Interior Design Ideas Village

Interior Design Ideas Village – This home interior design is designed for a family with three children. The private design studio of Ruslan and Maria Green decided to create an interior in a country style, which fully reflects a quiet life away from the busy city. However, this project was not created without an impressive Art Deco and attractive modern influence. Marble stairs, wall paintings, face mirrors, stucco – all these beautiful elements perfectly enriched the space.

The first floor of the country house has a veranda, a kitchen, a living room, a guest room and a utility room. The kitchen is separated from the guest room by a sliding glass partition, which creates the effect of the unity of these two functional areas. Ruslan and Maria Green studio designers used red and blue as accents on a light background in the interior of the kitchen and living room.

Interior Design Ideas Village

Interior Design Ideas Village

This decoration of the home office is associated with the decoration of a respectable English mansion, and it is pleasant to spend an evening by the fire with a good friend or a book. Elements of the colonial style (for example, carpets with a characteristic pattern) remind us of the history of the British Empire.

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Designing a nursery for twin boys embodies the idea of ​​being in the captain’s cabin. circular stained glass on the color panel, wall and steering wheel; Such decor perfectly conveys the atmosphere of a voyage. The other bedrooms in the house also have very interesting designs. It embodies many modern home interior design ideas 2015. In your home, the space directly under the roof is called the attic. Such a space can be transformed into a bedroom, home office and other additional space. You should decorate it with a beautiful interior.

A beautiful attic interior design idea of ​​Attic Renovation by Atelier Starzak Strebicki is the use of wood materials with the use of a white theme. This is a perfect combination for those who want to have a bright and natural design in the interior of the attic.

You can turn the attic into a bedroom or playroom for your children. A beautiful loft interior design idea on 15th St by Mork Ulnes Architects is to create a comfortable space for children to learn, play and relax.

If you like something different, you can try the beautiful loft interior design idea of ​​Apartment D by Ippolito Fleitz Group. Large green exposed beams on the ceiling highlight the interior, and are complemented by amazing lighting of various shapes and sizes.

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The beautiful attic design idea in 2L Attic by La Errería is perfect for those who want a simple space without too many accessories and stuff. In this penthouse, the use of simple and small furniture is enough to create a beautiful interior with a feeling of spaciousness.

Decorating the attic in white is one of the best ideas for a beautiful attic interior design. In the sister house of the DHaus company, the bright interior is due to white wooden floors, white walls and white ceilings. Adding a skylight is a great idea to let in natural sunlight. People love to go to country houses because they see it as an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a more peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. These homes have a close connection with nature, access to fresh air and greenery. If you want to enjoy a relaxing environment, you can get help from our well-prepared country house design ideas.

Every country house on our blog is perfectly suited to give you the rustic, peaceful lifestyle you crave.

Interior Design Ideas Village

The following village house design ideas will give you an insight into the traditional lifestyle. They provide a sense of community and social connection with opportunities to interact with residents and participate in village events and celebrations.

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Traditional Indian houses have a stylish look that complements the urban environment well. Even the four-room single-story design offers a distinctive vintage and modern look. In India you have simple roof lines with small windows placed along them. You can build a simple single-story or multi-story house in the village and send your family away for the weekend!

If your village has a lot of land, you can build a big house there. With your large living space, you will have a great opportunity to decorate the house according to your taste and modernize it to your liking.

Are you also impressed by Kerala style houses? Well, we are all guilty! The good news is that you can build a new Kerala style house in the village. Sloping tiled entryways connecting the two sides of the house create a sense of space. If there is still space, add an enclosed pond to the veranda for a more peaceful atmosphere.

Cottage style homes create a wonderful and cozy feeling. Although some people think that cottages are small, one thing that cannot be ignored is that they have an attractive personality.

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Cottage-style country house plans are mostly found in Europe and England, but the concept is so beautiful that you can build them in your own village. This design of a new house in the village will provide a beautiful environment, a garden and an open area for sports.

If you want to create a new country house that gives you a luxurious and modern atmosphere, the facade design of a glass country house is an iconic option. A green veranda outside will give the house a modern look.

Very inexpensive country house design – hut style. A distinctive feature of traditional Indian houses with pitched or sloping roofs is their attractive appearance. As the shape of the hut protects the occupants from snow and rainy weather, this type of village house design is often found in the mountains.

Interior Design Ideas Village

If you like organic materials, a simple mid-century home design will be very attractive. They have large windows that go well with synthetic and organic materials. Additionally, this home design is easy to clean and has a minimalist look.

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When designing a country house, priority is usually given to organic materials such as wood, stone and clay. They have features like pitched roofs, verandahs and open spaces that promote natural ventilation and cooling. If you’re looking for a refreshing way to disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle, a stay at a traditional village home could be the perfect place to unwind. Although our world does not stand still and high technology permeates every corner of our lives, fans of all things natural and sometimes rustic are growing day by day. People in apartments move to private ones, preferring products grown with their own hands, singing birds and rustling leaves, forgetting for a moment about the hustle and bustle of the modern city. Because there is definitely that part of us somewhere that needs peace at some point, that yearns to be one with nature.

If you are not ready to leave everything and move to the countryside, you can create a small piece in your apartment. Or if it is inside the country.

So how does the interior of a country house differ from what’s inside? Let’s reveal all the secrets of country life.

A country house is all about decorating with wood. Wall, ceiling and floor all decorations should be made of wooden materials, which not only looks great, but also environmentally friendly products. If the house is built with a good and beautiful log, the walls, often, do not even need finishing. After sanding it is simply covered with tint compounds.

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When choosing colors for home decoration, you should focus on natural colors, on what is found in nature. You can go out and observe nature in the garden, maybe you will find interesting solutions for your home. The blue color of the sky will suggest unusual solutions for accessories, the green leaves will surround you with warmth, the yellow color of the sun will please the eye, lift your mood and remind you of summer, and the brown color of the wood will give. The severity of the interior is made in pastel colors with the addition of white.

Furniture, like the whole house, should remind nature. First of all, it concerns the material it is made of. It is also a tree. You can dig into your grandmother’s closet and get old furniture from there, which is kept “just right”, sometimes restored and integrated into the interior.

But if such furniture is not preserved, the elements of the modern environment, given a light effect of antiquity, will look perfect. Wheelchairs can be added to the sofa, or you can

Interior Design Ideas Village

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