Home Decoration Ideas For Pooja

Home Decoration Ideas For Pooja – These Diwali decoration ideas will surely inspire you to jazz up your home this festive season and boost the mood of your family and friends. They are simple Diwali decorations that will completely transform your home space and create an attractive and welcoming environment. Most of the decorations used here can be found locally or online. All you need is a little planning to create lasting memories.

During my childhood, Diwali preparations in our family started a few weeks before the actual festival. The atmosphere will be pleasant in the house and in the city market at the same time. People are naturally motivated to create ideas by decorating the inside and outside of your home. However, it may be slightly different for those of us living outside India.

Home Decoration Ideas For Pooja

Home Decoration Ideas For Pooja

Outside of India, Diwali is not celebrated by many people. There is not much enthusiasm for Diwali outside our house or in the market. However, we try our best to pass on our traditions to our children. We want them to have the same childhood memories as us.

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Every Diwali, I try to bring joy to the children with all the decorations, lights and crackers. Now they look forward to it every year. If your busy schedule doesn’t allow you time to implement all the ideas presented here, do your best. Something is better than nothing. I am sharing some Diwali home decoration ideas that you can use in whole or in pieces that suit you.

Diwali is a festival of light. Outdoor decorative lighting is my husband’s responsibility, and he really jazzes it up, attracting attention from everyone in the neighborhood. The photos don’t do the effort justice, but the overall effect of the lights was impressive.

He used professional installers for the ceiling lights, which cost about $500. He could light himself as he could be safely reached by the common stairs of the house. For the circles around the driveway and the lampposts, he used LED string lights. He decided to use grid-type LED lights for tree trunks, house pillars and large plants. Regular LED strip lights were used to form a pyramid around the lamp post.

The children loved helping with the Diwali decorations, making it a family project. The child was busy arranging the spikes for the rope lights when the middle school student gave his opinion and handed over the tools to the father of the ladder.

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Please be sure to use GFCI protected circuits to power your lights and take precautions when installing lights.

The main entrance has a special significance in Indian culture. Many Indian traditions are related to decorating and performing various ceremonies at the entrance of a house or a room of worship. Diwali decorations are the same.

On my last visit to India. These are some of the common things I find every time I visit India. Diya refers to a clay lamp used in the Indian subcontinent. These days, you can buy decorative diyas at Indian department stores in almost every major city in the United States. They are also available on Amazon if you don’t have time to visit your local store.

Home Decoration Ideas For Pooja

After much research, I decided to use artificial flowers available on Amazon. I was impressed with the overall quality, feel and look of the flowers. I also used fresh flowers from my garden and shop. The lights were purchased from Pier1 Imports.

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You have the option to make rangoli with both colors and flowers. Since I had a baby, powder colors didn’t seem like a good idea. So I went with a simple design that can be made quickly in 10 to 15 minutes with a mix of natural and fake flowers.

Have you seen urli before rangoli? Urli, floating candles and a brass bowl to hold the flowers add a different dimension to any festive or ethnic decor. Breathe life into your staid decor by energizing it with candles and floating flowers.

The next entry is the foyer, which is the first sight any visitor will have in your home. This creates a first impression and anticipation to see what else is in store. It should convey the festive spirit of your home while creating the desire to enter and immerse yourself in the festive spirit. The foyer decor shown here uses a central image of Ganesha seated on an ornate medallion table runner and surrounded by decorations that include brass sculptures and decorative teapots.

I used my existing bangles as tealight candle holders, which are inexpensive and a great way to add a touch of India to your decor. I have a large collection of bangles, so I borrowed some to decorate the teana lamps here.

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I was given a Ganesha statue by my sister-in-law. Here, I have used copper bowl as urlis. To add urlis as a decorative piece, you don’t need to buy them or use a copper bowl. You can use any flat shallow bowl to create the same effect.

In the picture above, I have used kundan rangolis for the floor decoration. Alternatively, you can use the rangoli design as shown below. In my case, with a running baby, it only took a few hours.

Inside the house, you can add small decorations in different places to change the look and feel of your house and make it look festive. For example, I updated my living room coffee table with candles and flowers.

Home Decoration Ideas For Pooja

You can easily tell that I am a big fan of Pier1’s exports. Most of the items in this decor are from that store. Whether you’re looking at table runners, or trays and candles, everything is from Pier1 Imports, which I’ve collected over time. I always move them around the house to create new decorations using different ingredients.

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I have a nice collection of runners and trays. It’s my weakness. So, when I see a great designer piece, I tend to buy it for future use. The trays provide a defined area and focal point, allowing me to focus on a limited area. Runners add character to a space and help bring color contrast and make other decorative elements stand out. I have used kundan rangolis as filling in the middle of the space to give a tribal feel.

Another example is the decoration of the fireplace, which is often an important part of the living room in the American home. You can create a beautiful tribal decoration by placing some pictures on the fireplace and immediately in front of the fireplace.

Here, I have used a combination of three independent elements to create different models with the common goal of showing the different aspects of Indian tribes. I have used two beautifully decorated elephant heads with nettipattam. During a visit to Kerala I fell in love with the adorable Nettipattam elephant heads, and couldn’t resist adding them to my collection. I love the authenticity they add to any space they use.

It is a combination of dias, kunda rangolis, fresh flowers with carefully selected place-mats, and a creative center that anyone can easily put together from a picture. Pear1 Imports has a Pearls & Twigs Shimmer Placemat and a Glitz Beaded Silver Placemat available.

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Last but the most important place to decorate your home during Diwali is the pooja room and temple. Lakshmi Puja is the most important part of the entire Diwali celebration, which is performed in the pooja room of the temple. My family moves every few years due to the nature of my husband’s work. So, I like a separate pooja room, but I have to share it with the office.

So, I am using a handmade wooden temple with Rajasthani work in the same background. Tulle fabric decorated with peacock feathers, pearl bands and pearl strings are used in this backdrop. The layers of tulle fabric are tied using copper elephant diayas. This shape improves the angle of worship.

The entrance to the pooja room, which I share with my home office, is also decorated with bandhanwars and flowers. Try adding small details like satiya sticks and Maha-Lakshmi stickers. The Swastika is associated with Ganesha, and the Maha-Lakshmi symbol is associated with the goddess of wealth and abundance. These small details greatly add to the impact of your decoration.

Home Decoration Ideas For Pooja

Be sure to check out my Diwali food ideas for more tips on what kind of food to serve, including desserts, appetizers and snacks, main dishes and drinks. Many of these dishes do not contain onions and garlic, which are often required for religious and ceremonial occasions.

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The Diwali menu presented here includes snacks, main courses and desserts. For lunch I cooked fenugreek mathari, sugar para, churma laddu, badam, sesame barfi, pistachio-gulkand barfi.

For the main course, Parv has fenugreek potatoes, stuffed parval, dal-makhani, paneer makhana with cashew gravy,

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