House Design Styles In South Africa

House Design Styles In South Africa – Johannesburg-based Nico Van Der Meulen Architects combines clean modern beauty with textured traditional style in designing Blair Atoll, a stunning private residence in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The house was designed in 2015 and offers a rustic feel, but with clean lines, bold geometry and sophisticated interior design. Here’s a rendering of the house from their website.”

House Design Styles In South Africa

House Design Styles In South Africa

Designed by Werner van der Meulen of Nico van der Meulen Architects, this two-story house is about 750 meters below the roof, and the surroundings are peaceful and quiet. The most luxurious homes in Johannesburg don’t have high walls and electric fences. Designs vary. With unrestricted countryside views, the spaciousness of this home is sure to catch your eye as you approach the home.”

Unique House Plan: Hillcrest 10 557

The brief required a modern, practical home that would encourage outdoor living with a focus on entertaining. The design is a modern family home, stripped of space and unnecessary decorative elements. It was definitely a “form-follows-ability” approach.

The design concept is certainly strong enough to speak for itself, although Werner van der Meulen was restricted by the real estate rules, including the roof and the use of some natural materials, in fact these parameters led to the concept. A modern farm. The floating double-sided panel roof also played a major role in the development of the concept, reinforcing the modern character of the design.

Facing the house to the north allows the house to have natural light all year round and has a wide view of the garden from every room. While skylights provide protection from the sun in the summer, they also ensure that sunlight penetrates the rooms during the winter months.

A double volume entryway, fully enclosed with glass, draws you in as it borders two sides of the double garage. The symmetry of the wood paneled garage reflects the transparency of the home as the view of the garden draws you in before you enter. A garage door made of natural wood becomes a wooden wall, turning Werner’s everyday routine into a unique design feature.

House Design Mlb 058s With Four Bedrooms

Frameless folding doors create an invisible threshold between indoors and outdoors, and when fully opened, the lanai becomes an extension of the kitchen and family/dining room, and vice versa.

The spacious lanai has a braai, bar and seating area, making it perfect for entertaining, and the pool is an integral part of the lanai design, even extending under the decking. An unforgiving floating wooden staircase becomes a wonderful feature that floats above it. A wall covered in natural stone forms the perfect backdrop for Regard van der Meulen’s sculptural work. A frameless glass balustrade bridge connects the two wings of the home, while also maintaining the privacy of the master bedroom located in the east wing of the home. Buy ready-made home plans online at discounted rates by credit card or EFT. , delivery in electronic form.

All house plans on the website are designed by qualified architects registered with the Architectural Professional Council of South Africa who have many years of experience in the house building industry. The documents you get when buying a house plan have years of experience.

House Design Styles In South Africa

Buy building plans for a fraction of the cost of one-time designer house plans.

South African House Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

The distinctive elements of this style are flat ceilings and plaster and white painted walls with large windows in aluminum frames.

A variety of materials and finishes are associated with this style, such as tin or smooth concrete roofs and concrete roof tiles.

A frugal, simple and conservative style, a combination of tiled or tin roofs, exposed brick and plaster walls and steel window frames.

This design style developed as a modern version of the Dutch history, with prominent ceilings, charcoal colored roof tiles, whitewashed walls, flat roof walls and large window openings with small rectangular window panels.

Mediterranean Style House Plan

One of the oldest roofing materials in South Africa, it is still popular to create an African feel to the building. The versatility of this material lends itself to any building style.

With South Africa’s growing interest in ecotourism, there has been a significant increase in accommodation in game reserves, private and national parks.

South African House Plans (Books 1 and 2) are perfect for people planning to build a house or just looking for ideas. Book 2 contains 121 house plans ranging from 45 to 566 m2 and covering a variety of architectural styles. All plans featured in these books are available for purchase on this website.

House Design Styles In South Africa

Thank you very much for your advice. I am looking at different plans. Good sites. Browse our collection of South African house designs and pre-drawn house plans. Homeowners can now find their dream home plans online. You can purchase our certified floor plans now or choose to modify any of our 2 bedroom, 3 or 4 bedroom homes to suit your personal space. Our construction plans include drawings and 3D renderings to give you an overview of the layout of each floor. Over 10 years of online experience selling affordable home designs. Note: Get a free quote today as annual quotes are up!

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House Design Styles In South Africa

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House Design Styles In South Africa

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Joburg Farm Style

Do it now: Go to the menu at the top of this page and click on SEARCH. Select search options such as “4 Bedroom House Plans” or “Contemporary House Plans” from the drop-down menu and view the wide range of plans on offer.

Still haven’t found the right house plan? Why not customize a plan to suit your needs?

All of our home plans include additional information about the features, sizes, and amenities each plan offers. To find out if a plan is right for your site, do this: On the house plan page, look for the “Plan Details” button under the plan image. Check the FRONT-BACK and SID-TO-SID measurements to see if the plan fits the plan/location.

House Design Styles In South Africa

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