Your Beautiful Home

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In the past 18 months, we’ve been forced to spend more time within our own four walls than ever, so having a nice home has never been more important, so you might want to transform your home into a beautiful modern space.

Your Beautiful Home

Your Beautiful Home

But if lack of knowledge or financial constraints are holding you back, it’s not too late to start. Design guru Matt Gibbard believes it’s easy to create a beautiful home without spending a fortune by applying five simple design principles.

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“If you ask me, for example, a Palladian villa has the same sensibility and timeless principles as a masterpiece of modernism,” he says.

“A simple way to think about these principles is to divide them into five categories: space, light, materials, nature, and decoration.

“Careful consideration of each of these will allow us to create homes that are beautiful, supportive and inspiring, regardless of scale or budget.”

Gibberd, founder of design-led real estate agency The Modern House, recently wrote a book, The Modern Way of Living, in which he explains five principles and how to apply them to building a beautiful home.

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Gibbard explains that when the home combines both space and “protected” space, residents feel at home. She says: “Try to create an open, bright space for socializing. Try to create a belly-like space for retreating and sleeping. Even in a studio apartment, creating different zones using curtains, sliding partitions or bookshelves on wheels can greatly enhance the work experience. . space.”

You can create the illusion of space with mirrors and reflective surfaces, he says, using natural mesh in the cabinet and continuing the same material inside. Consider rehanging doors to open up rooms and placing radiators under windows to free up valuable wall space for furniture.

And don’t forget about the kitchen! Gibbard advises homeowners to think of the kitchen as a collection of furniture rather than a single unit, and to avoid wall cabinets as much as possible because the space above them is unnecessary. Also consider fridges with side shelves instead of freestanding fridge freezers.

Your Beautiful Home

And then there’s the trash can… “The trash can hangs around the kitchen like a stinky Dalek, tripping over people and filled with last night’s leftovers,” Gibbard announced. “Try to create a waste solution – the space under the sink is always a useful place to store food waste.”

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According to Gibbard, it is better to have fixed glazing with regular doors rather than double doors. “Picture windows have unobstructed handles and mechanisms that work well to improve visibility, and the structural supports are hidden, making them look more elegant,” he explains.

She recommends avoiding Roman blinds and films and hanging curtains on extra-wide poles that can be pulled back to reveal a full window. Also think about how light moves around your home. “Living areas benefit from light from south-facing windows, while less-used areas such as utility rooms are best positioned to the north,” explains Gibbard. The east side is good for sleeping, the dining areas work well on the west side and get the daylight elements.”

If your house has more than one level, it is recommended that you consider changing the location. “You may never get used to the idea of ​​announcing, ‘I’m downstairs to bed,'” he admits, “but in most other situations it makes a lot of sense and allows you to open up and take advantage of light and views in your living space. . because it brings the building down.”

But while lighting is important in a home, Gibbard says homeowners shouldn’t be afraid of the dark. “Without competing fields, our home would be one-dimensional and monotonous,” he explained. “If you walk down a shaded corridor, for example, you’ll feel brighter and more upbeat when you reach a sun-drenched space.”

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If you can look directly at the light bulb wire, it’s in the wrong place, Gibbard pointed out more clearly. “Avoid ceiling lights, and avoid task lighting, wall sconces, and plug-in lights that provide softer lighting and better support circadian rhythms,” she advises.

Homeowners should think carefully about things they physically come in contact with every day, whether it’s light switches, doorknobs or kitchen countertops, Gibbard said. “Are these as tactile as they should be?” he asked, noting that natural materials will always age better than man-made plastics and laminates. “Try to keep the original materials as much as possible, because they tell the building’s personal story and are less disturbing than new materials,” he advises.

Gibbard recommends living in the home for at least a year before making any changes. “For example, when you walk in, a wooden floor that you think is a little damaged begins to take on something important – the ability to warm under bare feet, or absorb the events of everyday life.”

Your Beautiful Home

Natural materials such as marble and glazed tiles have a light sheen and are easy to keep clean, and clay is a traditional plaster that absorbs moisture.

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It’s important to think about the environmental impact of the materials you use, he said, noting that cork regenerates naturally because tree bark regenerates and that farms, including sheep, are the best source of eco-friendly insulation. Wool and straw bales.

Because connecting with nature is essential to living well, Gibbard advises that even those looking for a place to live in the city should try to find an apartment that doesn’t overlook a public park or has windows deep enough to hold plants.

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space, he suggests combining shrub and flower borders with decking, compacted gravel, flint, stone pavers or brickwork.

Also stock up on greenery inside. “Houseplants have a positive effect on our health, lowering blood pressure and increasing concentration, but they also help to demarcate, screen, absorb noise or enhance a memorable room,” says Gibbard.

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He suggests placing shells, rocks, and pine cones on the roof, and using natural tones to hang landscape paintings and photographs on the walls.

Instead of an installed carpet, Gibbard recommends using a natural floor covering, such as sisal or jute, with a gap between the edge and the wall. Use rugs in layers to fill natural spaces between furniture.

And to keep the interior from becoming one-dimensional, it’s a good idea to mix furniture and objects from different times and places, he said. “For example, instead of placing matching chairs around the kitchen table, mix in benches or Windsor chairs,” she suggests.

Your Beautiful Home

“Surround yourself with the things that mean the most to you and tell the story of your life — things that remind you of family heirlooms or special vacations or experiences.”

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He advises homeowners not to use the flat-screen TV as the focal point of the room, but to arrange furniture traditionally around the fireplace. When grouping furniture and objects in odd numbers, he says: “If things are placed unevenly, the eye moves around them to fully absorb what it sees.”

And you may need to rethink the way you hang your pictures, she warns. “The most common mistake is putting them too high,” he points out. “My advice is to use your eyes to find the right spot and drop it 6 inches.”

Finally, she added: “When choosing what to buy for your home, try to follow your instincts rather than preconceived notions of what tastes good. Most good things aren’t tagged on Instagram, they aren’t found in textbooks, and they don’t cost much. Often, they’re the result of fulfilling a need for utility. there is an accidental beauty in the result.”

Matt Gibbard’s Modern Way of Living is published by Penguin Life on October 28, priced £25.

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