House Plan Design In Philippines

House Plan Design In Philippines – Download link – ground floor, first floor, elevation jpg, 3D drawing – drawing file – automatic file (all layout plans)

House design 10×10 3 bedroom with pitched roof 10×10:

House Plan Design In Philippines

House Plan Design In Philippines

Layout Plans, Elevation Plans, Section Plans-Meter Drafts in Autocad (All Layout Plans) * Includes Autocad 2010 and Sketchup 2017 files.

Modern House Plan Under 1800 Square Feet With Stone Accents

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Unfortunately, I can’t make random plans at the moment. Disclaimer: These plans were produced by myself and were not prepared or reviewed by a licensed architect and/or engineer.

Single Story 3 Bedroom Northwest House With Master Suite (house Plan)

Enjoy these plans, but use them at your own discretion. Instant Download You can download your file once your payment has been confirmed. Here’s how.

But if you have a problem with the order, please contact me. You can reach us: Personal FB Facebook Page: Sam ArchitectSmall House Design SHD-201008 60.0 sq.m. The land area is 135.0 square meters. a lot of area. The front of the land should be at least 11.65 meters, which is the width of the house including the roof covering. This house design is also built on a narrow ground and the roof is redesigned to match the house design with a single gable or we can say that one side of the house is built with a fire wall.

Although small house plans are limited by land area, it is a typical house plan that is popular in the Philippines because of the economical aspect. Small house designs are also the first choice of real estate developers as these cater to the majority of Filipino households.

House Plan Design In Philippines

Different types of budgets. The values ​​shown here are estimates for each completion and budget only. The budget already includes labor and materials, and is within the range quoted by most builders. The budget currency is the Philippine peso (Php).

Images Of Bungalow Houses In The Philippines

Small house design 2014008 has an open living room, terrace open porch, wall accents, white glazed aluminum windows and long span tile ceilings. Use my design in your future home and see other small house designs here. The modern family of 4 is very common today. Both husband and wife work, but they still know how to have fun with their children. The children are in their teens and they love to play online games with their father. If they get the chance, they like to spend the weekend swimming and sunbathing as a family. Even as a working mother, the mother still finds time to cook special meals that can be enjoyed as a family.

Sound familiar? There is a good chance that you can describe your family. In this case, we have the perfect 2 story house design for you.

Site analysis is essential for modern home design and floor plans in the Philippines. You have to see where the wind is coming from. You should also consider the amount of rainfall in your area. In general, you should consider average weather. In this way, you can have a green two-story house design that benefits from all of these.

If you are in Lipa or nearby areas, here are 2 floor plans in the Philippines that you should consider.

Low Cost 3 Bedroom Kerala House Plans Elevation Design India

Our design goals for this project were to maximize passive cooling and set the standard for a 2-story house design for the Philippines that is suitable for a modern family of 4.

As you can see, it is designed to enjoy and relax in tropical weather. In this design and similar 2 story house plans for the Philippines, we implemented the following passive cooling techniques:

Of course, we also have to consider the needs and wants of the modern Filipino family. This is the floor plan of this 2 story house design in the Philippines.

House Plan Design In Philippines

As you can see, we have included a pool so your family can swim and sunbathe without leaving your home. This tropical beach also has a barbecue area to enjoy a barbecue. If you like to party, this place is perfect. We have even included a toilet that can be accessed from this area. Accessibility also does not concern the stairs that lead to the balcony.

Bedroom Floor Plan

On normal days you can eat at home. 2 story house plans philippines must have a beautiful kitchen and in this design we even included a messy kitchen. There is even a separate warehouse.

A Filipino family, even a modern family, does not think twice about having family or friends stay overnight. Therefore, we have a full bathroom with a bathroom.

Of course, the family can retreat to their second floor living room and enjoy the cool air thanks to the passive cooling technology we described above. We have also arranged a room where the family can sit and relax and spend some quality time together.

We want to talk more about this 2-story house design. We also have 2 story house plans in the Philippines for small or large families. We can also discuss your specific needs and requirements so we can come up with the perfect 2 story house plan for you. Contact us today! The Reuben model is a simple 3 bedroom and 1 bathroom house design with a total area of ​​82.0 square meters. This concept can be maintained with a minimum setback of 10 meters in front and 1.5 meters on both sides. With its current layout, the setback is 2m to the rear and 3m to the front, requiring at least 167sqm of land.

More 3 Bedroom 3d Floor Plans

Simple hipped roof, gray walls and white color combination with brick wall on the left side, aluminum framed windows and long span pre-painted roof are the exterior features of this 3 bedroom bungalow house design.

Below are the 4 elevations of the house detailing the minute features of the house. The front view shows a wooden paneled door entrance, aluminum framed windows, brick walls and a planter box to the front.

Go into the details with the floor plan below. A small front porch welcomes you, covered with a small planter box and concrete roof slab. Opening the main entrance leads you to the living room, which opens to the dining room. The living room is 10.5 square meters, the dining room is 10.9 square meters, and the kitchen is 7.8 square meters. The kitchen next to the dining room opens to the back of the house, and the service area serves as a furnace and laundry room. The retreat is 2 meters and can be used for many other things.

House Plan Design In Philippines

To the left of the house there are 3 bedrooms and a bathroom. The master bedroom or bedroom is 9.3 square meters and has a walk-in closet and en-suite bathroom. Bedrooms 2 and 3 all share a shared bathroom with built-in wardrobes.

Floor Heating Plan

With a total area of ​​only 82.0 square meters, this house is still considered a small house, suitable for a small family. It is a cheap house because of the simple house and the biggest plot.

Different types of budgets. The values ​​shown here are estimates for each completion and budget only. The budget already includes labor and materials, and is within the range quoted by most builders. The budget currency is the Philippine peso (Php). Two Bedroom Small House Design PHD-2017035 is a small version of the Ruben Model. A simple design with a long span galvanized iron roof, steel beams and pre-painted metal tile effect on the roof. White paint surrounds the walls and wall accents on the kitchen side of the living room.

This house model has a total square footage and includes a small porch. At least 134 square meters of land can be built with a minimum width of 10 meters. Designed front-to-back, the back is at least 2 meters smooth, and the front is 3 meters.

The main features of this home include open living room, pre-painted long beamed ceilings, wooden panel doors, 2 toilets and baths, aluminum frame sliding windows and brick walls.

House Design 10×10 With 3 Bedrooms Hip Roof

Check different heights, name front view, left view, back side and right view. Each view shows even the smallest details of the house. The top view is also a roof plan.

Look at the floor plan

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