Interior Design With Old Furniture

Interior Design With Old Furniture – When one thinks of antique or reproduction furniture, old world furniture comes to mind, such as classic English Chesterfields, Louis XV style armchairs, Louis XIV style dressers, Baroque gilded mirrors, Romanesque statues and crystal chandeliers. . Incorporating these pieces of furniture will surely add grandeur and opulence to the room.

Used old world design elements including parquet floors, dark wood furniture and cabinetry, antique finishes and a royal blue color scheme.

Interior Design With Old Furniture

Interior Design With Old Furniture

A classic, recognizable piece of furniture, such as a stunning antique reproduction from the eras mentioned above, can effectively complement a more modern setting. This concept also works in reverse – for example, choosing modern furniture for a Victorian home or a classic mid-century modern piece. To implement this eclectic approach, you need to create unity in the interior through complementary color schemes and shapes.

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These modern Sammem dining chairs from renowned Danish furniture maker Fritz Hansen look beautiful in a Georgian period interior. Grain available

In past eras, interiors were decorated with ornaments, works of art, mirrors and home furnishings such as carpets, curtains and tapestries, especially in the wealthier classes of society.

While imitating the rich color palettes popular in these early centuries helps achieve the right look, certain ornaments can also be used to recreate this period. Think leather-bound books, crystal glassware, bone china and other decorative china, silver plates, grandfather clocks, gold or silver frames on artwork and mirrors, chandeliers, and brass or silver candlesticks.

This light-filled Victorian bedroom features a stylish armchair, French Provincial style chest of drawers, baroque mirror and crystal candle holders.

Buying Old Furniture

The upper class enjoyed displaying items from around the world, such as musical instruments, Persian carpets, decorative Chinese vases, Egyptian or Greek-style artifacts, taxidermy, and ancient weapons such as swords and rifles. Ornaments or sculptures, world maps or navigation tools.

A black color scheme, soft leather and fabric armchairs, beautifully carved wooden tables, large display cabinets and an antler chandelier add drama and richness to this bold interior by Greg Natal Design.

Mood lighting creates the right atmosphere, so try lamps with wide shades or overhead lighting – or candlelight!

Interior Design With Old Furniture

Given all these characteristics, cabinets, wardrobes, chests of drawers, consoles and bookcases were important pieces of furniture. Brown polished woods with inlaid and detailed patterns were popular for living room furniture, but also for dining room tables and chairs, side tables, beds and canopies. Depending on the era, decorative woodwork was also gilded in bright colors and even painted with leisure scenes or floral motifs.

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In rural houses the exterior was even more beautiful. Wooden furniture comes in light and dark tones, with less elaborate embellishments and simple color palettes. Sometimes wire replaced glass in cupboards and cupboards.

The Baroque style dominated art and design in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries. The movement was characterized by highly decorative, bold and ornamental materials on a grand scale. The aristocracy had the means and control to influence art and design. The French kings Louis XIV, Louis XV. and Louis XVI. are particularly known for their influence on furniture and interior design. They tried to glorify the monarchy through the extravagance and splendor of their palaces. Many shapes and styles from these eras are reproduced and reinterpreted in modern design.

As seen in this interior by Greg Natale Design, a piece of furniture needs to be showcased. Louis XV

In England and Australia, design periods were classified and influenced by the monarchs of the time. References to the Tudor, Elizabethan, Queen Anne and Georgian styles can be seen in Australian architecture today. Victorian and Edwardian architecture and design are prevalent in Australian capital cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart.

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The Chesterfield is one of Britain’s most iconic furniture designs, and a French classic is the chaise longue, a long – generally soft – chair that can recline or recline. It is a leather lounge chair with deep recessed buttons, upright backrests and large rolled armrests. The origins of the Chesterfield are disputed, but the first design is believed to have been commissioned by the fourth Earl of Chesterfield.

