Home Design Kashmir

Home Design Kashmir – Beautiful designs, rich handicrafts, art nooks, wall hangings and wooden interiors combine to create a beautiful inspiration for Kashmiri decor. A colorful and beautiful Kashida bedroom inspired by the surrounding nature. When it comes to decoration, floral motifs, forts and shins, mangoes etc. the leaves are popular. High-quality rugs, hand-woven carpet patterns and Kashmiri silk rugs make it a delight. The beautiful natural colors of Kashmir adorning the walls and matching and balancing colors complete the whole experience.

You can never go wrong with one of our interior colors. They will help you make your home your dream home.

Home Design Kashmir

Home Design Kashmir

India is full of inspiration and leaves you spoiled for choice with its diverse cultures and traditions. The most important thing is that each direction has its own style and aesthetic elements that can easily be brought to the house and choose the interior of the house. If your home decor tends towards a calm and soothing aura, then it’s time to bring the elements of Kashmir home. Inspired by Persian and Arabian aesthetics, Kashmiri decor is all about carved wood, beautiful rugs, rich fabrics and most importantly, soothing tones. We offer you the best makeup inspiration to match her beauty. Kashmir is a melting pot of cultures and exhibits a mixture of heritage in arts and crafts that have grown over the years. So, create a modern, Mughal-inspired space that speaks luxury and class with amazing design ideas. Decorate your room with a calm and luxurious theme with handcrafted and detailed woodwork. Bring local Iranian prints into your living room by adding beautiful rugs and textiles.

Indian Village House Designs Ideas If You Love Simple Living |times Property

You can never go wrong with one of our interior colors. They will help you make your home your dream home.

Some of the famous Kashmiri home designs are famous carpets, copper and silverware, and Kashida, a local style of embroidery that adorns people all over the world. Needless to say, walnut wood carving is one of the most decorative crafts of Kashmir. Beautiful wooden paintings by Kashmiri craftsmen in various designs and motifs flourish in this place. Check out various design ideas to inspire your space and make it look like heavenly Kashmir. Choosing the right shade to complement your interior walls is an important step in recreating beauty. The evolution of this civilization, culture and society is mainly based on climate, topography and economic conditions. In particular, three aspects of life and livelihood—food, clothing, and shelter—remain important and interrelated. And continue to be influenced by the local climate.

Despite the modernization and development in various sectors till recently, the people of Kashmir have shown one way of constructing modern houses and other buildings. Time tested traditional house construction, especially the roofs and pitched roofs and other improved details, helped assemble structures that could withstand the harsh weather conditions of Kashmir.

However, like everything else in Kashmir, the building structure has changed a lot in the last two decades. The link between past and present architecture is fading fast. The idea of ​​building houses or public structures has undergone a metamorphosis. It stands out from the architectural history of the place. On the one hand, the old weirdness has been replaced by a beautiful design that is a true metaphor for mammals. We build beautiful homes, not Kashmiri homes.

Zulal Guest House, Srinagar

Of course, we live in an age fascinated by the word “progress”, and we are witnessing the convergence of glass, metal and engineering structures where the skills associated with construction are diminishing. This leads to breaking old traditions and promoting the latest beauty practices. Thus, it is clear that the reflected ‘style’ of imported cultural expression has been destroyed by technological advances.

Roofs of concrete houses collapsed due to heavy snow. According to information, the roofs of more than 76 houses were destroyed. Viral videos showed them collapsing with noise and dusting of snow. The news revealed poor craftsmanship, poor design and construction methods in Kashmir. In addition, large cities were created by building large houses without proper planning. Without any connection to the natural world, the structures produced in Kashmir appear dangerous. Here, climate is traditionally and scientifically neglected as a major factor influencing architecture.

Although weather is a relatively new topic, architects have historically been weather experts. The climate-friendly architecture of Kashmir, which serves utilitarian and everyday aesthetic purposes, needs to be complemented by technical progress rather than replaced and obsolete.

Home Design Kashmir

Structures disappear. In fact, the collapse of the roof represents its nature, connecting all the technical, aesthetic, political and economic problems involved in our society. Everything is falling apart; so are our roofs. Everything is falling apart; so are our homes. Snow is cruel; so is our building. Wisdom is weak; our house is like that.

Kashmir’s Collapsing Roofs: Design Flaw, Not Modern Architecture

Although architecture is a world-famous culture, for us it is a reminder of loss, longing and wisdom. Whether our houses are bad, broken, poorly made, or destroyed, we and our architecture are dry. Our homes are covered in snow or battered by storms. Quoting Bashir Badr-

: More than colorful roofs and massive concrete walls; marble floors, seasonal kitchens and multiple laundry rooms; has more representational power than the concept of empty housing-architecture. It creates collective meaning and memory. There is an important social and historical context behind the works of architecture and its clients. We need to understand them before everything goes wrong in Kashmir and we can’t save anything that binds us to our history. Furthermore, engaging and expressing our identity through architecture can help us put together things that stand the test of time. Ansa Interiors are luxury interior designers in Srinagar since long. We have created the best luxury residences, restaurants and hotels in the valley. Many residential and commercial projects are designed and completed by architects. The designs are developed keeping in mind the needs of the clients and the use of the space. If you are thinking of setting up your dream home, hotel or shop in Srinagar, contact us today!

Each place is designed differently. To preserve the cultural value of the place, we worked with local artisans to keep our designs modern yet traditional. Kashmir is full of inspiration and nature offers a new perspective. As leading interior designers in Srinagar, we keep the weather in mind while designing.

This luxury residence in Srinagar has been designed by Ansa Interiors keeping in mind the local landscape. Traditional and modern communication has been one of our main priorities. Traditional households included a hammam area as well as sitting arrangements in the room. The residence should reflect the cultural ethnicity of the family to make them feel more comfortable. We work closely with our customers to facilitate this. The house that is created will be a reflection of the people who live in it.

Interior Designers In Srinagar

Keeping in mind the beauty of the region, we have designed restaurants in Kashmir. The client’s needs are always at center stage during and after design. When designing a restaurant, it is important that customers feel comfortable and at ease. Placement of lamps, tables, chairs, type of furniture used etc. defines the ‘vibe’ of a place. Srinagar’s top interior designers have repeatedly emphasized the importance of local aesthetics.

But it helps to use the seat for everyone. People can sit in space without feeling comfortable in each other’s presence. Each restaurant has different needs, so each design offers a way to discover new events.

Some of our recent projects include Hotel Cabo in Srinagar. Currently we are working in another hotel in MS mall in Srinagar.

Home Design Kashmir

Ansa Interiors has been operating in Kashmir Valley for several years now. We have carefully managed the best team to provide our customers with what they need. From using modern technologies and combining them with rustic, we have completed many projects under our belt. The founders of Ansa Interiors believe that every project is unique, so the team works to make your dream project a reality.

Tips For Decorating Your Home With Kashmiri Silk Carpets

Our approach to design thinking comes from our knowledge and experience. We have worked on several different projects and overcome challenges that always bring joy and gratitude to our clients.

Our strength is our craftsmanship, as we can design and implement a variety of projects – be it luxury.

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