Easiest Adobe Video Editing Software

Easiest Adobe Video Editing Software – But then it could be. Are you a video editor or content creator? Or something in between? Or are you just curious?

The Internet (or at least the video editing and creation side of the Internet) is buzzing over Adobe’s release of Premiere Rush, their new video creation tool that allows for quick and easy video content creation. This is a brand new tool built with

Easiest Adobe Video Editing Software

Easiest Adobe Video Editing Software

Keep in mind that it’s optimized for speed and simplicity, two of the most important things when you need to get content created online quickly.

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Five times in the opening paragraph above. Talking about Project Rush on Twitter a few months ago when it was announced, Rush was summed up better than any other in this tweet:

Of course, all the above distinctions are only superficial these days. Video “creators” never dreamed that their content created in an hour could be completely self-produced and viewed by millions of people around the world. Video “editors” never dreamed that they would be editing and then reformatting short-form vertical videos that would be viewed by millions of people around the world.

It seems that Adobe is ready to serve these two markets with a dual strategy of Premiere Rush and Adobe Premiere Pro. On the surface, this looks like a very different place to work with video. While it may be true that those lines can easily be blurred. There isn’t a video editor that doesn’t pay well to work on high-profile, widely distributed online videos. And there isn’t a content creator who wouldn’t distribute their successful online video property through broadcast TV or one of the subscription services at the chance to go mainstream.

Premier Rush is a fun little tool. It’s really hard for a professional editor familiar with the many tools and features of a full-featured NLE to “review” something like Rush, so take any review with a grain of salt. Take what you read. And this is not a rushed review. Everything I’ve read mostly praises or complains if they’re doing more than parroting a press release. But there are some questions that can be easily answered:

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There’s really no reason for me to point out so many flaws in Premiere Rush. If you’ve never edited a day in your life, you’re going to jump in, have fun, and work with no idea what you’re missing. Simple things like no listview when you load media, no easy way to colorize multiple clips at once, no way to cut in the middle of a clip without at least 5 or 6 actions, probably won’t matter to Rush’s target audience. .

This is the iPad version of Rush with the same project on the desktop. They look almost the same. Android version coming soon.

Despite requesting access to the beta program. I suspect it’s because I’m not the target audience and they wanted to keep the discussion focused on the “creative” side of content. But after playing with it for a while and reading some other coverage of Premiere Rush on the internet, I have some thoughts and conclusions.

Easiest Adobe Video Editing Software

And this is the same project, again, in portrait mode on the iPhone. That sounds right?

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What could be Rush’s killer feature is true cross-platform compatibility. In the images above you see the same project on desktop and two iOS devices. It will take some time to understand how media management works and how you can hack it. Your Creative Cloud account has options to store and sync media as well as store locally. Will Rush be the NLE companion app I’ve always dreamed of? I’ll have to find that out later. I realize this is a small place.

And Adobe creates some mp4s and uploads them to your CC account when you sync them. and adds _proxy. Interesting

What’s really interesting is that you can make changes on one device and after going back to the home project browser (there’s no save option) you can open the project on another platform and those changes are there. Maybe Rush could be used for some simple collaboration? maybe.

Apart from all the camera apps, there are also many video editing apps on mobile devices these days. I don’t know how many of them are available on Android but there are many on iOS.

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A common idea I’ve seen floating around the internet is that Project Rush is the definitive replacement for Premiere Pro, that Adobe isn’t just “ripping off the Band-Aid” like Apple did with the Final Cut Pro X transition.

This is ridiculous. PPro can and does make many changes before Rush is ready to move on to feature films, reality shows, documentaries and series television. Many changes.

Did I mention too many changes? Unless Adobe agrees to cede the professional editing market to Avid, Blackmagic, and perhaps Apple, Rush will never turn into a true premier option. I don’t want to cut even the simplest corporate part on Rush, it’s so lacking. But then the easiest corporate part is not what Rush is aiming for.

Easiest Adobe Video Editing Software

I don’t know if this kid below is a creator or an editor but he was able to see the built-in Rush tutorial and the little video he made without anyone’s help. This is not possible on any of the other desktop tools I have developed previously.

Adobe Releases Premiere Rush, The Easy, Cross Platform Video Editor That May Not Be Made For You. By Scott Simmons

Checking out the young @adobepremiere Rush. A post shared by Scott Simmons (@editblog) on ​​Oct 16, 2018 at 10:17am PDT

Usually a small amount of footage is taken, a jump cut and a few sound bites combined with a fancy title or two and it’s done. There is no organization and logging of hundreds of hours of footage, multiple iterations and multiple versions, complex franking and interfacing with other parts of post-production. These are all things that are video.

It has to be done all the time and there should be a tool that is designed for these tasks. Final Cut Pro X didn’t have a lot of tools to make this easy when it first came out, and it took years to get up to the level of handling these big post-production tasks.

Will compare FCPX and Rush and conclude that Rush is just a rip-off of FCPX. There are many similarities.

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Those little tail things look like clips attached to me. Move a clip and they go with it.

It seems quite magnetic to me. I’m not sure why the attached clip on the right is overwriting the red title. Oh, it’s version 1.

I don’t think it is right to call him “Inspector”. The toolbar on the right is similar to the Effects Control Panel and the Effects Browser.

Easiest Adobe Video Editing Software

If you think audio seems wedded to the same “container” as its video counterpart, you’re right. This is different from the clips attached to the PPO.

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I would say it’s like creating a long audio track height, but Adobe calls it “spread audio”.

It’s all very FCPX-like. While this comparison is fair, Final Cut Pro X is a much deeper and more advanced NLE. Is Rush also an NLE? Is iMovie? Even at the launch of FCPX version 1.0 it was very advanced. But that was fine and expected because out of the gate FCPX was claiming to do more, trying to do more, and actually could and would do more than Premiere Rush. And Adobe’s big brother is Premiere Pro. Apple didn’t. They had iMovie from FCPX. Adobe has a different goal and is shooting at a different market.

Editing on the iPad app? I’ve used almost all the major iPad NLEs and once you get past the amount of added footage it’s very inaccurate. You’re constantly flicking and scrolling through different parts of the touch interface, pinching to get to what you want. But that’s the nature of the device and depending on what you want to do it can be fine…or an exercise in frustration.

The selected clip below the playhead is large and orange. And there’s no way to use it much in that zoomed-out position. Also… what do the tracks in the picture above look like?

Adobe Premiere Rush Cc: Video Editing For Youtube Made Easy By Jose Antunes

If you want you can turn on “Control Tracks” so you can get some good old track stuff.

With a clip selected in the Rush timeline, there is no way to surgically edit a clip’s in or out point without zooming in. Even though the audio is stretched, you can’t see the head or tail of the clip without zooming in. This is not unique to Bit Rush but how many iOS/Touch NLEs work.

Removing a clip fragment is a multi-click and move operation.

Easiest Adobe Video Editing Software

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