Covered Porch For Mobile Home

Covered Porch For Mobile Home – Nothing beats the warmth and tradition of a well-built wooden garden structure. It’s a great way to welcome your family and friends! Our prefabricated mobile homes are easy to deliver and set up. Because we understand the need for a peaceful home, we build at our facility and deliver to your home instead of building on site. We are usually in and out within a few hours.

Custom made to fit your outdoor space with low maintenance vinyl material for years of enjoyment. Our prices include a standard deck up to 32 inches high, a set of stairs that includes vinyl siding and railing, spindles and railings are not included. Other options include for heights over 32”H add 5%. For stairs, handrails are an additional $450. And a 50% pitched roof. Our vinyl materials are also available for 60 month lease.

Covered Porch For Mobile Home

Covered Porch For Mobile Home

Lumber prices include our premium lumber, 2×6 rounded edge milled floors, standard floors up to 32 inches high, and one set of stairs with railing. Other options include 15% stain addition in grey, brown, cedar and clear. Additionally, heights greater than 32”H are 5%. If appearance is an important factor for you, our premium lumber will give you what you love! With less shedding, healthy, smaller and with fewer knots. Graded lumber gives you strength that lasts a long time.

Solid Insulated Patio Covers ⋆ Leisure Rooms With A View

All of our mobile home decks and more include a 32″ handrail for your safety (spindles and handrails are used).

Our portable decks include a variety of vinyl or wooden ladders. Add a railing to your staircase at an affordable price and your portable patio will be even more beautiful.

Our wood decks feature premium, pressure-treated lumber that withstands the elements. Your portable home deck will keep you in and out of the house for decades.

Mobile Home Prices Buy now or lease to own for affordable portable mobile home decks.

Screened In Side Porch Ideas You’ll Love

Not all portable mobile home platforms are built equally. We offer customization options to make the Mobile Home Deck perfectly suited to your specific accessibility needs or taste and style. Take your hosting and hospitality beyond exceptional environments.

Get a Quote Get your free custom mobile home quote you’ve been waiting for, complete with options and upgrades.

We measure After signing the contract, we will come to measure the space for you in order to provide you with the right terrace.

Covered Porch For Mobile Home

Delivery Day Once we receive your deposit and the unit is ready to ship, we will bring the deck and install it! > Resources > Mobile Home Living > Mobile Home Renovation > Mobile Home Porches and Decks: Everything You Need to Know

Deck Designs For Manufactured Homes

Adding a porch or deck to your manufactured home will create space for family time, interacting with neighbors, entertaining, grilling, and overall good living. However, it can be difficult to know where to start with a project like a mobile home or porch, or where to find accurate information to guide you through the process.

In this article, we’ll go over the basics of building and maintaining a mobile home porch or deck, including materials, repairs, and choosing whether to do it yourself or hire a professional builder. But before we get into the details, let’s clarify the fundamental difference between a porch and a terrace.

The distinction is generally made that a porch is a covered or enclosed structure, while a deck generally has no roof or fence. The term “deck” is also used almost exclusively to refer to structures built on the back of the house rather than the front. Decks are also sometimes called patios. (That was easy, right?)

A mobile home porch or deck can be a great living addition to your manufactured home. Many homeowners find these structures beneficial, such as:

Lake Crest Deck And Porch Builders, Hoover, Al

Adding a porch or deck isn’t right for every manufactured home, but if you think it might be right for yours, you have plenty of options to create the porch or deck you want.

What is involved in adding a porch or deck to your manufactured home? First, you will need to assemble materials including (but not always limited to):

Depending on the specific style you are going for, additional supplies may be required. Check out our mobile home parts and accessories when it’s time to pick up what you need.

Covered Porch For Mobile Home

For homeowners with some basic tools and knowledge of construction methods, a porch or deck can be a great DIY project. There are many free DIY mobile home porch tutorials available online, and with a little help from a few friends, most reasonably competent DIYers can complete a baseboard in a week or two. Keep in mind that a porch is more complicated because you will need to add a cover.

How To Attach A Porch To A Mobile Home [step By Step]

However, if you choose to use a professional builder, you will likely have access to design options that would be difficult to accomplish on a DIY project. Be sure to read online reviews and meet with the contractor in person before making a deal, as not all flooring contractors are created equal and you want the best for your manufactured home.

Like any other home feature, mobile home porches and patios need regular maintenance. Some of the porch or patio maintenance tasks include:

Many gardening and DIY companies will do these jobs for a fee, or you can keep your DIY spirit strong by doing it yourself. Just make sure you don’t over wash it because if you’re not careful you can scratch the wood on the deck.

Get more key information on how to extend your mobile home, upgrade it and add value to your home. Also check out our Mobile Home Living section and you’ll find everything you need to turn your prefab home into the home of your dreams.

Stunning Deck And Screened Porch Combination Replaces A Meager Concrete Slab Patio

Thousands of homes are sold every week. Get your property in front of millions of people and start attracting leads from the right buyers. Mobile home stairs and platforms can work hand in hand to increase the value and safety of your manufactured home. Whether you rent or own the property you live in, you know that mobile homes don’t always have the most secure entrances. In many cases, 2 or 3 wobbly steps are enough to get in and out of your home.

If you have children or elderly family and friends, this probably worries you. But the idea of ​​spending a lot of money in just a few steps worries you too. Fortunately, when dealing with the right company, a job as small as building mobile home stairs can be completed quickly and relatively inexpensively.

This is why you may want to consider having a set of safe and sturdy mobile home steps built by a professional. And the bridges that move you in and out of your manufactured home are even safer than a simple series of steps. If you need barrier-free access, an inclined ramp made of solid roofing material may be the right solution.

Covered Porch For Mobile Home

Not to mention that the terrace, whether connected to the living area or separate from it, can offer multiple options for outdoor living and entertaining. Think about it. When you get a quote from a decking contractor to build a set of stairs for your mobile home, what can it hurt to ask how much a deck would cost you? You have no obligations and your total investment can be more attractive than you imagine.

Screened Porch Photos

When it comes to building stairs for a mobile home, you have a lot more choices than you might imagine. You can simply ask your decking contractor to use a pair of open or closed decking joists and some 2″ x 6″ decking boards to create a sturdy and efficient set of stairs.

You can also customize these steps by adding a handrail for added safety. This entrance/exit may also be covered to provide some protection from the elements. Add a little screen and you have the look of a tiny mobile home.

Financially, the difference between nice steps, decking and railings and a full-fledged bridge is not that far. And when you combine mobile home steps and decks, you not only create a safe and sturdy area to enter and exit your manufactured home, but also more living space and more entertainment options.

1 – You will receive a free, no-obligation quote based on our 35 years of experience in creating outdoor habitats.

What Is A Mobile Home Roof Over?

2 – We will meet as soon as possible, at a time that suits you.

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Covered Porch For Mobile Home

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