Hannah reveals to Tiffany that she feels remorseful for subverting Derek X.


Tiffany advises her that every one of the individuals from The Cookout should lose a dear companion sooner or later in this game. She likewise discloses to Hannah that Derek X. will comprehend.

8:24 PM EST: Tiffany converses with Derek F. about the Coin of Destiny. She realizes he has a ton of BB bucks so she urges him to play to win. On the off chance that somebody needs to win, she’d prefer it be somebody she’s working with so her assignments continue as before. Large D concurs however he actually doesn’t confide in Tiffany άγριες μέλισσες spoiler .

8:26 PM EST: Sarah Beth and Tiffany talk about the Coin of Destiny. SB causes it to seem like she will presumably have sufficient cash to play Coin of Destiny, however she presumably will not. She simply figures it could keep her off the square if Tiffany figures she could be the new HOH. Tiffany concedes to Sarah Beth that the ousting of Derek X. wasn’t useful for her own game.

8:31 PM EST: Who needs to see Tiffany’s HOH room?! We will see an image of her child, Christian.

8:32 PM EST: Tiffany got Beyonce music and Big D is flying off the handle with fervor.

8:32 PM EST: Tiffany peruses a sweet letter from her grandma, Mama Pat. She tells the houseguests that Mama Pat raised her.

8:34 PM EST: Sarah Beth endeavors to save herself by going to Tiffany and blaming everything on Alyssa. She suggests that Alyssa may be gunning for Tiffany and considers Alyssa a liar. “Alyssa is in the ICU at the present time.” – Tiffany.

8:40 PM EST: It’s the ideal opportunity for the selection function!

8:41 PM EST: Xavier is on the square as a third chosen one as a matter of course. Tiffany selects Kyland and Sarah Beth.

8:42 PM EST: Tiffany realizes that her designations aren’t settled forever due to the Coin of Destiny.

8:44 PM EST: Tiffany converses with Sarah Beth and reveals to her that her real objective is Kyland. Untruths! However, Tiffany doesn’t need Sarah Beth to battle for her life this week. She needs her to have a sense of security.

8:45 PM EST: The High Rollers’ Room is currently open!

8:52 PM EST: Azah needs more cash to play Coin of Destiny.

8:53 PM EST: Xavier was BB bankrupt this week, so he needs more cash to play Coin of Destiny.

8:53 PM EST: Alyssa needs more cash to play Coin of Destiny.

8:54 PM EST: Tiffany and Hannah need Claire to win Coin of Destiny this week. They need the entirety of The Cookout to be qualified to play HOH one week from now.


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