House Design Ideas South Africa

House Design Ideas South Africa – Looking for simple and affordable two bedroom house plans? or have you been looking for two bedroom flat roof designs? Good news! Your search ends here. If your goal is to invest in a simple 2 bedroom house plan in South Africa, here are the things to look out for: functionality, convenience, efficiency and optimal space management. Lucky for you, we have all that and more in this tiny 2 bedroom house plan.

Apart from the fact that this house is very easy to build, it is also easy to maintain. A simple 2 bedroom house costs much less to repair and maintain than an average 3 bedroom house.

House Design Ideas South Africa

House Design Ideas South Africa

No matter what you want to use it for, we’re sure you’ll find the house quite suitable. In fact, this simple two bedroom house plan with photos can serve as a rental unit, a small cottage for retirees, newlyweds or people who want to start an independent life. It can also be a lounge for your staff. you see So many possibilities.

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This affordable two bedroom house plan was designed for people with unique requirements at a low price.

Flat roofs are quite versatile and look great on a variety of structures. A great example is this minimalist 2 bedroom house plan designed by our team. The flat roof style is a very popular trend, especially in modern and modern buildings. However, what most people don’t know is that this style is actually ancient. It comes from the architectural style of the Egyptians, Persians and Arabs.

Flat roof house plans have many advantages, one of which is the sturdy and streamlined look they give to the structures. In this two bedroom house plan with pictures, the simple and unified interior and exterior design is unique. It gives the structure a balanced and well-grounded appearance.

A house plan with a flat roof focuses on the simplicity and linearity of the house design. The four rooms in this house plan are organized on a single level. The exterior walls are painted in a light green shade, allowing the house to blend in and connect with its surroundings.

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Doors and large windows are visible from the front of the house plan. In this regard, there are two windows and two doors, one door providing access to the house itself and the other to the one-car garage. There is also a large garage door through which a car can enter the garage.

You can already tell three things from the exterior of this simple flat roof house plan: first. the construction of this house will require simple and economical materials, secondly. the entrance is well thought out to make the most of the space, and thirdly; this is a unique tiny house design.

When you arrive at the entrance of the house, you will be greeted by three doors, each of which gives access to different rooms. This house plan in South Africa with photos consists of only 2 separate bedrooms, a bathroom and a garage. The doors to your right and left lead you to two bedrooms, while the door to your right in front of you leads to the bathroom.

House Design Ideas South Africa

At first glance, this house plan might not seem like something you can do much with. But when you think about it more closely, you realize that people can actually live comfortably in a house.

House Sed By Nico Van Der Meulen Architects

For example, a young couple, retiree or single can convert one of the two bedrooms into a living space while using the other bedroom for sleeping. Both rooms have windows so that light and air can flow into the house.

Meanwhile, even if you don’t plan to live in the house, this simple two-bedroom house plan can also be a good rental investment. After construction, you can rent the apartment to two people. Each person will have their own privacy as they have separate bedrooms. The only thing they would have to share is the bathroom and most people wouldn’t mind.

If you plan to live in this simple two-bedroom house, you should pay attention to the type of furniture you will place in the house. Consider choosing furniture sets that are functional and multipurpose. If possible, make them custom.

Folding furniture and chairs that can be folded will help to store and save space. Plus, with the right paint color, you can turn that tiny house design into a haven that doesn’t seem as small as usual.

Discover Stunning Interior Design Ideas In South Africa!

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Light colors usually open up small spaces and make them airy. So consider choosing a very light shade for your wall paint and furniture.

This flat roof house plan with photos may be small, but it offers enough space to keep the occupants comfortable. This two bedroom flat roof house plan is available to buy online today.

House Design Ideas South Africa

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Contemporary Farmhouse in Blair Atholl, Johannesburg by Nico van der Meulen: “The house in Blair Atholl is one of the recently completed projects by highly acclaimed architects Nico van der Meulen. This luxury contemporary farmhouse is located on a secluded golf estate between Pretoria and Johannesburg, South Africa. Designed by Werner van der Meulen of Nico van der Meulen Architects, this two-storey house has an area of ​​almost 750 m² and is surrounded by peace and silence. Without high boundary walls and electric fences, this is a design with a difference. With unobstructed countryside views, the vastness of this home is sure to capture your attention as you approach the home. The brief called for a modern, practical home that allows for outdoor living with an emphasis on entertaining. A design approach that follows form and function, this modern family home is spacious and unencumbered by unnecessary frills. The design concept is undoubtedly strong, which speaks for itself, and while Werner van der Meulen was constrained by property regulations that included the use of pitched roofs and specific natural materials, it was these parameters that led to the idea of ​​a modern farmhouse. The floating slate roof also played a large role in the development of the concept and reinforces the contemporary nature of the design. The orientation of the house to the north allows the house to be naturally lit all year round and offers wide views of the garden from almost every room. While overhangs protect from the sun in the summer, they ensure that the sun still penetrates the rooms during the winter months. The double volume of the hall is partially enclosed by glass and is bounded by two double garages on either side. The symmetry of the massive wooden garages emphasizes the transparency of the house, as the view of the garden captivates you even before you enter. Surrounded by natural wood, the garage door disappears into the wooden wall. As soon as you step inside, you realize how easily the open spaces flow into each other, with the living room, dining room, kitchen and terrace located in close proximity to each other. Frameless folding doors create an invisible threshold between indoor and outdoor spaces, when fully opened, the lanai becomes an extension of the kitchen and family/dining room and vice versa. The spacious veranda hosts a

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