Home Decor Ideas Color Schemes

Home Decor Ideas Color Schemes – Green, gray and blue are the most popular living room colors in 2023. A new analysis of search data shows we’re making bolder choices in our living spaces, including bright and saturated shades as well as unexpected colors.

With the ever-popular gray coming in second, it’s no surprise that three versatile blues appear on the list. Classic cream and white colors are less popular in 2023, in favor of more cheerful pinks and teals.

Home Decor Ideas Color Schemes

Home Decor Ideas Color Schemes

The ultimate in nature-inspired decor, green is the hottest living room color in 2023. “Some interior-savvy decorators are using plants, wood and terracotta to subtly blend green and natural tones into their interiors,” says Ben White, design and sales specialist at Swift Home. “Others opt for a more dramatic green look by pairing green walls with green velvet armchairs, sofas and accessories.”

Whole House Color Palette

“Grey is such a versatile color that it’s an ideal base to expand your palette,” says Kelly Collins, interior designer and creative head at Swift Home. “Cold-toned colors (blue and other grays) complement gray well, while warm-toned colors (terracotta or burgundy) contrast the shade and add warmth to the space.”

“The popularity of blue interiors is probably due to people wanting to bring more hints of the natural world into their homes,” says Ben. “Blue is a calming and peaceful color, perfect for deep thought and introspection. Since many of us often work from home, this makes it a great color scheme for focusing.”

Greenish blues provide a bit more warmth than medium or light blues, an effect that is more pronounced with burnt oranges or reds. If you’re looking to decorate with antiques, green is a great choice because it blends well with traditional woods like mahogany or walnut.

Despite being one of the boldest design decisions, black living rooms are more popular than classic white or cream in 2023. Decorating with black is a little more noticeable than other colors, and we always use a matte black color – leaning towards graphite gray or mixing it with a softer blue.

Living Room Color Schemes For A Cozy, Livable Space

Different shades of blue appeared on the list three times, with deep and inky blue being the most popular. “Remember that muted blues complement more colors and create a more calm mood. Go for deep, rich blues to create drama in your space. For a fresh and vibrant space, try bright blues,” says Kelly.

Stunning number seven pinks require a keen design eye to avoid a sickly sweet result. Chalk and deep berry shades work best on the walls – primary pink looks great – and add trendy touches like a tweed or textured wool sofa and a patterned rug.

It’s a bad color for parents and pet owners, but it’s hard to beat in a country room. White can look stark or too clean, so tone it down by introducing warming elements like plain and painted wood and plush white rugs.

Home Decor Ideas Color Schemes

Classic Cream came in ninth, perhaps signaling a move away from neutrals. Cream, of course, doesn’t have to be simple, but if you think it’s the basis for creating a more colorful palette – cream goes with almost everything, so there’s no need to be careful.

Best Bedroom Color Scheme Ideas And Designs For 2023

A warm neutral on our list, beige is a great choice if you want a cocoon color in your room that isn’t pale. Light pastels may not be a natural color combo here, but we love the edgy look of this scheme.

A unique color combination on our list, but a classic one. When designing a traditional or country home, take design tips from this Little Green example and choose warm whites and blacks.

The funniest pick in the Top 12 and deceptively versatile. Cooler versions of yellow with green can look fresh and citrusy, but natural materials like the wooden furniture, stone fireplace and wool rug shown here keep this room very basic.

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Designer Tips & Tricks For Your Home Interior Design

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30 Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts for 2023 7 Golden Rules for Cleaning Your Kitchen How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs 21 Best Plant Stands You Can Buy Right Now Chances are: Your living room is the busiest place in your home. If you prefer to sit on the couch or relax with your family on weekends, this is where people gather. With the emergence of open floor plans, it’s also becoming a space to challenge others in the home in choosing a color palette—from the kitchen to the dining room, from the hallway to the entryway. Ideally, the living room should stand out from the rest of the house with its own design and aesthetic. But the colors, textures and patterns used in this space must live in harmony with others, as you can see from one room to another. What’s an intrepid home decorator to do?

The short answer: stick to the tried-and-true color palettes that designers love. Whether completely neutral and restrained or painted with bright and bold colors that better define a space, these basic color palettes are loved by professionals for a reason. They rely on our personal favorite shades (think: blues, grays, warm red-browns) to create a calm and harmonious space where everyone can relax. And — as you’d expect from professional designers — they’re easy to work with (and around) the rest of the home. Pull a few select shades into the kitchen to tie things together, or grab a shade or two for the hall bath to reflect your established aesthetic. No matter how you use them, these color combinations guarantee a happy family.

Home Decor Ideas Color Schemes

Orange has a reputation as a difficult color to work with, but we strongly believe that this is unfounded. A few hints of burnt orange can best enhance this neutral living room space, giving it personality and pop. “Lots of natural materials and tones make this room feel airy and spacious,” explains designer Claudia Afscher. “The black steel windows and doors are a stark contrast to the bright interior, and the lush water garden outside is treated as a piece of art. To add color, we chose cushions and accessories in various shades of orange – warm. Contrasting with the neutral palette,” she says.

Dreamy Bedroom Color Schemes

Best of all, since most of the color in this space comes from the pillows and throws, it’s easy to change the vibe of the space as the seasons change or tastes and trends evolve.

Designed by Robin Strickler of Design Works, the neutral palette of this living room is modern and livable with lots of personality. “It’s fun in a neutral color palette,” she explains. “We used a mix of textures and colors to make it really pop and not look one-dimensional. Terra-cotta, natural leather, light woods, touches of brass – it’s a timeless look, but still current and on-trend.”

Some painted animal prints help complete the look with a playful touch, as well as natural leather and skin-on-hair ties.

The room should be comfortable and relaxing. So, versatile shades of blue are an obvious choice — but to make a scheme stand out, Caitlin Whelan of Whelan Design suggests layering different shades of the same color family.

House Beautiful Shows Us New Home Decor Color Schemes Of 2020

“We’re going back to a ‘blue mélange’ color scheme for the interior,” he explains. “It works in any environment, and its calming effect is one of the reasons why clients often want blue in their homes. We love combining the lightness of powder blue linen with a more earthy blue or dark turquoise, but in a dense fabric like mohair. Combining soft and intense values ​​means we can make the space How we activate and create complexity Plant life peppered in both the form of cactus-print pillows and actual greenery helps achieve a Zen vibe.

Some of our favorite spaces are designed around a focal point — and this stunning room certainly has that. Neutral finishes are beautifully accented with bold jeweled carpet and warm wood ceilings that mirror each other.

“Painted woods are making a big comeback in mainstream design,” explains Courtney Bishop. “We’ve always been fans and love to mix all types in one room – walnut with oak, maple and cherry.”

Home Decor Ideas Color Schemes

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