Beautiful Home Photos In India

Beautiful Home Photos In India – Traditionally, Hindus lived in a single family system. The many residents of the house and their interpersonal relationships required a well-defined space for various activities. There was a private area in the house and a public area around the courtyard. These beautiful houses in India had a very high sustainability index. They were designed according to the climate, anthropometry and Vastu Shashtra and used local building materials and techniques in their construction.

Many respected theorists and architects, such as Hasan Fati, push the basic concepts of traditional architecture to shape modern design. However, in the current scenario, traditional buildings are being replaced by fast-growing concrete forests, which are neither sustainable nor susceptible to natural disasters and microclimate conditions.

Beautiful Home Photos In India

Beautiful Home Photos In India

The idea was to hide the surrounding buildings, so that they did not disappear into the landscape. The COVID situation also limited the availability of raw materials, so we had to focus on bringing materials such as dirt and waste into the buildings using the demolition wall construction technique.

Strange And Beautiful Indian Houses

Here the clay tiles are cut and each piece comes together to reveal a sky blue carpet that appeals to the white volumetric mass of the structure.

Designed on a small corner plot of 622 square meters in a residential villa layout, Mirai is a contextual home for the hot desert climate of Rajasthan, India. Depending on the location, there is minimal space on the south and east sides and in the future there will be neighboring villas on these sides.

Photographed with tropical modernism, this attractive elevation blends seamlessly with the landscape, preserving the occupants’ privacy while evoking curiosity about what lies beyond. This modest east-facing home offers plenty of shade and has a courtyard that encourages free air flow throughout the property.

As the name suggests, the house is built around a mulberry tree. The only feature of the ineffective site was this. This mulberry tree was a very old and mature landscape feature when the site was first visited. The placement of the tree has emerged as the most important structural tool of the residential design, giving it a unique personality.

Our New Home

Hinged barns that open all around create beautiful areas in any barn. That is exactly what these concrete slabs are trying to achieve.

This tree, with its carved roots and massive canopy, was an important factor in determining the design and layout of the house.

The plant house is located on 22800 square meters. It is interesting that the name comes from the beautiful green areas on the property.

Beautiful Home Photos In India

The builder’s preference was for a complex modernist vocabulary that combined living spaces with landscape design. Spread over four levels, the house combines the arrangements with ease.

Indian House Plans: Night View Rendering Of A Beautiful Home

The unusual shape of the site and the landscape of the nearby park were taken as design drivers. Based on the theme of the flowing landscaping of the municipal park, the design runs from the south side of the park to the north side.

Abha completed her architecture from Mumbai. She is passionate about design and has a creative mind. He also likes serials and movies.

We use cookies to ensure that we provide you with the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we assume that you are satisfied with it. Well, not all houses will be etched in your memory like this one. It has a distinctive natural design and will shine in your neighborhood regardless of the passage of time. Two thin and tall columns rise through the roof to the first floor. Then they connect with the bow […]

For a small family, a modern one-story house like this will be perfect. It has all the necessary conditions for comfortable living within the parameters of 1480 square meters of land. Again, this house is inspired by a flat roof – making the house very modern and beautiful. The surrounding walls […]

Beautiful Houses In India (e Book)

Looking for a home for two? Or a small family? So here’s a sneak peak of an incredible home that won’t cost you much. With only one floor of 1377 square meters, this house has a simple and elegant design. The upper part of the flat roof is almost invisible, but […]

If you​​​​are looking for one of the tallest 3-storey houses, you have come to the right place. Spread over an area of ​​1890 square meters, this house has a unique matchbox design. Like most modern houses, this house also has a flat roof that is barely visible. The windows have […]

This is a beautiful two story home with luxury in every corner. It has no curves and all the cube sides only make it more beautiful. Altogether, this home covers 1,900 square feet and has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. You love […]

Beautiful Home Photos In India

Are you an architect or designer? Send us your works to [email protected] and we will publish them absolutely free! With India emerging as a new hotspot for inventive architecture, we’ve rounded up 10 impressive new homes in the country from Mumbai. antique doors to an ahmedabad villa with revolving walls.

Beautiful Home Plan Below 10 Lakhs

Located in a rapidly expanding neighborhood, this house is a collection of mismatched volumes clad in cedar leaves.

Architect Samip Padora designed the house to refer to the proliferation of irregular and informal settlements around it, especially the way these traditional dwellings expand over time as the number of occupied families increases.

This wooden lodge is located in the foothills of the Himalayas in the village of Sathol, a popular tourist destination at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level.

The structure is distinguished by a sharp peak on the roof, which doubles as a huge skylight, echoing the peaks of the surrounding mountains.

Beautiful Dream Home Design: A Perfect Blend Of Style And Functionality

The landscape takes center stage in this home that Khosla Associates is building in the heart of the Western Ghats mountain range.

The building has an intentionally simple shape, which is divided into two parts. One side is occupied by bedrooms, while the other has shared living spaces that can be opened to the elements through huge folding doors.

A tactile palette of brick, stone, concrete and wood characterizes this property, designed to complement its natural garden setting in the coastal town of Alibag.

Beautiful Home Photos In India

The layout is dictated by a number of pre-existing trees on the site – it does not disturb the roots, but the rooms are close enough to benefit from the shade of the canopy.

Image Of Beautiful Home Stay Villa Located On Center Of Tea Plantation In Munnar, Kerala, India. Home Stay Tourism. At117516 Picxy

Located in the port city of Surat, India, this family home is surrounded by a massive brick wall.

While decorating the monolithic structure of the building, the curved brick is designed to shade itself and in turn reduce the heat gain in the two-story living room behind it.

Divided into four separate rooms and a spacious living space outside, the houses of this Alibag residence shelter leaf-like buildings.

The bases are all arranged around a central courtyard and surrounded by glass walls that can be lifted, turning the rooms into open, outdoor spaces.

Classic European Style Beautiful Home Architecture

This house in Ahmedabad is named for its dynamic facade, which is divided into marble panels that rotate and slide at the push of a button.

The panels include a second side directly behind it, which is made of glass, allowing its inhabitants to vary the level of light, ventilation and privacy of their home.

It is built on traditional houses in southern India, built around a central courtyard with arched and angled windows that facilitate natural ventilation and provide solar shading.

Beautiful Home Photos In India

This multi-generational home, aptly named Collage House, is clad with antique doors and windows and other building materials that S+PS Architects salvaged from demolished buildings in Mumbai.

India’s Top 10 Homes 2019

Given the abundance of unusual buildings and waste in the city, it is intended to help promote an alternative approach to recycling.

Located within a two-story atrium, the pool is overlooked by interior balconies and is surrounded by patches of lawn and stone walkways to evoke the feeling of being outdoors.

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