Beautiful Home Entries

Beautiful Home Entries – You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but first impressions count, so in many cases, we think it’s fair to judge a house by its entrance. The entryway should set the tone for what’s to come, so you want it to be decorated in a way that truly reflects the style and feel of your entire home (rather than overpowering the foyer or anything else. Not for!) . be some of the most fun places to decorate! Whether it’s a large house or a small apartment with a nook by the door, the entrance to your home is the first thing visitors see when they enter your home and the sight that welcomes you home every day . So do it right! From dramatic to super comfortable, here are 52 of our favorite entrances from the pages.

Robin Henry filled this 1910 farmhouse with lots of antiques, but made sure it wasn’t too traditional with a mix of unexpected colors, fresh accents, and bold patterns. The glossy honey-colored walls give a warm welcome.

Beautiful Home Entries

Beautiful Home Entries

This home, designed by Amsterdam-based studio Atelier ND, is all about having fun, which is evident from the moment you enter the foyer. A dusty lavender paint is used for the door and window frames, while a more peachy tone covers the ceiling, which pairs well with the lightly stained herringbone wood flooring. The wallpaper combines all shades of pink and purple.

Ideas For Creating An Inviting Entry

To bring in some color while keeping your entryway casual, place a few oil paintings on the floor under a narrow console table. We love the chic vibe of the houndstooth rug, antique table, and farmhouse pitcher in this space by Andrew Fleischer.

Customize an entryway workhorse that does it all in one piece! A floating bench and storage unit in this entryway by Kurek Jones demonstrate how useful it can be. With two drawers and a surface for a lamp and a small bench with a comfortable cushion for those essential eyesores, this two-in-one built-in has it all. Furthermore, there is still space for a mirror and many wall hooks.

Australian interior design team Arent & Pike are known for their keen eye for mixing modern finishes and accents with period elements and antiques. Even small spaces like this entryway are possible to master! A small floating marble shelf is supported by a bracket that mimics classic wainscoting, and a rich Art Deco rug brings lots of color and fun.

Designer Latham Gordon created a stunning gallery wall of black-and-white photographs in gold frames to grace the small entryway of her Georgia home. The gray paint cools all the glow of the flame.

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Hire an artist to capture a surreal portrait of your pet to hang in your entryway to greet you and your guests every time you walk through the front door. We love this foyer by Romanek Design Studio. The juxtaposition between the dog’s serious expression and the cozy floor tiles, pillows, sofa and sconces create a playful and irreverent air.

Even a corner can become a perfect entrance with the right accessories. Designer Sarah Solis couldn’t fit a large, round center table in this entryway, so she placed a shorter, taller option in one corner for a similar effect and then raised the floors with a colorful rug.

In this restored industrial loft in New York City, interior design and architecture firm Bunny Williams Ferguson & Shamian used the entryway as a way to set the scene: an impressive art collection, period elements with contemporary effects and light, airy colors A foyer is a great place to hang a favorite piece of art for maximum impact. This entry allows the client’s artwork and elegant bones to be the stars of the show.

Beautiful Home Entries

Lipstick pink may not be the most obvious choice for a foyer, but in this 19th-century Brooklyn townhouse it’s a showpiece. Designer Jonathan Berger, who used Benjamin Moore’s Razzle Dazzle, interpreted historical glamor with Louis XV chairs and tables and 18th-century Italian mirrors.

The Best Entryway Ideas Of 2023

Because Lauren Waters’ elevator opens into the entire open-plan space, she needed a foyer, living room, dining room, and home office to feel comfortable in her home. So she placed a full-length kitten-shaped corner mirror in the corner next to a vom bowling chair. It’s nice but also makes it easier to approve clothes and tie shoes. On the other side is an industrial coffee table with a small container for keys.

Designers love animal prints for stair runners—they’re great at hiding muddy footprints, spills, and other signs of daily wear and tear. Garo Kedigian used Stark’s classic pronghorn for the stairway of his home in Montreal as a tribute to the region’s fur trading history.

What better way to make a grand entrance than with a grand piano? In this entryway designed by Dallas decorator Jean Liu, the glossy black piano asserts an elegant, formal air, while the light wood flooring, modern glass accents and worn leather pieces add a down-to-earth welcome.

If you’re working with a small entryway, you can still make it look elegant. Case in point? This foyer was designed by Tamsin Johnson. All you need is a chic mirror, a stylish chair, an umbrella stand and some hooks. With the right pieces, yo Beautiful Noun Definition Entry Mat Traffic Guard Linguistics Quote Phrase Coir Fiber Welcome Mat For Front Door Rectangular Entry Door Rugs For Outdoor Apartment Entryway Decor 24×36 Inch

A coral skirted table is not only gorgeous, but also hides household clutter. “There’s a lot of stuff stored on a shelf underneath: baseball gloves and rain boots,” says designer Tom Shearer, who worked with Quadrill to create the mesh wallcovering.

Designed by Corey Jenkins, this little nook is another great example of a small but effective entryway. It maximized the limited space with a built-in bench and slim table for keys and other essentials. He then covered the wall with attractive blue wallpaper to break up the stark white space. It is the perfect complement to the chevron cushion and graphics.

Architect James Carter and designer Jane Hawkins opted for a low-ceilinged entryway with stairs leading up and down this newly built (but old-looking) country home. “When you walk in, it feels like a little cottage. We wanted to delay the drama,” Carter says.

Beautiful Home Entries

The inky hues and sharp angles of the lamps and graphic rug assert a modern edge to the foyer, which also gets a touch of old-school decadence with an ornate console table. It’s the no-shocks choice. Also, a pro tip: If you’re remodeling your entryway, consider framing the front doors with glass panels to flood the entire space with natural light. Funlucy Life Is Beautiful Welcome Sign Positive Quote Front Door Classic Decor For Wall Door Hanger Entry Way Porch Home Decor Decorative Rustic Wooden Sign Gift

Nobody does blue and white like Mark D. Sykes. He piled patterns in this Beverly Hills foyer, mixing China Seas wallpaper and fabrics with Fermoy chandelier shades and an Elizabeth Eakins striped rug.

That strange place under the stairs shouldn’t be so, well, strange. Romanek Design Studio enhanced the negative space with an elegant sofa and a series of small frames that work with the scale of the space but dialogue with the room’s other design concepts, such as the black and white stone tiles and the elaborate chandelier. An architectural stool and modern accents strike the perfect balance.

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Finishing This Beautiful Douglas Fir Entry Door.

70 Easy and Timeless Ideas for Decorating a Fireplace Boards and Slat Surrounds The History of Maine Cabin Design by Katie Sturino and Lobsters 15 Floating Shelf Ideas for Remodeling They say first impressions are the best, and sometimes they live by This also applies regarding home design. When friends, family and guests enter your home, it’s the entryway that first gives them a glimpse of what the rest of the house looks like. Sometimes it can be perfect and on other occasions it can be misleading. But one thing is absolutely certain: a great contribution will definitely amaze them and make the best first impression possible! Of course, not every home can have a grand entryway that is both spacious and elegant in its appearance. In big cities with small apartments it is definitely impossible. But for those who can dedicate the time, resources and space, the main entrance is a masterpiece not to be missed.

Elegance in entry rooms is a concept often associated with a Mediterranean or Victorian style entryway with much pomp and grandeur. It’s not easy to find many contemporary entry rooms that are dramatic, elegant and make a lasting impression. Most contemporary entry rooms are small, curated, and employ an unpretentious neutral color scheme. But today we delve into a more glamorous world by examining the best contemporary models with impressive presence.

In excellent contemporary entrance

Beautiful Home Entries

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