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Technology is a changing aspect of our lives that always amazes me; There are always new inventions and things being introduced to people to make our lifestyle better, more advanced and more meaningful. It may not be easy for me, some of these new technologies or tools make my life very complicated. I don’t know if it’s my age or if I’m not the technical type. You know what I’m saying, right?

Home Design Reviews

Home Design Reviews

Home interior design or the field of interior design and architecture is not new to these developments. We have been taking advantage of these new design techniques for years. From pickaxes, axes, quarrying methods and methods of transporting heavy loads to the current era of gable, bridge and road construction, we have seen tremendous changes in the design and construction industry.

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Well, I’ll restrain myself from talking too much about the build date because I know you can Google it. But let me take you back to home interior design and how it has benefited from today’s new technologies. Every year, product manufacturers launch new and innovative products that call for solutions from our simple everyday problems to more complex global issues.

Inside, we now enjoy many smart products to make our daily tasks easier to manage and more convenient. As an architect and interior designer, I have used some of these products and implemented them in most of my home designs because I know my client will love, use and benefit from them. So, in this blog, let me share with you the 7 most innovative home design products that I really recommend.

Top of my list is the Moen Smart Kitchen Faucet. Have you ever imagined life without touching your kitchen faucet? I had never seen such an exciting and amazing product until I saw it. It’s crazy. It has the ability to control motion and sound and apply customization and other innovative options. Do not worry; The faucet still has a handle for traditional people like me.

As we all know, the faucet handle is the most touched object in the kitchen, if not the whole house, and touching the surface can transfer germs, bacteria and viruses. A great faucet like this is the perfect solution to this kitchen problem. I am hopeful that the recent pandemic inspires this innovation.

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I like how you can program the faucet to give you the exact amount of water you need, and you can also command it to give you a cup of water; It’s like having a sous chef in your kitchen. It also tackles the global water waste problem as you can program the tap to give you the right amount of water; Therefore, less or no water is wasted.

Another great thing is that it comes in different finishes, stainless steel, matte black, brushed gold, and a combination of black and gold. It’s one of those new techniques in home design that doesn’t need to sacrifice aesthetics to achieve innovation.

The second product is another innovation inspired by solving the global pandemic in a very elegant way. Lonprotect wallpapers have antibacterial and antiviral properties proven to prevent the spread of avian coronavirus, bird flu (H5N3) and norovirus in an indoor space. In addition to these valuable properties, their wallpaper is also mould, water and chemical resistant, fire resistant and durable, just like other high end wall coverings.

Home Design Reviews

The best thing I like about this wallpaper, apart from the fact that it is anti-virus and can prevent the spread of the pandemic, is its choice of designs. They have lots of simple patterns in white and cream and fun and vibrant printed designs. It would be even more amazing if they could make custom prints to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

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In addition to designing homes, I have also been involved in hospitality and healthcare projects such as hotels and public hospitals. I know that this product is what we need for these organizations. Imagine a place that could prevent the spread of harmful viruses? It’s a wallpaper designed for your peace of mind.

Privacy is essential inside homes, and the third product solves this problem. It is one of my favorite products because it is an excellent solution to privacy and other issues related to using blinds such as maintenance and cleaning.

It is called a switchable privacy film for windows or other glass partitions in your home, offices or any other indoor areas that require privacy without having to install curtains or blinds. I remember when this system came out with an actual window with some gas mapped between the double pane of glass. This was expensive, and you needed to replace your entire window to install the system.

However, the improved product only comes with a film that you stick over your existing window. It also has its own battery key (there may be a way to wire the key and program it for other windows). I’m not sure if someone is still developing this product, but would it be cooler if they could incorporate custom patterns or prints instead of making the glass frosted when turned on?

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I love the art walls and the galleries. That’s why I included this innovative product to showcase your arts and photos in a digital and elegant way. The Meural Canvas Digital Frame comes in two sizes of 19″ x 29″ and 16″ x 24″ in wood frame finishes, just like any other classic modern and vintage frames you can buy at most home decor stores.

However, this is not your average framed artwork that you put on your wall; You can program it to change into different works of art, paintings, and even your own photographs. Its mobile app lets you control and change images and connect it to Alexa for additional voice control options. How amazing is this? Reminds me of images from the movie Harry Potter.

I’m planning to create a gallery wall in my rented apartment, and I’m having a hard time with it because I have limited space on my wall, yet I want to put a lot of artwork and pictures on it. I thought a digital frame like this product would be a great solution to my problem.

Home Design Reviews

I strongly believe that interior paint refers to the overall look, style and design of a space, especially for the walls. That is why I always recommend the best and most innovative paints (paint colors are discussed again) to my clients because I know it is a wise investment and they will benefit in the long run.

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Sherwin-Williams has released two of its paints with innovative properties, Superpaint Interior Acrylic with Air Purification Technology and Superpaint Interior Latex with Sterilization Technology. Coatings with air purification technology can reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) in carpets and fabrics and eliminate common household odors. Although other paints can sterilize the walls and prevent some bacteria from being present on the painted surfaces, which I think is what we need now.

Sherwin William paints are an excellent choice for wall finishes and are of the highest quality. But having these two new paint technologies is amazing. You don’t want to miss out on this kind of investment when choosing wall paint for your home or other commercial spaces.

Another smart plumbing gadget from Moen is the smart shower. Like their smart kitchen faucet, you will now have the ability to control your shower by voice, phone, or remote. I know it sounds fancy. But, if I had that extra bit of money, this would be an excellent addition to my small spa, or my bathroom.

The great thing about this smart shower is that you can preset your preferred water temperature, shower time, and even let it tell you when your shower is ready. It may seem like a lot, but if you think about it, all these extra options can save you water and valuable morning time in the long run.

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You can customize your shower set based on your preferred number and finishes of the spray head, body spray and hand shower. Now, this shower and spa is integrated into your bathroom.

The finished product is a smart door from Masonite. They have just introduced this product on their website; Not sure if it’s already available. You may need to fill out the online form to get yourself on their waiting list.

Before writing this blog, I researched new and innovative door products. The products that are launched are usually smart locks and other fingerprint enabled door levers, which I believe have been on the market for some time. Fortunately, I found this product from Masonite, which is a smart door (which looks interesting and exciting) with an upgrade from all other smart products in one door.

Home Design Reviews

Comes with a mobile app, integrated power and battery backup with motion sensor lights. It also has a loop video doorbell, a Yale smart lock, and a sensor to let you know if the door is open or closed.

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