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When it comes to home extensions, small patios seem to be the most popular and the most profitable. When you think about it, you usually have a pretty good edge when it comes to making major design changes in two easy steps, and they can be fun on the inside. So an extension can make all the difference in terms of extra space and adding an element of wonder to the design.

Design House Extension Online

Design House Extension Online

In this post, we celebrate the humble little patio and show you 10 stellar examples of what you can do with yours to encourage home expansion on your property. Also, don’t forget to read the steps to renovating your home before starting such a task.

Lightweight Tiled Conservatory Roof Wiltshire And Berkshire

If you’re looking to do something sleek to make it look like your extension sits next to your luxury home, an income statement might be just the ticket.

This beautiful home received a small portion of the same brick tones to open up the interior to an open layout.

Overall, this is a timeless and smart idea to showcase the best design with modern design details.

With the old L shape just mentioned, you can probably go back a bit.

Front Doors Made To Measure ➤ Awarded Top Quality

This depends on the restrictions of your planning permission in terms of how far the back wall sits from the back boundary of the property, but working with an architect will answer your questions.

Even a few feet on the back side can make a big impact. We love how cleverly this terrace extension has been designed to fit the existing house!

When it comes to expanding Victorian furniture, you often find that all the other furniture in your line has done the same thing.

Design House Extension Online

It’s not for lack of creativity, but with strict planning permission restrictions there’s only so much you can do in terms of how big and large your extension can be. Sometimes it pays to leverage what you have instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

Tiled Roofs Braintree, Essex

This beautiful home really stands out with the dark window frames and sleek new patio that ties the backyard together.

Although you may have a small space with a patio extension, you can create a space that will bring many pleasant memories to your home. We love this community dining room.

It doesn’t take up any space, but you can do a lot to enjoy your time in it. Keep it bright with skylights and enhance the space with simple essentials and a chosen color scheme.

This type of structure is also conceptual because it uses a small, narrow extension that fits perfectly.

A’bear And Ball Architects Llp Wins Two Build It Awards

If you really want to do something unique with your small patio extension project, consider getting creative with your design.

Remember that working with this idea in your home doesn’t necessarily require a huge budget, just a good eye for the right brick or tile installation.

In terms of quality, you should only ask for more in the budget, but the finished extension looks very expensive and is a feature if you plan to sell it in the future.

Design House Extension Online

You have a lot on your plate and missing important steps can lead to a painful experience with the local planning officer or construction team, adding to the stress 😩

How Much Will A House Extension Cost In 2023?

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We have a solution to help you keep your expansion plans organized and on track every step of the way.

We’ll let you in on a secret… you don’t need a major expansion to give your home a major upgrade.

Adding a small, shiny side back to a traditional patio can balance beauty as well as add practical space, not to mention natural light.

Also, we all know how much the right lighting can add to a home, even if you can’t save space. This is a smart idea for a townhouse!

Seriously Impressive Dormer Bungalow Extensions

Who said you have to go with a flat roof when adding a rear extension to your tiny terraced house?

This extension is so much fun and adds so much more than just another room to the back of the property.

When you throw a covered roof and solid wood into the mix, you can turn the ordinary patio on its head and look absolutely stunning.

Design House Extension Online

Alternatively, if you already have a conservatory in the back of your patio, you can get away with simply replacing the roof of the conservatory to make it a permanent structure.

Designing A Roof Addition

While you may be limited to a small extension with your terraced house, it really pays to think more about the possibility of giving you more space.

This beautiful home took advantage of its expansion to open up the rear deck, from the kitchen to the living room and to focus on the expansion of the dining area that would have been it has no place.

With the help of skylights that bring in beautiful natural light, they have completely transformed the living space, and the result is a piece of design innovation.

A good exterior paint adds to the old building and ties everything together beautifully.

Concrete Slab Type House Extension Work In Forest Heights Seremban Concrete Slab Type House Extension Construction Building & Extension Malaysia Reference Renovation Design

This type of extension really opens up the rear of the building on the ground floor and the slope on the return side means that the structure is less imposing while letting in tons of light. Good idea!

Neil and Fi have created a 3-day email series to help renovators feel comfortable and confident before starting their latest expansion.

With a complete renovation, you can use a small patio extension to round out the entire backyard look of your home.

Design House Extension Online

With the right planning skills, like this stunning example, an extension can serve as a guide for renovating your patio and garden.

Home Design: A Step By Step Guide To Designing Your Dream Home

We love the new white version in this extension and how it refreshes the whole home, such a great idea. There is no doubt that bungalows were a popular choice for British homeowners in the latter half of the 19th century. There has been an increase in the construction of bungalows, fueled by the country’s desire for affordable housing.

This craze has stopped in recent years – did you know that 300 out of 100,000 new homes are built each year? So if you have one, chances are now is the time to love it and update it (maybe even an extension?).

Here are some bungalow extension ideas that will pique your interest in transforming your property from cute to fabulous!

Here at Design for Me, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners across the UK find the best architect or designer for their project.

Brick Houses That Form A Bridge Between Past And Present

✓ Find a pair in minutes and see who is interested. ✓ Get free offers. ✓ It’s free.

Surveyor and architect Ian Wilkins of IWA Surveying and Planning notes that the first thing to do when planning a bungalow extension is… “Look at the shape of the roof, the toilet is always a good idea. However, if it is a low-rise building, any extension should be compatible with the original design of the building.”

The style bungalow design is different from other bungalows because the cottage bungalow has a small second floor that the designer can convert into an additional living space. In addition, this space can be very useful for use as a storage space or even as a children’s room or a playroom. Check out this story from HomeBuilding and Renovation where Dean and Ann Furlong were able to renovate their 1930s bungalow in Worcestershire with a cottage design that almost doubles the living space they had and opened up a beautiful outdoor garden.

Design House Extension Online

If you want to expand your interior space while saving space outside for your precious garden, extending your bungalow to the top can be the best option. Also, if you live in a scenic area, growing higher will give you new ways to appreciate the amazing views and aura without leaving your home. Finally, many modern bungalow designs help ensure efficiency by greatly improving the energy efficiency of the interior. By using structural frames, Vivaldi Construction’s bungalow superstructure maximizes the amount of natural light your interior has, while its innovative bungalow roof system reduces heat loss and gain when the seasons!

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If you have a large enough plot and want to add more than one room, an outdoor extension can complement your bungalow well and free up space for new interior decoration. Ian and Lynne Hiscock transformed their Surrey bungalow by building a utility room extension as

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