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Home Design Room – Great design has the power to encourage positive vibes (check out these scientific studies and surveys for proof!). And since your bedroom is where you rest and decompress, it should be designed to help you do just that. Looking at inspiring examples of well-designed spaces is a great way to start the process of decorating your own bedroom. We’ve collected 80 bedroom design ideas from professionals to help you create the perfect retreat. No matter how bold you want to go, how big your room is, or what your favorite design is, these bedroom decorating ideas, shopping tips, and designer examples are sure to inspire a better, more restful sleep. Not to mention, they’re sure to impress guests! Ahead, discover endless bedroom decorating ideas, and be sure to save your favorites.

Designer Elizabeth Hay implemented unique millwork in this bedroom by playing with the farmhouse imagination with lots of patterns and colors. “We used a lot of wallpaper in the bedroom to make it feel cozy and add color and pattern without making any structural changes,” says Hay. Here, she wallpapered Aleta Pise.

Home Design Room

Home Design Room

Designer Neal Beckstedt creates in a New York City studio that’s too small to fit a pull-out sofa. He designed a full-size Murphy bed that folds flat with the closet, clearing the way for “easy access to the adjacent bathroom,” he said.

Home Decor Tips: 10 Minimalist Bedroom Design Ideas To Create A Calming Space

This bedroom designed by Leah Ring of Another Human is full of rich colors and motifs, from patchwork textiles to ceramic items and paint, so it’s fitting that this work of art is also multidimensional and unique. “The bedroom gets good light throughout the day, so we wanted to use a peach color on the walls that would give it a nice glow in the sun,” explains Ring. The bedroom “feels comfortably layered but not too busy—[you] feel very calm when you’re in the room,” says Ring.

In this calm, minimalist bedroom designed by Lauren Waters, simple cuts and cooler earth tones are softened by comfortable materials. He experimented with measurements by pairing a king-size bed with a small ashtray that doubles as a bedside table. “There’s really no room for a traditional bedside table,” Waters says of the unconventional accessory. “It’s fun, unique, and provides another sculptural moment.”

The missing piece for this room is a rug, says designer Avery Cox. This helps tie the paint colors together, a light blue for the walls, and a coral color for the moldings and doors. Deeper, saturated shades of blue and yellow and reddish pinks also help with contrast.

The master bedroom in rug merchant Amber El-Amin’s home emphasizes a mix of high and low cuts for a layered, intentional look and optimal comfort. It contains some of the most expensive items in the house as well as some original stealth items. These eclectic sources are what make it so special.

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The decoration in this bedroom designed by Kurek Jones reflects the natural atmosphere of the beach. Blue-painted floors enliven the room while nodding to the gorgeous ocean views, greens speak to the trees beyond, and blue linens and brutalist bedside tables reflect the patches of sand steps away.

If you feel a pure white interior is too striking but want to use light neutral colors, you can visit this beautiful neutral space designed by Rupp Studios. Featuring warm oat cream, a soft smoky gray finish, and rich wood, the result is bubbly and industrial yet refined and timeless.

This bedroom by Tamsin Johnson combines simple architecture with contemporary style and some classic pieces to make it feel more personal and refined. The walls are painted a pure and cool white color that brings life to the entire room. Coupled with the sisal rug that fills the room, it is the perfect combination for a beach house.

Home Design Room

A muted, rich paint color (Stiffykey Blue by Farrow & Ball) inspires rest in this Los Angeles bedroom designed by Studio Shamshiri. But it’s also serious and lively enough to jazz up a home office! When desks were all over a bedroom wall for both work and study sessions, they knew they needed a color scheme that could do and be both.

Bedroom Design Tips For Your Home

In a bedroom designed by Pamela Schneider, a bright yellow, white, and cream color scheme creates a dreamy, cheerful, and calming atmosphere. A traditional spindle bed frame helps ground the space and adds depth.

Take a look at this bedroom designed by Heidi Caillier, where fantastic large windows and high ceilings are enhanced by hanging long curtains all the way up. In a small bedroom, have fun with color, shape and print, but pay close attention to scale.

If you’re having trouble choosing a color scheme for your bedroom, try this approach: Here, designer Andy Beers of Ore Studios uses less saturated versions of colors used in common spaces for a calming yet sustainable design in the master bedroom. Bright white contrasts with black and combines with midnight blue.

Stack some coffee table books to use as a slim side table. All you need is a stylish nightlight and mood-setting candles, as shown in this small bedroom designed by Nicholas Obeid.

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The bedroom is always a fun destination for kids or even the living room if you’re hosting a large family for holidays and gatherings. This one, designed by Regan Baker, was created to comfortably welcome the arrival of grandparents. The bed is longer than a regular bed with more vertical space for sitting and playing board games. Calm and rich colors. paint, River Blue by Benjamin Moore inspires rest.

Designer Tamsin Johnson hid the radiator and added surface area for flowers by placing a thin glass console table above it. The modern photo is a stark contrast to the more traditional and sweet bedroom design.

To center the headboard on the wall, designer Shawn Henderson installed a decorative fireplace in this pint-sized but perfect NYC bedroom. A coat of white paint helps the exposed brick walls blend together and feel less heavy. The matching pillows and headboard bring in a nice pop of color but the rust color still stays in that neutral territory.

Home Design Room

Visit Benjamin Moore for bright and neutral paint colors to use in bedrooms and beyond.

Irresistibly Stylish Midcentury Modern Living Room Idea

If you work from home but don’t have space for a home office in a separate room, tuck one into the bedroom. Vern Vip installed Cambria quartz worktops to match the sophisticated feel. It also “doesn’t need to be resealed, refinished, or polished,” Yip says.

Than your bed In this modern yet classic bedroom designed by Robson Rak, a built-in bench with custom pillows is sure to inspire us to finish that book.

This bedroom by interior designer and architect Jeffrey Dungan is full of rich textures and patterns but remains neutral and calming. If you want to add warmth and texture to your room, consider a wood ceiling.

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20 Drop-in Shower Ideas for a Luxurious Bathroom 70 Easy and Endless Fireplace Decorating Ideas The History of Plank and Sideboard Designs Katie Sturino’s Maine Cabin Had a View — and Lobsters Back in the mid-century, bedrooms were simple affairs. Often entire families and even livelihoods share space. As our tastes in design, space and privacy have evolved, thankfully bedrooms no longer really fit the bill. In this day and age, the bedroom is a private space designed for your personal sanctuary. This is the perfect place for you to get a good night’s sleep and better mornings. Here’s a guide to specific bedroom interior designs and layouts, to help you navigate the bedroom maze.

Start designing your bedroom by making spatial planning decisions. Your first task is to choose the bed walls. The longest wall is a good choice, as it will give you enough space for a headboard and side tables. Some people like to position the bed so that the door and window are visible (especially if the window has a nice view). Others choose to follow Vastu and Feng-shui rules and place the bed facing a certain direction. However, try to position your bed in such a way that you leave enough walking space around it so that you can move comfortably in the room.

Home Design Room

The bed is one of the most important components of your bedroom interior. Choosing a platform bed will give you a frame that has an internal horizontal base that the mattress can rest on.

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