When it comes to finishes, wood is an obvious choice – painted with a dark color or an antique finish. Upholstered furniture is not only comfortable but complements the look, while fabrics such as velvet, wool, satin and calico add texture, depth and detail. Leather is definitely a classic choice.

Decorative wood paneling was commonly used on the walls, with detailed skirting boards, cornices, architraves and ceiling canopies. If you have these features in your home, don’t be afraid to use color. A deep, rich color palette is a powerful old-world design tool, as discussed in the Color section below. Patterned or structured wallpaper also completes the look.

Interior Design With Old Furniture

In this stunning bedroom, a paneled dark wood Brandford bed from Pottery Barn complements detailed wall paneling in a smoky, old-world gray.

New Uses For Old Furniture

Wooden parquet was popular throughout Europe throughout the 17th century and is now a durable and beautiful floor covering. Floor tiles, polished wood and soft carpets complete the old-fashioned interior.

In Australia, it was fashionable to incorporate lots of color into the home during the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Wall colors include bold colors such as navy blue, sea green, dark gray, rich burgundy and purple. On the lighter side, creams, dusty pinks, yellows, light greens, grays and blues were also used. Contrasting light and dark colors are common in the interior.

Similar colors were used for upholstery, curtains and carpets, while the addition of gold, bronze and silver to fabrics, woods and decorations enhanced the splendor.

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Muted tones of blue, gray and green unite the various living spaces in this interior by Greg Natale Design. Dark furniture adds contrast and depth to the color palette. The dining chairs have a classic, curved Louis XV design.

The information on this website is for general purposes only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. When designing a home, it is important to create comfortable spaces with life and personality where we can enjoy the time we spend. in the house. Choosing a furniture set – for the living room, bedroom or even the kitchen – may often seem like the easiest and most effective decision, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Today’s best interior design projects strive to combine new pieces with old and antiques to create unique and personalized spaces that reflect the tastes of the people who live there. In this post, we’ll share some helpful tips on combining new and antique furniture like a real professional interior designer.

Interior Design With Old Furniture

Whether you’re a fan of eclectic interiors or want to bring it all together, finding commonalities between new and old pieces can help you create cohesive but not too uniform combinations. If done incorrectly, combining many elements of different styles can result in an inconsistent appearance. Choose furniture in a common color, a repeating pattern, or a similar material. Ideally, antique and modern pieces should have at least one feature in common.

Interior Of An Old Tavern, Traditional Style, Souvenirs And Old Wooden Furniture. Restaurant Interior In Retro Style Stock Photo

Bring timeless warmth to your living room with vintage fabrics. Classic patterned wool carpets or hand-woven Persian carpets add color to any interior and provide a contrasting element to the most modern furnishings.

These prints will certainly create a great contrast with the most modern furniture. Other textiles such as curtains, covers, cushions and even fabric wallpaper can be a way to incorporate these vintage-style patterns or motifs.

An old solid wood table or a classic mid-century sofa can make a small living room seem much larger. Playing with proportions can create a feeling of luxury in small spaces in modern houses and apartments.

Choose a stunning vintage or second-hand piece as the focal point of your interior and surround it with modern and elegant pieces. In general, incorporating a period piece full of life is a great way to contrast modern spaces.

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The 80/20 rule is an effective way to combine antique and modern furniture. Unless you collect antiques, most of your items will be modern. Therefore, the house combines 80% modern details with 20% vintage details, from furniture to small decorative pieces.

Lamps are one of the easiest ways to combine old with new. If you are hesitant about combining antique and modern pieces, consider pairing modern furniture with antique crystal chandeliers. These pieces from the past are a great way to add luxury and elegance to a modern interior.

Antique mirrors are another effective way to enhance your modern interior. A gold-framed mirror (whether an antique 16th-century French mirror or a modern copy) can be a great way to bring natural light into the darkest corners of a home, as its reflection doubles light sources. .

Interior Design With Old Furniture

A combination of antique and modern furniture styles

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