Who are we


We are same day messengers with more than 20 years in the business and now and again fiddle with crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. Subsequent to finding out about crypto and the mining interaction, we had a thought, wouldn’t it be acceptable if we would mine coins while we continue ahead with our every day occupations and without putting resources into costly very good quality mining tech. Then, at that point it hit us, that we could mine by basically traveling, timing up the miles and mining all the while.

The Concept Blog www.ponysameday.com

We are raising assets to foster another sort of digital currency that is outfitted towards dispatches and drivers, albeit not restricted to just expert drivers, anybody can mine utilizing the application. It might take more time for somebody to mine who just does the school run double a day or just drives to work and back.

The application will permit clients to mine as they travel, the mileage driven or voyaged will change over into miles on the application and for each 1000 miles voyaged and logged, the client will be compensated with one coin.

Coins could then be exchanged or moved to different individuals and perhaps used to purchase items in the dispatch business.

How the thought developed

The thought developed from a past idea that we had however didn’t execute, we needed to a survey and criticism framework for our messengers and for each work finished we would add the miles to their experience rating alongside the input and audit.

The Budget

The spending plan for our venture will be aimed toward the beginning towards building the applications and site and afterward advertising the task, to tell the world about what we are going to dispatch and have dispatched. To accumulate interest on informal organization channels and standard publicizing on web search tools.

As we are building the applications and site without any preparation, there will be any obstacles to cross before we will actually want to dispatch.

Our Passion and our Hobby

Our thought is a marriage between our pastime and our work, this makes us enthusiastic about the thing we are attempting to accomplish. While attempting to assemble a fruitful application we will have some good times en route and our benefactors and clients will go along with us on the excursion.

Where the New Currency Will Live

We have joined and made a play of the words ‘messenger’ and ‘cash’ to make couriency. We will dispatch the item at www.couriency.com and the two iOS and Android stages with the applications.

Coordinations the executives is the establishment of any organization that needs to convey its item to its clients in the most proficient manner.


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