New Home Exterior Design Ideas

New Home Exterior Design Ideas – We’re sharing ten of our favorite indoor outdoor ideas! Where would you choose for your dream home? Featured image:

When it comes to home tours, 98% of the time we work on the best interior inspiration. But that 2% of the time we end up sharing an outside gem? you all

New Home Exterior Design Ideas

New Home Exterior Design Ideas

And he went a little crazy. So today, we thought we’d round up ten of our favorite outfielders – and in true HAVEN fashion, they’re all layered in the middle. Get scrolling below and let us know who sings to your outdoor dreams!

House Exterior Design Inspiration For Your Dream Home

Architect: Peter Block · Interior Design: Beth Webb · Landscape Architecture: John Howard, Howard Design Studio · Builder: Jim Meathe and Shaba Derazi, YM Derazi Custom Homes · Featured: Atlanta Homes · Photography: Erica George Dines

Architecture: Brandon Architects · Design: Patterson Custom Homes · Interior Design: Bonesteel Trout Hall · Photography: Ryan Garvin

Haven Workshop is an intimate educational community for interior designers who want to advance their business and build a successful business.

Haven Workshop is for interior designers and home builders who want to take control of their business ideas. Whether you’re just starting out or established, this experience will take your business to the next level. Exterior Design Practices help homeowners reimagine the look of their homes. . Changes to the color of your house, interior, roof, windows, doors, lights, garage door, mailbox and house codes are common changes. Along with our online home improvement program, the ‘Curb Appeal and Exterior Transformation package is how homeowners across the country create beautiful, functional and outdoor living.

Our 9 Favorite Exterior Design Trends For Modern Homes In 2023

If your home and garden need a makeover, but you don’t know where to start, our team of talented designers share their list of changes that affect your home and exterior.

For this Seattle home, the homeowner will purchase the Curb Appeal package, which combines our landscaping services with exterior design for the front of your home. Their vision: to reimagine this house into a modern Magnolia-inspired farmhouse. But, how to achieve good results? The team is ready to work on reimagining this building with exterior design decisions, including colors, windows, doors, shutters, stone accents and lighting. quality. The result: the homeowner’s dream home and the value of their property (exterior and landscaping improvements together can increase your home’s value by 20% or more).

Color is transformative. A new coat can make you fall in love with your home all over again. In the above, our design team reimagined this old facade into a bright new building with Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace, our top choice for white exteriors. Changing the color of the house was the best decision they could have made, although it was the other exterior design that really tied it all together.

New Home Exterior Design Ideas

For those of us who have a garage in front of our house, the garage door makes a big difference in the overall appearance of the property. There are many things we love about this change in Seattle, including paint, stone accents and new construction, but the front door is such a statement. The combination of wood and eucalyptus completes the homeowner’s vision for a modern farmhouse exterior.

Beautiful Home Exterior Design

White houses with black colors are a trend that we see everywhere these days, but also, it is a good time to remember the beauty of colonial houses. Here, our designers added black windows to complete the modern farmhouse look.

In collaboration with our window and door partner Marvin, our design team can help you choose high-quality, energy-efficient new windows that suit your style.

The front door sets the tone for the rest of the house. The front door does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to curb appeal. There are endless types of doors on the market, from beautiful wooden doors to beautiful glass doors to detailed artisan doors to modern metal doors, to rustic over doors, and the design team is here to help you choose which one. The type of door best suited to your home. Or, what color to paint your existing door (one of our favorite door hacks).

This transitional door connects the entire front facade together, combining the garage door with the bright, black exterior window. Furthermore, the new post and house numbers, both included in the exterior package, make the doors shine.

Exterior Design Ideas, Inspiration & Images

Over the past few years, we have realized that you cannot decide between architectural design and exterior design. It is the plants, hardscaping, furniture, paint, windows, doors that make up the garden and the facade of the house. We recommend you combine both practices whenever possible to ensure the best transition and create your outdoor dreams.

We love outdoor lighting for many reasons. One, it looks good and helps define your beautiful exterior. Second, they work perfectly. In the words of co-founder and CEO Allison Messner, outdoor lighting is a “game changer,” making outdoor activities in the evening. This photo: Outdoor lighting from outdoor partner Rejuvenation.

To help achieve the boat look of many of today’s farmhouses, we’ve encouraged homeowners to embrace their existing space, which they’ve taken for granted. With a new white color, the insulating panels add appeal to the exterior of the house. When you sign up for an exterior package, the design team will help you choose the best interior for your home, whether it’s FSC-certified wood, composite, brick, stucco or more!

New Home Exterior Design Ideas

As we know you’re going to ask, yes, you can paint the outside of your house. But, we recommend that you consult with your local contractor, painter or paint store to make sure you have the right type of paint. Here, our team has agreed to do more beautiful stone in the middle, which also adds character to the house but is not that different.

Best White Home Exterior Ideas To Up Your Curb Appeal

Stone accents add depth and character to many homes, including family homes, classic homes, ranchers, mid-century modern homes, mountain homes and more. Our design team is happy to help you add stone to your home’s exterior, or help you rethink existing stone.

As with any garden, styling has a big impact on the exterior of your home. That includes mailboxes, house numbers, wreaths, door decorations and planters. The design team can make recommendations about all these details when you purchase an exterior design package.

Read more about the Best Outdoor Hot Tubs & Ice Baths of 2023 that provide protection for your home. That’s why we love to work. with brick & batten, professional designers on the exterior of the house and there are many customers who use both to create the ultimate dream Home. We tapped brick & bamboo to provide us with a list of the best outdoor homes to be built in 2021 (and beyond) – see below!

Brick & batten is a virtual exterior design company that uses photos of your home to create a new look and create finishes for your home that have limitless appeal. They also give you a detailed list so you don’t find yourself lost in your home improvement store. Learn more here.

Trending Home Exterior Design Ideas To Incorporate In 2023

We love this woman who created a virtual company that has helped thousands of homeowners reimagine their homes. Check out their top 12 outdoor design trends of 2021 below!

Sometimes our clients come to us with two voices in the house that need a face, as in the bricks and examples above. They already have the sizes, but the color palette is dated, so we’re sticking with the color by building number but recommending a new color.

In other cases, like the stucco building above, the siding needs to be redone. This house already has depth, but it’s lost in a sea of ​​tones. A new color palette recommended by our designer (Black Panther by Benjamin Moore on the vertical and Rockport Gray by Benjamin Moore on the co and trim) took care of that.

New Home Exterior Design Ideas

We can’t get enough of James Hardie. It is a rare home appliance that combines beauty and durability, the perfect combination of form and function. Yes, we’re waxing poetic about fiber cement siding. But this product is such a wonderful solution that we can’t help ourselves.

House Exterior Paint Color Ideas

Built to last, James Hardie inserts are durable and won’t crack or expand in extreme weather. It is resistant to bad weather and resistant to UV rays, wind, cold and wind. Additionally, James Hardie has Color Plus Technology, which is done on their premises and lasts longer than paint jobs. The machine paints the interior before you get it, using 50% more paint than a typical painter. It resists fading, chipping and cracking and looks better, lasts longer. Hardie Board Siding comes in a rich carpet of colors, with options for every home style and homeowner’s taste.

We love white paint on the exterior of the house: They are versatile, timeless and universal. In fact, we chose white – Seapearl by Benjamin Moore – as our exterior color this year.

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