Making Safe Parks for Everyone

Parc Monceau Paris kids’ structure in a protected park
The main method for making safe parks is to guarantee a consistent and plentiful stockpile of guests, regardless of whether the space is thought of “dynamic,” which means set up for sports and such, or “inactive,” which is space for walking, picnics, sitting, and so forth. Having a lot of individuals around to see what happens assists with forestalling wrongdoing and unfortunate practices, everything being equal.

To make your local 안전공원 , you want “eyes in the city,” despite the fact that the road is green space for this situation. What’s more it needs to appear as though somebody wants to think about it, so get going tidying up your local park.

Erving Goffman, in his exemplary book, Behavior in Public Places, says that parks permit a “detachment” in conduct norms that isn’t adequate in more firmly organized public settings.

We don’t think he was saying we ought to endure everything without exception in a recreation center, but instead that we all people bear some obligation regarding getting control over crazy conduct inside a free space like a recreation center.

Parks get notorieties, actually like areas and individuals. At the point when the standing is awful, it’s hard to switch. So address tales, spray painting, and likely issues when they emerge.

“Possible issues” remember enormous gatherings of children going for packs, blast box issues, proof of any kind of weapons or medication arrangements, and frivolous defacing.

Assuming there is a real wrongdoing, be certain the area has exact data. Word will get around, so in the event that you’re a local chief, be proactive and tell a precise yet unsensational form immediately.

As parks are reconfigured or as new highlights and structures are added, consider cautiously regarding how ecological plan may assist with making a more secure park. Look at our page on CPTED (wrongdoing avoidance through ecological plan) for erring regarding this matter.

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