lighting professional, we recommend choosing low voltage for residential use. Buy 120V outdoor lighting for commercial, security, urban use, and sometimes around large homes.

Kl103 Cast Aluminum Spot Light

The first major component of an outdoor lighting system is the fixture. It not only helps to position the light source, but also to direct it to the area you want to illuminate. The next major component of a 12 volt lighting system is the low voltage transformer. It is a 120 volt power supply that converts line voltage to 12 volt AC. Other system components include wires and wire connectors. It supplies electricity to devices in the yard from a transformer. These and all other necessary installation components, such as LED lights, ground and pipes, are included in our landscape lighting kits. It’s the easiest and most cost-effective way to add a professional lighting system to your home. Everything you need comes in one box, and you’ll save money with the bundled price.

Integrated devices have a built-in LED panel, so there is no lamp to install. The disadvantage of a combined unit is that if one fails, the entire fixture must be replaced. The lamp-ready fixture accepts the lamp, allowing for greater customization in terms of brightness (lumens), color temperature, and beam distribution. Also, when the ready-to-light light goes out, the bulb usually needs to be replaced.

VOLT® products are weather and water resistant. Our professional quality solid brass, copper fixtures, low voltage transformers, LED lights and accessories are manufactured to the highest standards of construction and performance using the latest components. They are field-tested for durability and ease of installation, and meet electrical safety and electromagnetic emission test standards. And we give them a lifetime warranty.

Volt Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is very cost-effective, especially when using the latest LED technology, such as VOLT® products. LED lamps require much less energy to produce the same level of illumination as halogen lamps; LED bulbs use at least 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 25 times longer. When you buy a system, you’ll find VOLT® prices are very low because we buy direct from the factory. We also offer military discounts to active-duty military, active and inactive reserve, National Guard, veterans, retirees, and their spouses and dependents.

Landscape Lighting & Landscape Lights

Low voltage lighting is a safe and easy to install DIY project for most homeowners. With videos and articles in our Learning Center, as well as 7 days a week live phone support, we help make installation easy. Above all, it is very important to start your project by creating a plan for the installation of outdoor lighting, so that you do not make any mistakes. It’s easy, but just draw a schematic of the property, locate the transformer, locate the fixture, and determine the wiring.

Fences, gardens, patios, decks, docks, flower beds, paths, driveways, outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, ponds, tree canopies, flagpoles, retaining walls, etc. You can use landscape lighting to improve your beauty, safety and security. ! By installing low-voltage lighting, you can continue to use your outdoor living space when the sun goes down.

It depends on your application, personal preference, terrain, and beam distribution of the fixture. For example, if you are installing a light that is 12 feet in diameter and requires continuous lighting along a walkway, the fixtures can be spaced 12 feet apart. But for freestanding light pools, fixtures can be spaced 16 feet apart. Before installing the equipment, it is useful to walk around the area, mark with a small flag or pencil the place where you want to install the fixture, and then measure the distance between the fixtures, as well as the distance from the fixture to the transformer.

When it comes to LED lighting, “How many lumens do you need for outdoor lighting?” It is important to understand the difference between lumens and watts. Watts measure power consumption, and for older halogen bulbs, it gives a rough idea of ​​light output. But modern LEDs are very efficient and require far less wattage to produce the same amount of light as halogens. So the metric you want to focus on is lumens, which measure visible light energy. How much light output you need depends on your application. For example, you may want to see a low light output from a security light trying to create a natural moonlight effect. But remember that not all lumens produced by a bulb come from the fixture – so when comparing fixtures, you’ll want to know “fixture output” or “fixture lumens”.

What Size Landscape Lighting Transformer To Use To Power Your Design?

VOLT® designs, manufactures and markets superior outdoor lighting products with in-house engineers and lighting experts utilizing the latest LED and control technologies; That’s why we have an average customer rating of 4.9 stars from over 13,000 reviews. Our units have high quality internal components and are made of solid brass or copper. No paint or powder coating to wear, peel or rust – just solid brass or copper that will polish beautifully as it ages. Competitors’ aluminum units may be cheaper up front, but they rust and need to be replaced after a few years. VOLT® products are designed for professional quality, beauty and durability for a lifetime.

Our lighting experts are available from 8am to 8pm. ET Monday-Friday, 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. ET Saturday-Sunday; Call us at (813) 978-3700 Welcome to my site. I document my travels, style and food adventures. Hope you have a great weekend!

A dark field is a sad place of missed opportunities. Don’t forget to add lighting to your favorite outdoor areas, such as flower beds, pathways, pools, open spaces, and even garden fountains. If you’re ready to light up your outdoor space and light up your walkway after the sun goes down, DIY landscape lighting is in your future.

Volt Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Although you can install a standard 120V lighting system in your home, low voltage systems are recommended for DIY installations for safety and cost reasons. Here are the key components of a 12 volt landscape lighting system, along with additional tips and a few ideas on how to best light your home.

Path & Area Light For Low Voltage Landscape Lighting [brass]

NOTE: Call 811 before digging or planning to dig. This is a warning to companies that are going to dig to mark the nearby location of underground utility lines. The lines are sometimes buried several inches in the ground. A surveyor will come out and mark your property and excavation site within 2-3 business days.

Whether you decide to use low-voltage lighting fixtures or purchase components separately, you’ll need a plan of action. Ask yourself how you want to light your yard. You can use lighting to highlight your favorite plants and features, such as statues, trees, and flagpoles. You can focus on increasing safety by using lights to illuminate driveways, walkways, and stairs.

Also, don’t forget to take care of your lawn, including using chemicals in fertilizers that can corrode the abrasives. Also consider regular lawn care requirements. There is nothing more frustrating than removing soil reinforcement by raking and mowing weeds

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