Clothing Design App For Ipad

Clothing Design App For Ipad – Last week, Dr. T shared a step-by-step tutorial on fashion design apps for beginners, Part 1: Adobe Fresco. In the second part of this series, she shares the process of creating costume design sketches for her fashionistas, exploring the various tools and features of the Procreate photo app.

This week we’re continuing our drawing tutorial and looking at more advanced features that come in handy when using the drawing app! I recently got a body model kit for my little sister who is always posing, and today I’m going to use the Procreate app to design a party dress for her. As before, I use an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil, which is the platform Procreate is designed to run on.

Clothing Design App For Ipad

Clothing Design App For Ipad

You can try this digital painting technique using any smartphone, tablet or pen with a free or paid drawing application. If you don’t know where to start, check out the 9 different apps I reviewed in this blog post.

Clothing Previewer And 3d Drawing (e.g. Procreate 3d)

In Procreate, it’s easy to start a new file with the “+” button. I use all the default settings because I don’t intend to use it for anything other than digital media so I don’t need to make a particularly large image.

As with last week’s tutorial, to import the My Body Model Croquis, you need to save it somewhere the app can access. Personally, I like to keep these photos in the Files section of my iCloud storage because the app is easy to access. You import from a folder.

Once you’ve imported the mouse, resize the image by dragging one of the corner points, or use Procreate’s fit-to-screen feature to resize the image.

As before, we will use the layer function to create our final image. In Procreate, the layer tool is located on the top right, and when you add a layer by clicking the “+” button, it gives you several options to rename, rename, or duplicate that layer.

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Different artistic tools are classified according to their practical use. There are different styles of pencils in the drawing section, so you should try the one you like the most. Personally, I like the “technical pen” because it’s so thin and feels like a mechanical pencil, it’s my go-to for writing original work.

Choose your brush type. I like to draw my clothing designs first, so I usually start with a pencil.

This week, I decided to use colored pencils to help the sketch stand out more from the crocodile. The color controls in Procreate are found in the upper right corner. I’ll be changing colors a lot during this tutorial, but every time I do, it’s either using the wheel in the top corner or choosing the latest color from the menu below the wheel.

Clothing Design App For Ipad

You can paint in any color! While I usually use gray to color the pencil, if it helps you better visualize your finished garment, there’s no reason not to paint with color.

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This week I am going to draw a party dress for my sister. I find that the best reference is the line drawing you can often find on a brand’s website.

Since this dress has quite a bit of detail on the bodice and skirt, I would start your sketch by drawing the actual outline of the silhouette.

This step creates the basic shape of the garment. We will add more details later.

Next, I’ll go and add some details. It doesn’t have to look perfect – we can turn off the drawing layer at the end of the process, or erase stray lines after we get a better feel for the image we want to create.

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Next, I’m going to add more layers so I can separate the clothes, body shapes, and hair.

I like the layers to be in a logical overlapping order – the dress should be above the body but below the hair. This way I can handle each project independently and restructure as needed at the appropriate level. Layers can be easily dragged and dropped to arrange orders.

I continue to play with color – using peachy brown for my sister’s skin tone and light brown for her hair color.

Clothing Design App For Ipad

Playing with brush properties such as size and opacity also helps fine-tune the sketch.

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Using brush controls is very useful for getting the details of your drawing right and controlling the proportions of everything in your drawing.

I love the inspired dress from Butterick, so I wanted to capture the idea of ​​mixing prints and thick fabrics. My sister really likes purple even though it looks red, so I use it as a solid color. Although I can use my colored pencils to fill in the sketch, I think I’ll play around with the other tools provided in Procreate.

Using new layers is very important when you start coloring things. You don’t want to accidentally erase your original drawings!

Don’t forget you have a lot of brush tools! If you don’t like the way a person looks, delete them and try something else.

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Try several tools to find which one you like best. Don’t forget that you can control brush properties using the sidebar sliders.

For the fabric “print” of this dress, I’m playing with Procreate’s awesome brush designs. There are many pattern brushes in the vintage section that are really useful for creating quick sketches of printed fabrics.

I also make sure to do a few passes with a different sized brush and set to different spaces.

Clothing Design App For Ipad

I want the dress to pop, so I’m going to use one of the ‘inking’ pens on Procreate to ink the outside of the dress outline. Of course, I make sure to use a new layer!

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Make sure you start a new layer so you don’t accidentally merge the ink layer that’s part of the final drawing with the erasing pencil sketch.

Procreate has tons of ink brushes! I experimented a few times before settling on one I liked.

I also played around with a few settings to make sure I was getting the right width and blur.

Finally, it’s time to share! I deleted the original photo of the body model and the pencil sketch of the dress. I really wanted the dress to be the focus, so I traced the body and hair using colored pencil sketches. I left the model faceless to really emphasize the outfit. The last step is to share your photo or use it in the costume.

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The export settings in Procreate give you many options for how to save and share your designs.

Choose where you want your image to go. I like saving photos in My Photos because it’s easy to share with others or import into other apps. You can save the photo to a folder in your files, Google Drive, or wherever you store cloud-based photos.

That’s all! Now we’re ready to share our picture – I’m ready to show you the party dress I designed for my sister!

Clothing Design App For Ipad

How to use Procreate! As you can see, many of the features are similar to those in Adobe Fresco, although Procreate has more brush options that are more closely aligned with how the tool is used in real life. Procreate also offers some fun vintage pattern brushes that are great for painting printed fabrics. Although Procreate is a bit more complicated, the steps are similar to what we’ve seen in more basic tutorials. Once you understand the basics, it’s time to experiment with different tools to see what style and aesthetic you prefer to create. Now that we’ve seen how to make a dress, next time we’ll take it a step further and see how to make a complete wardrobe!

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Ready to try digital fashion drawing on your tablet? Check out our step-by-step video tutorial for beginners and learn to draw digitally on your tablet using Digital Paper Dolls from Art School, a free app, and Autodesk Sketchbook for iOS (Apple) or Android.

Dr. T works on building digital classroom spaces in education, but finds time to enjoy sewing, blogging, lightning-fast fencing, and competitive roller skating. She started sewing because she wanted to do makeup and skate clothes.

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