Vastu Shastra For New Home

Vastu Shastra For New Home – (Step by step guide on how to make house vastu plans and check vastu for house plans)

Everyone wants their house to be built according to Vastu Shastra. Today no one builds his house ignoring Vastu principles. I am writing this post for people who want to build their house according to Vastu. In this article, I will try to guide them step by step on “How to make Vastu Home Plan and How to Check Vastu for Home Plan”.

Vastu Shastra For New Home

Vastu Shastra For New Home

Actually, according to Vastu Shastra, it is very difficult to design or plan a house. I am a Civil Engineer and Vastu Consultant practicing Vastu for a long time. I have designed many vastu house plans. From that experience, I am trying to explain very clearly how you can design or check your Griha Vastu plans step by step.

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(Skills/Knowledge required to plan Vastu house. Accurate direction and measurements are the primary requirements for a complete house map)

In order to design a house according to Vastu Shastra, it is necessary to have sufficient skills in Indian Vastu Vidya and Engineering Geometry. It is not that you need to be an architect or a civil engineer to create a vastu home plan. If you have proper knowledge of engineering geometry then you can plan house according to Vastu. Engineering Geometry

Indian Vastushastra has a detailed description of design principles, layout, measurements, land preparation, spatial arrangement and planning, and spatial geometry. This can be understood in Vastu phase for house planning. Now, how do we apply this ancient science of architecture to designing a modern home? Before making Vastu Home Plan we should know the following principles of Vastu Vidya.

Vastu Directions For Home & Office

Land is an indispensable requirement for any building and great care should be taken in its selection. According to Vastu Shastra, square and rectangular shapes are considered auspicious, while triangular, polygonal and other odd shapes are considered inauspicious. Soils with low soil density are better for home.

According to Vastu Shastra, the actual dimensions and direction are the main requirements before starting the design of the house. Below is an image of a typical plot where each side of the plot scales correctly. For more accuracy, any diagonal or angle measurements are required.

According to Vastushastra, it is necessary to know the right direction for building construction. In ancient times, the gnomon was used to determine the east-west line. A cone sat on the ground observing its shadow throughout the day to determine the true east-west line. Today we have a magnetic compass, and we can easily find the north direction. But the direction of Vastu is not always like magnetic north. This may vary by location. Magnetic compass needle often fluctuates due to power lines, iron etc. So you need to be careful while using a magnetic compass.

Vastu Shastra For New Home

The location of the main entrance is important for Vastu planning. There are a total of 32 entrances all around. Eight main entrances on each side.

Vastu Shastra Tips To Design Your Office Cabin

Out of 32 entrance doors, only 9 (nine) doors are auspicious for Vastu house design. Soma, Bhallat and Main Pada are considered auspicious for planning an Uttaramukhi house.

Vitath and Grihaghat are the two positions in the south, which are considered auspicious for planning a south-facing house.

In the western direction, two places called Pushpadanta and Sugriva are good gateways for planning a west facing house, Varuna Pada is also considered as an auspicious gateway for west facing property.

Total degrees = 360 Total sides = 4 (East, South, West, North) Total entries = 32 Each side = 360/4 = 90 degrees.

North Facing House Vastu

Casting of Vastu Purusha Mandal is an important step for Vastu planning and design. All Vastu texts refer to the pictorial representation of a deity on a Vastu space (i.e. plot). There are forty-five invisible energy fields distributed throughout a distinct area of ​​your Vastu space. The design should be prepared only after sufficiently imposing the Vastu Purush Mandal on the plot. Vastu Purusha Mandal is the master grid of Vastu plans and designs.

Determining the 16 areas is an essential step for Vastu Griha planning. This step divides the entire build-up into 16 (sixteen) equal angular sections. Each area has its own characteristics and effects. The location of bedroom, toilet, staircase, kitchen, dining room, drawing room, living room and interior is based on 16 zones. The concept of 16 zones is derived from the book Vishwakarma Prakash.

Calculation of 16 Zones:- In polar system all zones are within 360 degrees. If the area created is divided by 16 (sixteen angular divisions) [ie 360/16 = 22.5 degrees] then 16 zones are formed.

Vastu Shastra For New Home

Points (Income, Wise, Part, Material, Expenditure, Nakshatra, Date, Yoga, Age) have to be checked to determine the ratio of length and breadth (built area) etc. The image below shows the nine income calculations obtained from Vishwakarma Prakash.

Vastu Shastra For Home Design Ideas

A typical picture of Vastu House Plan/Vastu Map is given below. Please note that do not blindly use this design for your new house construction. Vastu house design depends on various factors, such as direction, ayadi, varna (occupation), astro chart, nature (Ayurveda), etc. So you should consult a Vastu Planner before building your house according to Vastu Shastra. Also provides architectural planning and design services. get in touch

Every dream home is designed in such a way that it fulfills all the essential requirements. The basic requirement of a building is to accommodate all interior objects and the movement of its occupants to make them functional. The size of the room depends on the function of the room and its furniture. Knowing the standard room size is important for Vastu planning.

Bedroom – The standard size of a bedroom can range from 3000 mm x 3600 mm (10 ft x 12 ft) to 3600 mm x 4800 mm (14 ft x 16 ft).

Kitchen – The standard size of a kitchen can range from 2100 mm x 3000 mm (7 ft x 10 ft) to 3000 mm x 3600 mm (10 ft x 12 ft).

Primary Fundamentals Of Vastu Shastra For House

Toilet and Bathroom – Standard size may vary (for combined) Minimum 1200 mm x 2100 mm (4 ft x 7 ft)

Living Room – Size varies from 3600 mm x 4200 mm (12 ft x 14 ft) to 4200 mm x 4800 mm (14 ft x 12 ft).

1. Vastu Tips for Bedroom: Auspicious location of master bedroom is very important for Vastu house map. South-west, west, west of south-west, north and north-west are good places to arrange bedroom. Never keep head towards North while sleeping.

Vastu Shastra For New Home

2. Vastu Tips for Kitchen: South-East (Agni Kon) is a better place for Vastu map. But according to Applied Vastu Vastu Shastra, it is advised to keep south-east, west and north-west in good place in kitchen. Never place kitchen in north, north-east or east direction.

South Facing Home Plans As Per Vastu Shastra Ebook By A S Sethu Pathi

3. Vastu for Living Room: Most of the activities take place in the living room itself. Family entertainment, social gatherings, the first impression made by the living room. A living room should be clutter-free, impressive and have good colors and lighting. The condition of the living room depends on the facade of the house and the arrangement of the space.

4. Vastu for stairs: As per the case study, stairs are auspicious for all 16 zones except North-East zone. People have some misconception about the location of stairs, stairs are heavy and many Vastu designers place them in south, south-west and west zones.

5. Vastu for Pooja Room: The most preferred position for Pooja room is North-East (Northeast) area. A Vastu designer can also place a pooja room in the western area of ​​the house.

6. Vastu Tips for Dining Room: Dining room is better in west, east and south direction. The distance between dining room and kitchen should be minimum.

Book: Untold Vastu Shastra

7. Vastu Tips for Toilets and Bathrooms: Avoid building toilets and bathrooms in the Ishan (North-East) region. WNW, SSW, and ESE are good positions for toilet placement. East-North-East area is good for construction of bathroom (not urinal).

All four directions (East, South, West and North) are equally suitable for facing. But the location of the main entrance is essential.

To build a house according to Vastu we need to pay special attention while designing and planning it. Vastu consultant and civil engineer should prepare the design of your building.

Vastu Shastra For New Home

Yes! Indian architecture is the science of architecture. You can use this knowledge while building.

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